8 Modern Ideas For Girls’ Bedroom Colour Schemes

by Noopur Lidbide | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Girls bedroom colour schemes

If life is a box of crayons, a girl is sure to use the entire box! Pick the right mix from among these super ideas for a girl’s bedroom colour scheme.

They say, little girls with dreams become women with vision. We thought it would be a great idea to add some colour to their dreams! Picking the right combination for a girl’s bedroom colour scheme is no easy task. Apart from the stereotypical choices here are some great modern colour options that would work perfectly for a girl’s bedroom interiors.

Teal And Pink

For those of you that love pink but do not want an overdose of it this combination of subtle hot and cold hues works perfectly for a girl’s bedroom colours. This pink bedroom design combination is modern and chic. In this image here the decor is perfectly in sync with the stylish tone set by the colour scheme.

Girls bedroom paint ideas with teal and pink girls bedroom colours

Yellow Is Bright And Pretty For A Girls Bedroom

If you are consciously looking for a statement combination for your girl’s bedroom colours that is gender neutral, a dose of bright yellow is a good way to go.  The colour is subtly infused into the interiors of this bedroom with the bed linen and artwork. While the actual colours of the room are in neutral tones it is this bright shade of yellow that truly stands out.

Girls bedroom colours schemes with yellow
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Keeping It Classy

While powder blue adds its charm to this beautiful bedroom it is the classic white that has us swooning over it. It is undoubtedly a great colour scheme for a teenage girl’s bedroom for many reasons –  it’s a classic, timeless, bright and versatile.

Teenage girl white bedroom ideas makes beautiful girls bedroom

Hues Of Blue

The many hues of blue including regal turquoise are extremely pleasing to the eye in this bedroom design. If you have an affinity for the colour blue a palette like this one is definitely a perfect choice for your teenage girl’s bedroom! Another aspect to take inspiration from here is that the hues of blue have been included in unexpected ways. See how the chair and bed linen brings in this shade to the space effortlessly? It adds an element of delight when you discover each such instance.

Teenage girls bedroom colours with blue palette

Colour Me Black And White

We are never going to get enough of a classic colour combination like this. Monochrome never fails to work its magic. This thoughtfully designed bedroom ensures that the colour combination doesn’t take away the funky vibe that a young person’s room must have. A chalkboard wall and music-inspired wall art along with this classic colour scheme make this a great option for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Teenage girls bedroom interior colours with black and white
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Lovely Lilac Is Perfect For A Girl’s Bedroom Interiors

While pink may not exactly be passé, many shades of purple are the new cool with teenage girls. With a light, pastel hue like lilac this bedroom basks in the charming effect of this colour that makes it a charming space to be in. The addition of a bright pop of colour on the shelves manages to break the monotony of this pastel colour.

Girls bedroom interiors colors with lilac

Soothing Aqua For A Girls Bedroom

This charming, light blue girls’ bedroom looks like a perfectly cosy den for a teenage girl to unwind. The overall decor of the room is perfectly in sync with a young person’s requirements, and a dash of colour here and there simply adds to the cute and bright charm of the room.

Girls bedroom paint ideas with soothing aqua adds to the cute and bright charm

Cool Green

Green adds a whole heap of natural freshness to a space and is no less than ideal for a young girl’s bedroom. It is a gender neutral shade too and one that can be used through a girl’s growing years. Here is a great example of how a book-lover’s room can look. This combination surely delivers on making the space look inviting for a teenager.

Girls bedroom colours with green adds  natural freshness to a space
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Slowly but surely the concept of a particular colour scheme being gender-specific is fading. However, at the same time these are classic favourites for a young girl’s bedroom colour ideas. Yellow, pink or blue, we can help you design the perfect room that your teenage girl will love!

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