15 Cute But Really Unique Girls’ Bedroom Decor Ideas For Our Princesses

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 21, 2024 | 11 mins read

Girls bedroom decor Ideas for your little girl's dreamy bedroom

Let’s look beyond the conventional and mundane girls’ bedroom decor ideas and come up with some iconic bedrooms with these 15 unique bedroom interior designs for your princess

What Does A Girl Want In Her Designer Bedroom?

Besides the fantastic renditions of American teenager movies, what a girl wants can be pretty tricky, especially when every girl is different and unique. So, why continue with the age-old tradition of ‘girls love pink’ when you can find new and innovative ideas for girls’ bedroom decor? To help you undo the perception of girls’ bedroom decor ideas, we are here with some great bedroom interior designs that will blow your mind. These girls’ bedroom decor ideas are creative, rare, and also pink sometimes but are indeed not the routine. These bedroom decor ideas are specifically chosen to suit your big girl as she grows from a child to a teenager and even an adult. 

The first thing to note here is to have a neat bedroom. Remember, bedroom interiors should be uncluttered and spacious, so first, do away with all the unnecessary items from the bedroom and make room for new and unique decoration ideas. Second, go with a bedroom theme that resembles your girl’s personality. This way, the space will always feel more personal to her. 

Go Classic With This Black, White And Grey Girls’ Bedroom Decor

When it comes to designing a girl’s bedroom, we often think of pink and similar colours. However, the time has changed, and so our awareness about feminine home interiors should change too. This is why we bring this classic girls’ bedroom decor that shows how a girl’s taste is chic and timeless. This black, white and grey bedroom decor reflects a timeless interior design that creates a stunning impression. The grey here is matte, and it subtly dominates the colour scheme of the room. The white is used in wallpaper and bed dressing to add a warm vibe to the decor. Pops of black is used in design elements like the bucket chair, the wall painting frames, etc. 

Go classic with this black white and grey girls bedroom decor with wall a mounted table and a floating shelf
This whole bedroom setup is accentuated with modular furniture pieces — a poster bed, a wall-mounted table, a floating shelf, etc. to maintain a clean, uncluttered vibe

Try This Vibrant Artistic Girls’ Bedroom Decor

Is your girl artistic? Well, this one’s just for you! This bedroom decor echoes a vibrant orange colour scheme with a textured orange accent wall and wooden flooring. We have decorated the room with a solid wooden bed, along with a fancy tree-shaped bookshelf that brings a creative vibe to the whole bedroom decor. This bedroom is both vibrant and mature. It is decorated with cutesy elements like a starry floor rug, another soft furry rug, a piggy bank, etc. 

Try this vibrant artistic girls bedroom decor ideas with elegant artefacts that add character to the place
The room also has some elegant artefacts that add character to the place — keeping up the mature side of the interiors

Why Not Go With This Classy Girls’ Bedroom Decor

This bedroom decor reminisces the love of vintage decor ideas. The bed here is more of a wooden platform type that covers the width of the room. It is decorated with a brick cladding accent wall with a large, floor-to-ceiling painting of the ever romantic Eiffel tower, along with a compass art that adds an aesthetic appeal to the room. The brick cladding and the wall paintings are in black and white, along with a classic Audrey Hepburn poster frame that accentuates the whole traditional look. The bedroom has wooden furniture as a dominating design element in the bedroom decor. 

Why not go with this classy bedroom decor ideas for teenage girl with shutter blinds on the windows
You can also add shutter blinds on the windows to complete the setup

Flaunt This Posh Girls’ Bedroom Decor For A Real-Life Princess

This bedroom decor would work great for a teenager or a growing-up girl who likes things posh and dreamy. The bedroom decor here is very different from regular girls’ bedrooms. It has a balance of royalty and simplicity that makes it a perfect haven for all the girls out there who want things unconventional. The blue faded accent wall adds a rustic appeal to the room that is accentuated by a royal chandelier right above the bed. The room’s royal decor is highlighted with a metallic bed with an imperial-ornate white metal headboard. 

