7 Cool Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now

by Pallabi Bose | February 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

cool kids bedroom ideas for your home

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Growing up, kids mostly cherish the memories created in their bedrooms. Whether it is falling asleep listening to a lullaby or a bedtime story, fighting over toys with siblings, playing with dolls or scribbling on the wall with coloured pens, a kids’ bedroom is the centre of their growing-up experience. That’s why it should be appropriately decorated to match their unique personalities.

There are tons of pretty girls’ or cool boys’ bedroom ideas available online. Ideally, a kid’s bedroom should have a sleeping zone, a study zone and a play zone. But, as a parent, how do you figure out which style will suit the best? If you have more than one kid and have space constraints, it becomes tough to ensure the room is up to their liking, reflects their character and is comfortable at the same time. That’s why often parents struggle with how to start the process. Here are seven kids’ bedroom design ideas that you can apply.

Play With Colours To Keep Monotony At Bay

Cool girls’ or cool boys’ bedroom ideas must include those that are colourful and vibrant. Be playful with bright colours like pink, green, lime yellow, turquoise, etc. Creating vivid patterns with paint also eliminates the monotony that single colours bring. In this image, the headboard is kept pink as an extension of the overall colour scheme, but the feature wall adds depth, dimension and drama with the unique design. Also, the strategic use of mirrors on the wardrobe reflects the feature wall and extends it, making the room look bigger than it really is.

Cool kids bedroom colour in pink and white with vivid pattern lends vibrancy to space.
Strategic use of paint and patterns is sometimes all you need to add vibrancy in a kids’ bedroom

Appeal To The Inner Fan With Cool Kids’ Bedroom Theme Ideas

Every kid is a fan of something—be it cars, Disney princesses, animals or cartoon characters. So, shape things up with fun silhouettes based on a theme. Cool kids’ bedroom theme ideas are a great way to put a massive smile on your kids’ faces. In this image, the kid is a huge fan of Hello Kitty! So, the parents decided to make their kids’ bedrooms based on the Hello Kitty theme. From the wallpaper to bed shape, even the wardrobe handles—the same theme has been extended. In the second image, the kid is an animal lover and a Minion fan. That shows in the dramatic printed giraffe-themed wallpaper, picture frames and Minion-printed cushion covers.

Cool kids bedroom theme idea, kids bedroom designed in Hello Kitty theme gives a fun look to space.
Kids' bedroom designed with giraffe-theme wallpaper and Minion-printed cushion covers is a cool kids bedroom theme.
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Sometimes Funky Wallpaper Makes All The Difference

Using funky and exciting wallpapers on one or two walls can massively change the look of any room. However, ensure the wallpaper is water- and scratch-resistant. In this image, you can see that two walls have been covered with wallpaper, adding height to one of our amazingly cool bedroom ideas.

The kids' room has a cool bedroom wallpaper on the wall that adds a fantastic look to the space.
The wallpaper in this room adds the much-needed sense of height

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Showcase Hobby As Unconventional Accessories

If your teenager has a hobby, then why not flaunt it? Using things related to their hobby as accessories add character to their room. It also brings out the sense of personality. For instance, in the image below, the room features a collection of interestingly placed badminton rackets on the wall. The black wall sticker on aqua green wall paint also adds depth and colour block. Furthermore, footballs and ninja turtle swords portray that the kid living in this room is also a fan of football games and an action cartoon fan. Green and white colours have been used as a theme all over the room. You can apply the same idea to other hobbies, like paintbrushes, tennis rackets and cricket bats. It’s a game of strategic placement within cool bedroom ideas.

Cool bedroom wall idea with badminton sport wall stickers, brings out the sense of personality.
Badminton rackets have been used as a wall accessory

Use Height to Your Advantage With A Bunk Bed

If you are fortunate to have high ceilings but unfortunate enough to have smaller floor space, use the height to your advantage. A bunk bed is an excellent idea if you have more than one kid and also have a space crunch. A customised bunk bed with staircase railing will allow the child to reach the higher level safely. Also, drawers attached to the steps create extra storage. Add a huge mirror to make the room look bigger. Placing it opposite to the window will make the room brighter and closer to nature.

The cool kids' bedroom has a bunk bed with an attached study table that makes the room look bigger.
This bunk bed creates room for two kids along with a study area and extra storage

Let The Furniture Do The Talking

Who said being short on space means your kid can’t have it all? Here’s a great way to fit a large bed, a study nook and a play area all in one place. This space-saving customised furniture unit does it all. The lower level can fit a queen-size bed, a side table and a low-height study nook separated with a tree-shaped ladder. The ladder leads to the playing area concealed with a branch-shaped railing that ensures your kids don’t fall. This area can be used as an extra bed if your child has a friend sleeping over. The room also features toys as accessories on the floating shelves.

The kids' room has a bunk bed with an attached study unit that is space-saving cool kids' bedroom furniture.
The ultimate multipurpose space-saving furniture unit for your kids’ bedroom
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Save Money With Just A Dramatic Wall Sticker

If you don’t want to spend too much on interior designing, then the easiest way to revamp your child’s bedroom is by adding a massive sticker on the wall like the one shown in the picture below. It immediately attracts the attention of anyone entering the room. The focus is on overhead lighting. If your child is older, let them flaunt their artistic sense with a dramatic wallpaper on the back of the bed and hang some artwork.

A wall with quotes turns a space into inspiration and is a cool wall sticker for kids' bedroom.
This bedroom is perfect for a college-goer to wake up with an inspirational boost for the long day ahead

Unleash your creative mastery by customising your kids’ bedroom with these unique ideas. If you also want a futuristic-looking bedroom for your child, then get in touch with our designers. They will help you create a room that not only flaunts your kid’s personality and interests but also help them study and grow. It is also essential to keep in mind that kids grow really fast, and so do their interests. Therefore, the design also has to be unique. Which of these lovely girls’ or cool boys’ bedroom ideas are you going to incorporate in your kids’ room? Let us know in the comments below.

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