7 Pink Bedroom Design Ideas That Prove It’s Not Just A Feminine Colour

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

A light pink bedroom design wall balanced with a dark green wall

If you think pink bedroom designs are just for young girls, get ready to change your mind.

Growing up, pink was a colour that was stereotypically associated with girls. With time, this notion has evolved. Today, a pink colour bedroom design showcases a desirable accent colour palette that is moving beyond gender-defined barriers. From bubblegum bedrooms for kids to sophisticated master bedrooms for adults — pink offers a wide colour spectrum to be played around with!

Thanks to its pale tint of red, the colour pink is often associated with soft femininity, love and kindness, but it also asserts passion and understated charm. Pink is an inspirational colour scheme that has the power to transform a simple bedroom into a chic abode. Whether you want a bold look or a subtle one, there are a variety of shades to pick from — be it a statement-making magenta or a blush rogue.

So, here are some pink bedroom design ideas that will help you amp up your home decor goals. 

Pink Bedroom Design With A Coral Coat

Composed of different hues, coral is a refreshing colour for the bedroom. Infused with touches of subtle orange, a coral pink wall paired with an off-white bedding set makes a chic combination. Combine the decor with statement furniture to enhance the pastel wall’s look. An open wooden cabinet with white slabs brings balance to the room’s colour palette while imparting a cosy nesting vibe. Textural elements breathe life into a room with a colour as subdued as coral. A mason jar with fairy light branches adds the right amount of glam. 

Pink bedroom design with a coral coat which fills your bedroom with a refreshing vibe
Coral fills your bedroom with a refreshing vibe

A Wonderland Pink Colour Bedroom Design 

Here’s a bedroom straight out of Alice’s wonderland for your teenager who loves all things pink but won’t admit it. This pink and white bedroom design has a personality of its own. Making pink the room’s eclectic headline, the colour scheme is all things hot and bling. A neon pink window frame converted into a cosy reading nook is what teenage dreams are made of! The room has a mix of different shades of pink with grey — a breathtaking combination. Choose all-white walls to balance a solid neon pink headboard and a blush bed. The pink shade brings soothing warmth to the room while the furniture adds a crisp finish. 

A wonderland pink bedroom design with neon pink highlights that don’t overwhelm the space
Neon pink highlights that don’t overwhelm the space

Pink Bedroom Design Ideas With A Blast Of Contrast

Pink can easily become overpowering when overused in the master bedroom. So, when you’re incorporating pink bedroom design ideas, use a second bold colour from the opposite end of the colour wheel to contrast the vibrancy. For instance, a rustic wooden bed with a grey-black bedspread adds a statement-making partner for pink. Meld the colours with a bright magenta bed throw and a pouffe which seamlessly brings the two hues together. When different colours are in play within a room, keep the drapes simple. A soft beige and sheer curtain allows plenty of natural light to flow into the room, making it appear larger than it is. 

Pink bedroom design ideas with a blast of contrast and another bold colour
Create harmony with pink and another bold colour
Want a bedroom that's modern and aesthetic

A Bright Pink Bedroom Design 

This pink bedroom design showcases a bright pink accent wall which acts as the room’s focal point. With brown and white furnishings in the rest of the room, the pink wall brings the much-needed pop of colour. When you are using this vibrant pink, try to mellow down the rest of the colours in the room. This pink bedroom design is ideal for the small rooms of modern Indian apartments. The bright pink adds liveliness to the interiors and makes tiny rooms appear bigger.

A bright pink colour bedroom design with a bright pink accent wall
A bedroom with a bright pink accent wall

Turquoise Detail In A Light Pink Bedroom Design

If bright pink isn’t your thing, go with this pale light pink bedroom design. It features a light pink accent wall with an endearing turquoise twist. The wall has an attached dark grey shelf with turquoise wooden panels beneath, creating an interesting contrast to the light pink on top. The rest of the room is decorated with white and light blue elements. The floor to ceiling wardrobe with sliding doors is both practical and appealing. The bedroom’s colour design and modular furnishings are perfect for small-sized rooms.

Turquoise detail in a light pink bedroom design with dark grey shelf and turquoise wooden panels
A light pink accent wall with a turquoise twist

Bedroom Design In Grey And Pink With Boiserie

If there is anything that looks mind-numbingly spectacular in a master bedroom, it’s boiserie. And when we think of boiserie, it has to be pink! Sweet pink drapes, walls and a bedspread continue the warm tone throughout the room. This pink colour bedroom design exudes a soft and delicate vibe which evokes a sense of relaxation. Growing along the theme is a chic off-white rug. Gold-framed wall art is symmetrically placed within the boiserie. Meet the pink colour bedroom design midway with a bold grey bed that weighs down pink’s softness with a dark base note.

Bedroom design in grey and pink bedroom design with boiserie and a pink accent wall
Decorate a pink accent wall with gilded frames

Colour Block Your Pink Bedroom Design 

Not every pink bedroom design must feature a bright pink wallpaper, matching bed or blingy decor accents. The latest interpretation of pink bedroom design is all about mixing the versatile pink with another solid colour which offers a smart take on an otherwise candy colour. The combination of pink and green in this bedroom leans towards a natural theme, while solid gold accents add character. The pair of gold pendant lamps and side tables give the room a touch of luxury and the flower vases bring drama. 

Colour block your pink bedroom design with matching bed and blingy decor accents
A dual-toned pink bedroom design

Give your bedroom a makeover with pink — a versatile colour that can be as vibrant or as muted as you want it to be. These stunning pink bedroom designs will allow you to use the colour as a statement-maker in your bedroom or keep it subtle, your call. If you are looking for more stunning bedroom design ideas for your home, reach out to us at Design Cafe and leave it to us to woo you!

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