Flaunt this posh girls bedroom decor for a real life princess with subtle wall painting frames and a wall-mounted bookshelf
The rest of the bedroom decor is kept simple with subtle wall painting frames and a wall-mounted bookshelf with an attached study table

Pick This Subtle Girls’ Bedroom Decor With A Murphy Bed

Want to keep your girl’s room neat and organised? Invest in furniture pieces that look good and are useful too. This bedroom decor setup is inspired by contemporary interiors that utilise space maximisation. The Murphy bed is decorated with grey, off-white and yellow dressing with a beautiful painting right above the bed. A contemporary metallic chandelier keeps up the modern look of the room. The attached study unit would work great to keep most of the things shelved right by the bedside. 

Pick this subtle girls bedroom decor ideas with a murphy bed if your girl's room is a small one
You can go for this type of bedroom decor if your girl’s room is a small one
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

White and Pink Always Make A Great Girl’s Bedroom Decor

Were the above choices too mature? Try this creative bedroom decor that brings pink in a unique way. The primary colour scheme of the bedroom is white, with pink as an intermittent design element. The bed is cutely dressed with a pink canopy over the headboard. There’s a  beautiful tree painting behind the bed that brings vibrancy to the setup. The bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with an attached mirror that keeps the place uncluttered. The room is also decorated with cute hanging pictures and a pink floor rug. 

White and pink always make a great bedroom decor ideas for teenage girl who prefer cute interior setups
This bedroom can be great for girls who prefer cute interior setups

Choose This Kid Girl Bedroom With Lots Of Colour

Are you thinking of decorating your baby girl’s room? Try out this colourful, vibrant girls’ bedroom decor that comes with a canopy bed and a wall-mounted study table unit. This room is decorated with lively design elements such as a pattern wallpapered accent wall, a white and peach wall-mounted study unit, a vibrant floor rug, a cosy canopy bed, etc. The room also has a wall-mounted chalkboard and some hanging quotes. 

Choose this kids girl bedroom decor with lots of colour as little girl bedroom decor ideas
The best part of this bedroom decor is that you can modify it with furniture pieces as your girl grows up and changes her taste in interiors

Try Out This Power-Packed Girls’ Bedroom Decor

Who is going to save the world? Of course, the Powerpuff girls!

This girls’ bedroom decor is all about recreating the favourite cartoon characters in an industrial style bedroom decor. We have used a bed with storage to keep things under the cabinet and make room for your girl to play around. The brick cladding accent wall in white displays a beautiful tribute to the power-packed Powerpuff girls who can be great role models for your girl. The whole bedroom follows a contemporary industrial interior setup with hints of perky design elements. 

Try out this power packed decorating bedroom for girl for girls bedroom decor ideas
The room is also furnished with suitable furniture pieces that act as integral design elements in the whole setup

Be Red Ready With This Girls’ Bedroom Decor With Bunk Beds

How to decorate a girl bedroom? Well, find out her favourite colour and add it as the primary element in the bedroom interiors! In case your girl’s favourite colour is red, this one would be great for her. This bedroom decor would work for small bedrooms. The compact and fancy bunk bed in red adds liveliness to the whole setup. Instead of double beds, you can also use a single bed bunk bed here. You can save space with a wall-mounted cupboard along with a folding or wall-mounted study table unit, as shown. 

Be bed ready with little girl bedroom decor ideas with bunk beds for girls bedroom decor
You can decorate such a bedroom setup with a vibrant floor rug and some wall decorations
Love this design? Make it your own

Move Away From The Conventional And Try This State-Of-The-Art Girls’ Bedroom Decor

This one is an exquisite bedroom decor idea for your modern-day princes who would want things minimal but impressionistic. The bedroom is decorated with a sturdy metallic bed and a metallic open bookshelf that brings a rustic look. The wall is decorated with modern art paintings with some DIY decorative elements. 

