Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas For You!

by Devna Tiwari | February 10, 2024 | 4 mins read

Modern farmhouse design ideas for your home

A quick lowdown on modern farmhouse design ideas to help you get started!

A harmonious combination of rustic and refined, modern farmhouse inspired interior designs continues to be a popular choice amongst urban families. Modern farmhouse interior designs are typically characterised by a neutral colour palette, wooden accents, and rustic furniture pieces with sharp lines.

If you love the idea of designing a farmhouse style home we will help you take it to a whole new level! From farmhouse inspired bathrooms, kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms, we have created a lowdown of modern farmhouse design ideas to help you get inspired and started!

So let’s take a look at our personal favourite modern farmhouse designs—inside and out.

Modern Farmhouse Design – Front Porch

First thing first, the exteriors! A modern farmhouse front porch design is usually an excellent mix of both modern and traditional details just like this stunning one here! Doesn’t this front porch remind you of those luxurious farmhouses that are perhaps designed to get featured in magazines? This modern minimalist front porch design is an excellent choice if you believe that less is more! This design features a pergola, a comfortable couch, and an armchair with a footrest. An accent wall complements the overall colour scheme of this modern farmhouse exteriors. 

Modern farmhouse entry exterior designed with pergola, couch, and an armchair with a footrest is stunning.

Living Room With A Modern Farmhouse Vibe

In this spacious modern farmhouse style living room, the showstopper is the large windows with wooden frames. This living room further features wooden beams on the ceiling and an indoor fireplace designed with reclaimed materials. Furniture pieces like tufted velvet sofas and a vintage coffee table bring in old world charm. A soft colour palette, complementing decor like beaded frames on the wall, a classic blue rug with wooden accents wherever you look give this living room with a modern farmhouse vibe.

Modern farmhouse style living room with large wooden windows, wooden ceiling, sofas and coffee table brings old-world charm.
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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

A modern farmhouse kitchen design is practical, clutter-free, and always stylish. Inspired by the kitchens of classic American farmhouses, this beautiful kitchen design features soothing white cabinetry with reclaimed wooden accents. This stellar kitchen design includes light and dark details for added visual appeal. The island or breakfast counter with bar stools cum chairs create a peaceful gathering place. Hardwood flooring blends well with the wooden beams on the ceiling. A pair of antique pendant lights with focus lights highlight the design details and bind this kitchen to perfection.

Modern farmhouse kitchen design and decor ideas with dining table are practical, clutter-free, and always stylish.

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Bedroom

By now you are aware that modern farmhouse style is all about using natural materials to provide a rustic look while embracing modern sensibilities. It also includes a generous use of antiques and found objects as decor. Here, in this bedroom design a dried tree branch above the simple wooden headboard adds dollops of charm to this space. The black wall lends a modern touch. Decor here comprises wooden logs, a bohemian rug, indoor plants, potpourri and the delicate white sheers to keep the farmhouse vibe intact.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom design with dried tree branch, wooden headboard, rug & potpourri is modern farmhouse interior design style.
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A Reading Nook Is A Must

If you are an avid reader or like to sit with a cup of coffee and read a book when you visit a farmhouse you will agree that a tiny little nook is a must for your home. Here, this stunning reading nook is a perfect example of  modern farmhouse style of interiors. The earth-toned textured wall, wicker chair, a modern coffee table with a wooden disc as a tabletop, earthen pots painted in black and lush indoor plants makes this corner look like a reader’s dream lazy holiday! The showstopper? A bamboo pendant light.

Beautiful modern farmhouses earth-toned textured wall, wicker chair, coffee table & plants are the stunning reading nook.

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Outdoor Or Patio Seating

This is a design element that you can consider adding in your balcony, patio, front porch or even the foyer area to bring home a lovely farmhouse vibe. Besides, this can be your next DIY furniture project as well! All you need is reclaimed wooden logs with a wooden plank to create a stunning modern farmhouse inspired outdoor or patio seating like the one shown in this image! Although these wooden benches are available in the market but if you are considering the whole DIY idea do use a coat of varnish to get rid of splinters.

Patio seating made from reclaimed wooden logs outdoor is a modern farmhouse architecture DIY.

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Modern Farmhouse Style Of Decor

The right approach to modern farmhouse style of decor is all about a low-key blend of rustic and found objects with a comfortable, peaceful vibe. Candles, wooden discs, lanterns, dried tree branches, crate boxes, delicate white drapes, fur and bohemian rugs, with soft coloured upholstery and a lot of pendant and spotlights will do wonders!

Farmhouse modern decor with candles, wooden discs, lanterns, dried tree branches & pendant light brings rustic feel.

And it’s a wrap! We hope these suggestions help you design a modern home with a farmhouse vibe or design a farmhouse of your own! 

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