High Gloss Laminate Sheets to Reflect Your Style with Finesse

by Pooja Dara | January 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

High gloss laminate sheets for your home

Explore more about glossy laminate sheets through the blog and make an informed purchase.  

High-gloss laminate sheets are manufactured by layering and glueing multiple sheets of resin-impregnated paper together. They are a popular choice among modern homeowners owing to reasons such as:

  • They give a sleek, polished and contemporary look and feel to the space. 
  • They are resistant to scratches, stains and fingerprints and require low maintenance. 
  • They are versatile as they come in multiple colours, patterns and grain types. 
  • They are cost-effective and durable but become more expensive as quality rises. 
  • They are easy to install as you do not need special tools or skill sets for the process. 
  • They are used both for the purpose of adornment and protection.  

There are several kinds of glossy laminate sheets available in the interior design market today:

  • Based on Applied Pressure – High-pressure high gloss laminate sheets | Post-formed laminate sheets
  • Based on Usage – Decorative Laminate Sheets | Printed Laminate Sheets | Plain Laminate Sheets  
  • Based on Material – PVC/PET high gloss laminate sheets | Wooden high gloss laminate sheets | Acrylic high gloss laminate sheets | Marble high gloss laminate sheets

Whatever you choose, high-gloss laminate sheets can be incorporated into your decor and rooms like:

  • Interior Doors/Entry Doors/Room Dividers
  • Living Room Accent Walls/Decorative Panels
  • Bathroom Shower Panels & Vanities
  • Bedroom/Study Room Wardrobes
  • Kitchen Cabinets/Backsplashes/Countertops
  • Furniture Pieces Like Chairs, Tables & Bookshelves 

Let’s now dive into our latest collection of high gloss laminate sheets doing the rounds in the interior design market today. Make your best pick. 

Bold High Gloss Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

These wooden laminated cabinets lend a bold and formal look to the kitchen. They complement the light grey flooring and the beige backsplash. The black kitchen countertop creates a visual divider between the top cabinets and the base cabinets. You can mimic the appearance of natural wood at a comparatively lower cost through laminate options.

High gloss laminate kitchen cabinets finish and have a bold brown colour
Add green plants for the natural element
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High-Gloss PVC Laminate Sheet for Wardrobe

The laminate sheets give a smooth and sleek finish to the personal wardrobe in the bedroom. The cupboard blends in perfectly with the existing decor and ties all the design elements in the bedroom together. Its look is further accentuated by the ambient lights and natural light.  

Bedroom wardrobe in high gloss PVC laminate sheet and sleek design
PVC laminates can bend up to 90 degrees along the edges

High Gloss Laminate Colours: Kitchen Edition

The kitchen surfaces are often subjected to significant moisture, heat and beating so these medium-grey high gloss laminates would be your ideal choice. They last longer with high performance and minimum upkeep. Use colours in similar shades for the walls and floor and top up the entire look with over-cabinet lighting. 

Kitchen cabinets in high gloss laminate colour in medium grey
Neutral colours are evergreen in the kitchen

Sunny Acrylic High Gloss Laminates

If you are looking for an instant splash of colour in the kitchen then these sunny acrylic high-gloss laminate kitchen cabinets are your go-to option. It makes your kitchen look like your ‘personalised canvas’ and also gels well with the white marble-wooden flooring and the wall paint colour. Acrylic finishes are also non-toxic. 

Acrylic high gloss laminate for kitchen cabinets
Use bright colours with neutral ones for a subtle vibe

White-Beige High Gloss Laminates for Kitchen

These white-beige high gloss laminates for the upper and lower kitchen cabinets come with antibacterial properties that protect your kitchen surfaces from constant contact with moisture and humidity. It gives the cooking space an overall soothing and peaceful appearance and vibe. 

White-beige high gloss laminates for kitchen cabinets create a serene and calming ambience
A white & beige harmony

All in all, high gloss laminate sheets are a popular choice/practical solution for modern homeowners for modifying their home decor without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and select top-notch high gloss laminate sheets for your home transformation and reap the benefits of your investment for ages to come. Contact DesignCafe for a free virtual consultation and get answers to all your queries if the need arises. We’re happy to help!

FAQs on High-Gloss Laminate

1. How to choose the right high-gloss laminate sheet for your design project?

You need to take a few factors into consideration before investing in the right high gloss laminate sheet for your home design project. Here are a few:

  • The durability and strength of the sheet
  • The overall design theme of the room
  • The ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • The resistance of the laminate sheet to fading, stains and scratches
  • The cost of installation   

2. What does the cost of the high-gloss laminate sheet depend upon?

  • Quality of material
  • Size & thickness 
  • Durability 
  • Brand/supplier 
  • Size of the sheet
  • Pattern/colour 

3. Are there any specific design considerations to using high gloss laminates in small spaces?

  • Choose high-gloss laminate colours that complement the rest of the decor.
  • Use high gloss laminate sheets in moderation with matte/textured finishes to avoid overwhelming the space.  

4. What is the difference between regular laminate sheets & textured laminate sheets?

Textured Laminate Sheets

  • It is different and unique on the basis of their surface finish and design.  
  • It is preferred by people who want to give their surroundings a particular theme. 
  • It requires some maintenance because the textures are imprinted on them.
  • It gives a very subtle and classy look and does not require additional decoration. 
  • It comes in advanced properties like anti-bacterial and fire-resistant. 

Regular Laminate Sheets

  • It is manufactured by glueing laminate sheets with special resin adhesive using high pressure and heat. 
  • It is highly economical and easy to maintain as no special attention is required on the print/colour. 
  • It is preferred by people who want to protect their furniture & panels from pollution/scratches. 
  • It gives a natural and authentic look as they are available in a very simple design.
  • It does not come in advanced properties like anti-bacterial and fire-resistant.

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