Inner Child Inspiration: 12 Hanging Chair Designs for You

by Sneha Virmani | February 10, 2024 | 6 mins read

Hanging chair designs for your home

These 12 hanging chair designs are our top picks to sway dreamily and unwind at home. Take your pick.

Hanging chairs are trending in the home decor industry since they bring comfort to your backyard adventures. They can be stylishly hung from the beam of your porch or the ceiling of your living room. Whether you want to read a book, unwind with a cup of tea, or add some whimsy to your home decor, a swing becomes a perfect option. From cane-hanging chairs to wooden ones, we have jotted down 12 ideas. These can be applied to a variety of rooms, like the reading room, minimalist balcony, bedroom, and children’s room. 

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Stylish Hanging Chair for Living Room

The living room is the heart of the house. It is where everyone congregates to host visitors or just spend time together. The one with a stand would provide this area with a distinctive focal point and some comfort.

Living room with hanging swing chair provides distinctive focal point
Cushions create cosier relaxation spots

Ceiling Hanging Chair in Balcony

You may transform your tiny balcony into a peaceful haven with a cane hanging chair. Pick a simple style that blends well with your balcony’s overall appeal. A ceiling-hung piece will be a better option than placing one with a stand as that will give the impression of openness without intruding on the cosy quotient.

Ceiling hanging chair for balcony
Sip coffee in your favourite spot
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Bedroom Retreat Hanging Chair With Stand

A hanging chair with stand will add a sense of luxury to your bedroom. This unusual place to sit can be used as a reading nook or tranquil retreat. Choose a plush, cushioned one in a soft colour to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Hanging chair with stand creates luxurious atmosphere in bedroom
Complete the look with a soft throw blanket

Whimsical Kids’ Hanging Swing Chair

One of the cutest trends doing the rounds is the kid’s room having a hanging swing chair. Children will immediately fall in love with a vibrant swing as a favourite place to unwind, read, or daydream. Having this showstopper in their room will make spending time in their room a joy. 

Whimsical kids hanging chair will make spending time in their room a joy
A swing hanging from the ceiling is a better bet in kids room

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Bamboo Hanging Chair

You may create a tranquil reading refuge by including a bamboo hanging chair in your designated reading space. Choose a chair with a supportive back and a comfy, ergonomic design for comfort and enjoyment.

Bamboo hanging chair creates peaceful and relaxing space for reading
Add a side table to hold your books

Plush Indoor Hanging Chair

You must have seen a lot of people falling in love with everything faux fur. Yes, this style is back, and you can embrace the look with plush accents. Stand it in a corner of your living room, dining room or bedroom, and it immediately amps up the style meter of the area. 

Plush indoor hanging chair amps up style meter of any space
String lights jazz up this gorgeous corner

Scandinavian Simplicity: Hanging Chair for Bedroom

Choose a wooden hanging chair that has a minimalist appearance. Those with a Scandinavian flair are light in colour and design. They can give your room a touch of class and tranquillity without the need to splurge on expensive elements.

Wooden hanging chair for bedroom with a minimalist design
A modern floor light adds a warm aesthetic
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Tropical Paradise: Cane Hanging Chair With Stand

Use a hanging chair with stand to bring a touch of nature to the room. Depending on the theme of your room, you can change the upholstery and cushions to complement the vibe. Placing a rug near the chair will increase the comfort level and leave you feeling welcomed in the room. 

Cane hanging chair with stand to bring a natural touch to the space
Use a bamboo or rattan chair if cane is not available

A Different Take on Hanging Chair for the Living Room Scene

You can get a hung chair in your living room to turn it into a warm and inviting point. But if you dare to be different or if your home has a more traditional aesthetic, you can opt for the backless swing that is synonymous with Indian homes, be it Gujarat or Tamil Nadu. 

Backless ceiling-hanging chair in living room
Floor plants and cosy lighting add to the charm

Creative Hanging Chair for Home Office

Blend comfort and creativity with a cosy swing chair that will upgrade your home office. To make the most of natural light, choose one with a sleek, contemporary design and put it close to your desk.

Hanging swing chair can make your home office a more enjoyable and comfortable place to work
Sustainably made for a pleasing work-from-home experience

Playful Hammock Hanging Chair

A swing adds a whimsical touch to a children’s room, but it need not be traditional. This hanging hammock design is a cosy spot for parents and kids to unwind and connect. Who knows, you may not have to cajole them for taking a nap now. 

Yellow hammock hanging chair is hung in the kids bedroom
Who says hammocks have to be outdoors?

Outdoor Oasis Hanging Chair

Use a swing to create your private hideaway on your balcony by your dining area. Choose a piece that can withstand the elements, such as one made of a sturdy fabric or artificial rattan.

Outdoor hanging chair for home
Outdoors and swings are synonymous

These were some of the best ideas to incorporate swings into your home. We hope you like them as much as we do. You may reach out to us at DesignCafe for more home improvement ideas. Contact us here. 

FAQs on Hanging Chair

1. How do I choose the right size hanging chair for my space?

The size of the hanging chair for any space should depend on the width and height of that area. One must also understand the chair’s swing radius.

2. Are hanging chairs easy to assemble and disassemble?

Depending on the particular design and maker, assembling and disassembling a hanging chair can differ. 

3. How long can a hanging chair last?

A hanging chair’s lifespan might vary based on some variables, including the type of materials used, how it was built, how it was used, how well it was maintained, and the environment in which it was used.

4. How much weight can a hanging chair support?

A hanging chair’s weight capacity is determined by how it was built, what materials were used, and how it was designed.

5. Can a hanging chair be used in a small space?

Yes, a hanging chair can be used in small spaces like the nook of a small living room, a nursery for kids and more.

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