Top 5 Industrial Dining Table Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Industrial dining table designs for your home

Give your home a fierce and bold look with some unique industrial-style dining table designs

A dining table is an essential piece of furniture in any dining space. It is the space where you spend most of your time with friends and family and enjoy your favourite restaurant food at home or devour a sumptuous home-cooked festive meal. Here, you can host some chill house parties or turn the space into your cosy work-from-home set-up where you can get your work done while munching on your favourite snack. Your dining table set-up sets the tone of your home and adds life to your home interiors. So we thought of bringing to you some uber-cool industrial dining table design ideas that will elevate the interior design game by several notches. So, if you want to remodel your dining room or are a proud owner of a stylish dining room, these industrial-style dining tables will help complete the look of your space and become the showstopper of your home interiors. Read to explore.

Infuse The Beauty Of Wooden Industrial Dining Table Into Your Modern Dining Room

Industrial design is all about fuss-free interiors and the intelligent use of reclaimed wood, metal, and distress finish to lend a rugged look. If you don’t want to go overboard with this rough look yet wish to infuse the rustic element of industrial design subtly, this reclaimed wood industrial dining table metal base is perfect for you. This piece of furniture blends well with your modern design sensibilities while adding a rugged look. Add wrought iron chairs with leather upholstery and cushioning to stitch the look together. We have added some intricate wallpaper, a decorous chandelier and a mirror wall piece to bring in an eclectic look. The crockery unit in white looks elegant and gives you space to showcase your expensive dinnerware and other decor elements as well. 

A Classic Industrial Dining Table Designed With Iron And Wood

This design is perfect for urban dwellers who love to experiment with bold home interior designs. This bare brick cladding walls, iron racks and leather sofa highlight pure industrial design’s raw, rugged look. But the focal point of this living-cum-dining space is the industrial dining table and chairs. You can use upcycled wood to make your own DIY industrial dining table to ensure that your home interiors are thoughtful, environment-friendly and pocket-friendly as well. 

Love this design? Make it your own

A Sleek Foldable Industrial Dining Table With Hidden Storage, Apt For Small Houses

If you live in a tiny apartment, having a separate dining space can be a difficult task. We at Design Cafe understand your problem and thus, strive to come up with innovative space-saving solutions to get you 20% extra space. This dining table is one such example. This folding dining table curated with industrial design sensibilities comes with hidden storage behind it, where you can keep your crockery, bottles and other knickknacks in an organised manner. Just bring out the table during mealtime and put it back after that. You can now enjoy your meals with friends and family on your industrial dining table without compromising on the floor space.

Don’t Shy Away From The Distress Finish of Industrial Design Aesthetics

There is a beauty in distress finish which gets highlighted beautifully in industrial design aesthetics. You can use an industrial reclaimed wood dining table and a stone cladding accent wall or an exposed brick wall to infuse the classic industrial look into the dining space. We have tried to infuse two contrasting design aesthetics by using some soothing colours of the wall, cushioned upholstery for the chairs, intricate chandeliers, and a veneer on the floor. This design is perfect for you if you want to infuse the essence of industrial design aesthetics along with some luxurious decor elements.

An Industrial Dining Table Designed With The Shape Of The Log Kept Intact

This industrial dining table is specially designed with the shape of the log kept intact, so you incorporate some natural elements in its core form. This design brings in a lot of warmth to your home interiors and is clean and soothing to your eyes as well. You can pair it up with some wooden bucket chairs for a comforting vibe. To add to the aesthetics of the space, use some indoor plants. They add a freshness to your interiors and have a positive impact on your mind as well. 

An industrial dining table designed with the shape of the log kept intact

If you miss dining out in your favourite restaurant, these industrial dining tables are sure to bring in the vibe of your favourite restaurant into your home. In case you have further questions regarding industrial style home interiors or want to revamp your home with some stylish modular interiors, our designers will help you design your home as per your preference and budget. So book a consultation now and for more such exciting articles on interior design, check our blog section.

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