Concrete Stairs Design For Small House

by Shreya Bilagi | February 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

concrete stairs designs for your home

Need a hand in selecting the right concrete stairs design for your home? We are here to help you out. Read our latest blog post to know more! 

Let’s start this blog post on concrete stair designs with a fun poem:

Here’s to the man who invented stairs. 

And taught out feet soar. 

He was the first-ever to burst into the second floor and many more. 

Have you imagined a world without stairs? I mean there would neither be first or second floors nor would there be the concept of double-storey houses! There would be no two-storey buildings, and even if a two-storey building existed with a ramp, it would be so exhausting to climb up. 

Well, let’s just be grateful to the man who invented stairs, for now, we can reach various floors with ease. If you’re looking out for ideas on concrete stairs design, we at Design Cafe have a whole blog post lined up to help you out.

A Curved Concrete Stairs Design

This living room with wooden flooring has an elegant curved staircase. Imagine decorating this concrete stairs design for Christmas! It would look just amazing with all the ball-shaped ornaments in colours of gold and red. Candles can also be placed on the edge of each stair and stocking hung across neatly. This concrete stair detail is perfect for couples who love curved staircases. This living room has a beautiful white carpet which blends beautifully with the look of the hall.

Curved concrete stair designed in the living room with wooden flooring
A curved staircase made of concrete with a wooden handrail

A Modern Concrete Stairs Design For Small House

Have a modern home? Then we are sure you need a modern staircase to go along with it. Take a look at this L-shaped concrete staircase. This modern living room is constructed with a staircase which has glass and metal railings. Classy, right? This concrete staircase has room below it where you can place your television set. Under this staircase, there is also a shelf with LED strip lighting where you can place artefacts. This living room with an L-shaped staircase has a sofa set in grey and white vitrified tile flooring.

Modern living room with l-shaped concrete stairs design has glass and metal railings
A modern living room with a modern L-shaped staircase
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A Spiral Surprise Staircase

Like a rich touch to your Victorian-style home? Then, take a look at this spiral staircase. This living room is elegant with white marble flooring. It has a console tea table made from light wood and a sofa set with grey cushions and wooden legs. This living room is perfect if you have always been inspired by the British as it has a strong English touch. The advantage of a spiral suitcase is that it has space under it to place a table or even a bookshelf. You can make the space under a staircase a nice cosy area for you to read in. 

Living room features concrete stairs designed indoors in a spiral style with railings
A spiral staircase with railings which exude class

A Two Way Concrete Stairs Design

Love a grand entrance? Then, we have the perfect set of stairs to welcome you. This two-way curved staircase has hand railing made from wood which acts as great support while climbing up the stairs or going down. The sides of this staircase are designed with metal, which adds to the aesthetics of this hall. This living room has a grand chandelier which hangs from the ceiling, throwing light across this space.

House with a two-way curved concrete stairs design has a hand railing made from wood
A living room with a grand two-way staircase and pearly white flooring

Concrete Stair Design For Small House

Have a duplex home? Then, there ought to be a stylish staircase. This ladder staircase is perfect. When there is not much space, but you have a double-storey home, this concrete stair design for small house is one that can be considered. This staircase has a stainless steel handrail and glass sides for support. Above the staircase is a study area with a bookshelf and below the structure, there is an entertainment unit with a sofa set and a TV. 

A staircase with glass support and steel railings is a small house's perfect concrete stair design
A ladder concrete staircase with glass support and steel railings

If you have enjoyed this read on “concrete stair design for small house”, let us know by reaching out to us through our website. We would love to hear from you ideas on what would make the perfect staircase design. Write in the comment section below or reach us through the various channels we are available on. We look forward to hearing from you! 

FAQs On Concrete Stairs Design

1. What are the different design options for concrete stairs that suit small spaces?
Spiral or curved concrete staircases work well in compact homes, maximising space while offering an appealing design that suits small spaces.

2. Are there space-saving alternatives to traditional straight staircases for small homes?
Absolutely! Spiral or helical staircases are fantastic alternatives for small homes, maximising space while offering easy access between floors without taking up too much room.

3. How do I ensure the safety of concrete stairs in a compact living environment?
To ensure safety in a compact living space with concrete stairs, consider installing handrails for support, ensuring good lighting, and using anti-slip materials or textures on the stairs to prevent accidents.

4. Can concrete stairs be combined with other materials for a more diverse design in small homes?
Certainly! In small homes, combining concrete stairs with materials like glass, steel, or wood can create a diverse and visually appealing design while maintaining durability.

5. What role does color play in the design of concrete stairs for small spaces?
Colour plays a significant role in small space design with concrete stairs. Lighter shades can create an illusion of openness, while darker tones might make the area feel more confined. Experimenting with contrasting colours can add visual interest without sacrificing space.

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