7 Innovative Kid’s Chair Design Ideas To Make Study Time Fun

by Pallabi Bose | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kids chair design ideas

Fun and unique kid’s chair design ideas for your kid’s bedroom.

Even until a few years ago, finding attractive kid’s furniture was a daunting task. Either the style was limited or was too expensive. As parents, we used to end up buying furniture that our tots can use for many years. Not anymore. From designer beds to fancy kid’s chairs — there are myriad models available now, thanks to the growing demand from today’s design-conscious generation. And why not! Why should adults have all the fun, isn’t it? Here are some unique kid’s chair design ideas you can take inspiration from.

Kid’s Wooden Chair For Your Little Princess

Decorating a girl’s bedroom is a dream for almost every mommy. And this bedroom is no exception. The combination of powder pink with bottle green is fantastic for a girl’s bedroom. Hints of yellow and white balance the overpowering effect of pink. But what’s striking in this bedroom is how multi-purpose the kid’s wooden chair is. Being white, it works as extra seating as well as a study chair for kids when the hidden desk is pulled out. It’s sleek and minimalist and goes perfectly well with the rest of the room’s decor.

A kid's room features a wardrobe-attached pull-out desk and a white wooden kids chair
Sleek kid’s wooden chair for multi-purpose use
Want a playful kid's room for your munchkin

An Ergonomic Study Chair For Kids

As parents, it’s our job to ensure our kids are healthy – not just their food intake or for other illnesses, but their postures also. That’s why giving your kids an ergonomic study chair is a must. It ensures their seating posture is correct and eradicates any chance of having back pain from studying for hours. In the image below, you can see how this revolving chair for kids is a multi-purpose piece of furniture in a compact kid’s room. It can be used as a study chair as well as to play the drum set.

Ergonomic study chair for kids ensures their seating posture is correct
An ergonomic study chair for the kid’s bedroom

Kid’s Sofa Chair For Lounging

Every kid deserves a nook in their room to do what their heart desires. It’s their safe haven. It’s where they play, read their favourite story books and whatnot. That’s why this comfy oversize blush blue lounge chair is so perfect for this room. Also, the miniature study chair and table set is compact and great for keeping their seating posture straight.

Blush blue kids sofa chair that will bring joy to the children's room
Let your little champ relax in this kids sofa chair

Add Versatility With A Kid’s Swing Chair

Kids love to swing! Well, why not! They are fun. Especially, when they have one all to themselves in their room, you can expect some great squealing. This kid’s hanging chair is an amazing and versatile piece of furniture. It can be used as a chair as well. This cane kid’s swing chair is lightweight and goes so well with the green polka dot wallpaper.

Kid's bedroom with Disney theme, featuring a kids swing chair and colorful decor
Kid’s swing chair in a Disney-themed kid’s bedroom

Rabbit Ear Kid’s Chair in An Animal-Themed Room

When you have more than one kid, no one can help with squabbles. But you can certainly keep them in check by designing their room based on their personality. For instance, in this kid’s bedroom, a bunk bed is added to give them their own space. One kid likes dark colours and the other is obsessed with bright hues. So, we incorporated both in the cupboard-cum-corner-study-desk set. However, the highlight of this room is the chair — a white chair with a red rabbit ear-shaped backrest. They absolutely adored this kid’s wooden chair.

Small kids chair with rabbit ear-shaped backrest
A study chair for kids with an innovative backrest
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A Bean Bag Is A Must-Have For The Kid’s Room

Bean bags are versatile and easy to carry. So, in most households, it is one of the most used pieces of furniture. In the image of the kid’s bedroom below, the round bean bag works as a great lounger. The wide window ledge works perfectly for additional seating.

A bean bag chairs for kids works as a great lounger
Bean bags are loved by kids of all ages

Animal-Shaped Kid’s Study Chair

Kids concentrate better when they have something to be excited about. Studying is not something most kids enjoy. It’s like pulling teeth to make them sit and study even for an hour straight. So, this red elephant-shaped study chair is definitely something that will attract them and make them focus. The kid’s wooden chair is a great addition to this bedroom. Coupled with the light wooden-coloured table, the pastel red hue gives the room a refreshing vibe. They can play as well as study in this room.

An animal-shaped study chair for kids that brings joy to your children's room
An animal-shaped study chair is an exciting addition

Making kids sit in one place for a long time is a challenge in itself, but not impossible. It is especially easy when they have interesting-looking items and vibrant playful spaces to themselves. One of those items is a kid’s chair and table set. For more interesting design inspirations, check out our design gallery. And if you want an expert to design your little one’s room thoughtfully, book a free design consultation today! If you have enjoyed checking out these innovative kid’s chair design ideas, check out our Cool Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas for more.

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