Girls Bathroom Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 12, 2024 | 4 mins read

Girls bathroom decor ideas for your home

It’s time to get a set decorate! This blog is all about girls bathroom decor. In this blog, we will take through different kinds of girls, bathroom and decor. Read more to know more!

If you are a girl reading this then you will understand the importance of decor for a girls bathroom. Girls depend on their bathroom not just to bathe but also to get ready in. A girls bathroom is like a walk-in wardrobe filled with accessories mirrors and cute decor that make getting ready a blissful thing to do. If you’re looking for some girls bathroom decor then you have come to the right spot. We at Design Cafe have come with a blog on all about girls bathroom decor. Read more to know more.

A Polka Dot Kind Of Bathroom

Do you like polka dots? If your answer is yes, then we are sure you will love this girls bathroom decor with a polka dot wallpaper! This bathroom is splashed with the ink of pink. To add to this bathroom decor are two S-shaped hooks that are great to hang towels or even clothes on. A white toilet made for ceramics is built next to a matching white ceramic tub. A hovering shelf above the toilet is constructed so that you can place all your shampoos and other toiletries on. There are sink cabinets in pink with a push to open drawers that are super easy to access and store all your cosmetics in.

Girls bathroom decor with a polka dot wall in pink and white bathroom images
A girls bathroom with a polka dot wall in pink and white as a cute decor idea

Bathroom Decor For College Girls

Are you all grown up and need some space of your own? Well, check out this college girl bathroom decor! If you want a bathroom in pink but want to keep it simple and sophisticated then this is the bathroom you have been looking for. This bathroom has a shower cubicle in shades of pink with a mixture of light pink ceramic tiles and tiny mosaic tiles. This bathroom’s decor has a hot pink grainy background attached with a floating vanity unit in white. If you love to check yourself out this girls bathroom accommodates a rectangular mirror where you can take a good look at yourself.

Bathroom decor for college girls with a hot pink wall and a rectangular mirror
A teen girls bathroom with a hot pink wall and a rectangular mirror
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A Girls Bathroom With Geometric Shaped Tiles

Fon of geometric shapes? Then take a look at this girls bathroom with a hexagonal walled shower cubicle. This girls bathroom has a pink and white colour theme. The first half of the bathroom is where the shower cubicle is located. It has an inbuilt shelf with back panel lighting that makes it easy to identify your toiletries or shampoos. The other half of the bathroom uses white marble to give it an elegant look. A modern white toilet with a shelf on top has been constructed so you can keep all your bathroom belongings.

Girls bathroom with geometric shaped tiles with a white and pink theme
A girls bathroom with a white and pink theme and dash of marble

A Bath Tub With A Curtain For Privacy

Does a lady at home need some tips on ladies bathroom decor? Well, you have come to the right place! Take a look at this stunning ladies bathroom. It has a soft pink curtain that can be pulled across the tub for privacy. This ladies bathroom has a nice led strip mirror above two twin sinks. This bathroom has a sink cabinet with ample amount of space for storage. Push to open cabinets and shelves with wicker baskets are all a part of this gorgeous bathroom decor.

Ladies bathroom decor with ample sink storage space
A ladies bathroom with ample sink storage space

A Floral Bonanza

If you love everything floral then why not have a floral themed bathroom. Floral motifs are beautiful decor elements as we see in this girls bathroom decor inspired by nature. This bathroom has blush pink tiling across the wall and a floral wall in the cubicle area. This bathroom has a pretty oval mirror so you can get ready in style. This bathroom has a combination of open and closed cabinets.

Girls bathroom decor with floral pattern tiles
A girls bathroom with floral pattern tiles across the cubicle
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