8 Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Ideas To Glam Up Your Open Bar At Home

by Naina Khare | January 25, 2024 | 8 mins read

Wall mounted wine rack and beautify your walls

Stack your precious wine collection right where you can see it, on the walls!

Home is a place to flaunt your personality. It’s a place where you can showcase, reflect and flaunt your design statements. In fact, it is your personal taste of interiors that will make your home feel like yours. You can add your style to your home interiors with several design elements such as furniture choices, lightings and colour selections. One such element of modern Indian home interiors is the bar unit, precisely your wine unit. A wall-mounted wine rack is a perfect way to display your collection.

Your great taste in wine echoes your style and so will the wine rack in your house. If you prefer more opulent designs, your wine rack has to be lavish and larger than life to replicate your taste of heavy interiors. If you’re a fan of vintage interiors, your wine rack would have more of a rustic theme. Whatever it is, the wine rack is certainly a great addition to your home bar; however, it may take an ample amount of space if not appropriately planned.

If space is a crucial factor in your home interiors, a wall-mounted wine rack will accentuate your love for wines and home decor. So, without delaying anymore, here are our designer-approved ‘wine in a million’ wall-mounted wine rack ideas that will surely glam up your place without taking a lot of space!

Simple Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Ideas For An Open Bar

Wine is an elegant choice, and so, your wine rack needs to be sleek and elegant too. We have a simple wall-mounted wine rack design that will go great with minimalistic home bar designs. The wine rack is nothing heavy but simply a unit with a wooden dowel system that elegantly hosts the wine bottles without taking much space in the bar. The wall-mounted wooden dowels are accompanied by a shelf unit to display coffee mugs and hang wine glasses. The wooden wine dowel units blend well with the bar unit’s natural interior design that features a work of solid wood. This design is also an easy DIY wine glass rack wall mount. It’s ideal for people who have a limited stock of wine bottles and perfect for small apartment layouts that can’t have a bulky wine rack. 

Simple wall mounted wine rack ideas for an open bar
A simple wall-mounted wine rack design

A White Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Design For The Kitchen

Kitchens are the ideal places to display your crockery and bar units. But these furniture pieces can take up a lot of your kitchen area which may constrain free movement during cooking. However, if you have a breakfast counter, you can stack your wine collection in a simple but efficient wall-mounted rack design. The wine rack here comes as an attached vertical unit with a kitchen crockery unit. The wine rack features a wooden crate design that can house up to seven bottles. The sleek, vertical design takes a lot less space than a horizontally designed wine unit. This wine rack design utilises the room’s vertical space, letting your kitchen stay uncluttered and organised. 

A wall mounted wine rack ideas for the kitchen
A vertically designed wall-mounted wine rack

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A Modern Wall-Mounted Wine Rack With A Cool Geometric Design

If you are someone who loves collecting different kinds of wines, this wine rack design is for you! The zig-zag design of this wall-mounted wine rack takes just the space of your wine bottles and makes a great decor item for your house. The zig-zag rows can be easily mounted on the wall and are safe to stock your precious wine bottles. The best part of this geometric wall-mounted wine rack design is that you can keep on adding shelves to hold your newer wine bottles. You can place this wine rack in your kitchen or your dining area – wherever there is enough vertical wall space. The rack is functional and lends an aesthetic appeal to your home’s interiors

A modern wall mounted wine rack with a cool geometric design
A modern wall-mounted wine rack design
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An Opulent Bar Unit With Different Wine Rack Designs

If you have the space and a taste for an opulent bar unit, this one is for you! The bar unit comes with a lavish wooden and glass front bar rack that extends to form a bar counter. Besides the glass front rack where you can store wine and scotch, it features two other wall-mounted wine rack units. One is a small four-chambered glass front unit and the other is a classic wooden crate wine rack with storage cabinets. The entire bar unit echoes a luxurious appeal that can elevate the interiors of any house. This type of wine rack unit is ideal for spacious living and dining rooms with a contemporary interior scheme. 

An opulent bar unit different wall mounted wine rack ideas
Wall-mounted wine rack ideas for a large home bar

A Subtle Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Cum Cutlery Unit For The Living Room

If you are thinking of housing a wine rack or bar unit in your living room, this can be an ideal interior choice. The wine rack unit comes with a wooden front cutlery unit with a blend of closed and open cabinets. The open shelf chamber comes with wall-mounted wine rack units for bottles and glasses. This unit gives enough space to store a small collection of wine with added storage advantages. The wooden and laminated front unit design brings an organic and clutter-free look that will be ideal for elegant themed interior designs. The unit’s wall-mounted design saves space by utilising the room’s vertical space. The wine rack cum cutlery unit also features handleless storage drawers to organise your winery essentials. 

A subtle wall mounted wine rack cum cutlery unit for the living room
A wall-mounted wine rack design in a crockery unit

An Efficient And Contemporary Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Design

If saving space is on your mind, this is perhaps the most efficient wall-mounted wine rack design. This metal and wooden wine rack will take the least space on your wall. The unit is nothing but a wooden slab with metal clips that tightly clasp the wine bottles, placed upside down. The design of the wine rack is simple and elegant, with no heavy or opulent designs. The best part of this contemporary wall-mounted wine rack design is that you can place it anywhere in the house – above the refrigerator, near the kitchen area or in the dining room. This contemporary wall-mounted wine rack design is ideal for small homes and studio apartments. 

An efficient and contemporary wall mounted wine rack ideas
A super space-saving wall-mounted wine rack design

A Rustic Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Design With A Metal Frame

Rustic design elements bring a vintage vibe to home interiors. If you have a rustic or even an industrial themed house design, this metal framed with wooden dowel rustic wall-mounted wine rack design is perfect. The rack can be mounted on your kitchen or bar unit wall. Its metal frame adds an archaic appeal to the rack design, accentuated by the natural mango wooden dowels that safely host the elegant wine bottles. This type of wine rack is suitable for tiny homes; it takes very less space but forms a durable and robust framework for your expensive wine collection. This wine rack design is also excellent for rented homes as they are easy to install on walls and simple to dismantle whenever you are changing homes.

Wall mounted wine rack design with a metal frame
A rustic wall-mounted wine rack design

A Wooden Wall-Mounted Wine Stem Rack For Bottles And Wine Glasses

Our last piece of wall-mounted wine rack designs is this classic wine stem rack that can house wine bottles and glasses. The rack design is inspired by classic wine rack designs used in old-school farmhouse interiors. The unit’s base is solid wood, letting you embrace an organic appeal to your home. The wine rack unit takes very little space, making it ideal for small quarter dwellers who can’t afford to invest in heavy bar unit designs. The wine rack has the good old wooden crate and barrel system to fit the heavy wine bottles safely and secure the wine glass stems, letting you add an authentic piece of home decor at your place. 

Wall mounted wine rack ideas wine stem rack for bottles and wine glasses
A wooden wall-mounted wine rack design

Wine racks are an essential decor element for wine lovers. But they come in minimal and generic designs that may not highlight this fruity elixir’s sophistication. Therefore, bend away from the standards and choose a unique wall mounted wine rack design that adds value to your place’s interiors. When you select one from our list of wall-mounted wine rack ideas, don’t forget to share the pictures with us. For more on space-saving home furniture designs, write to us.

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