Move away from the conventional girls bedroom decor and try this state of the art in girls bedroom wall decor with wooden flooring
The wooden flooring and the wooden floor lamp adds appeal to the whole state-of-the-art setup

Dive Into A Fairytale With This Princess-Themed Girls’ Bedroom Decor

We all know how girls love fairytales. So, why not make the fairytale true with this princess-style girls’ bedroom decor? We have chosen the colour blue as the principal colour palette of the room. The bedroom decor has a vintage/royal feel to it. The bed here is a periodic style cushion bed with a curved padded headboard. The bed comes with a royal footstool and an ornated nightstand, straight out of a Disney book. We have added blue drapes to go with the dreamy decor. Empty golden frames on the walls highlight the vintage interior setup. 

Dive into a fairytale with this princess themed girls bedroom decor where you can also add periodic style lighting for decorating bedroom for girl
You can also add periodic style lighting to go with the look

Be Minimal With This Minimalist Girls’ Bedroom Decor Idea

How about going all subtle? This girls’ bedroom decor idea gathers a minimalistic look that will be great for teenage girls. Today, we can see that growing-up girls prefer subtle and elegant interior themes. So, this could be the perfect bedroom decor gift for your big girl! The bed here is a modern single bed that perfectly matches the minimalist nightstand and the shelf unit. You can decorate the bed with pastel linens as shown. The bedroom highlights a matte grey accent wall that brings an uber-cool vibe to the whole setup. 

Be minimal with these minimalist little girl bedroom decor ideas with a pair of pendant lights for girls bedroom decor
We have kept things subtle with a pair of pendant lights above the nightstand

Play Around With Biophilic Designs For Your Girl’s Bedroom Decor

Plants are the best way to bring freshness inside the house. And if your girl is a fan of biophilia, this can be the right bedroom decor for her. It’s a minimalist bedroom setup that flaunts the interplay of neutral and pastel colour schemes along with the constant presence of indoor plants. The plain headboard is decorated with small plant pots to keep the room fresh at all times. A sleek shelf also displays some more biophilic elements. We have highlighted the room’s subtlety with an elegant lounge chair that adds warmth to the room. 

Play around with biophilic designs for your girls bedroom decor ideas with minimal interior designs
This bedroom decor is excellent for both teenage girls and adults who have a thing for minimal interior designs

Flaunt This Dreamy Twin Girls’ Bedroom Decor 

Got twin baby girls? Go for this dreamy bedroom decor that will be perfect for your princesses. 


  1. It’s elegant
  2. It’s timeless

If you want to give your girls a bedroom that’s both subtle and dreamy, here it is! The room is decorated with a modular pink and white laminated TV unit with an attached study desk. There are a pair of twin beds in the room dressed in white and pink bedspreads. The bedroom’s overall colour scheme is pink and white with a hint of beige in the curtains. 

Flaunt this dreamy girls bedroom decor ideas for teenage girl with peppy wallpaper and green plants for girls bedroom decor
The bedroom is also decorated with peppy wallpaper and some green plants to keep the whole setup lively
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Inspire Simplicity With The Cutest Girls’ Bedroom Decor

Want all the perfect things for your little one? Here’s a perfectly decorated girl’s bedroom that is simple and flawless. We have decorated the room with a simple white wrought iron bed decked up with cushions and fluffy pillows, along with a pair of pendant lights above the bed. The front wall is decorated with a couple of wooden frames with some random wall paintings. We have a compact storage cabinet on the side of the bed, along with an elegant floor lamp. 

Inspire simplicity with the cutest little girl bedroom decor ideas with minimalist interiors for girls bedroom decor ideas
The whole setup echoes subtle minimalist interiors that would work great for your baby girl, even when she grows up to become a beautiful lady

Girls’ bedroom decor ideas are everywhere! However, finding rare and unique bedroom interiors is pretty tough. So, don’t hesitate to go out of the box and do the unconventional because your baby princess is one in a million, and she deserves a one-of-a-kind bedroom.

If you enjoyed reading about girls bedroom decor ideas, also have a look at girls bathroom decor ideas.

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