If I Were Quarantined With One Piece Of Furniture It Would Be…

by Shonali Advani | January 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Furniture and decor make the best companion during a lockdown.

We have found the best companions for ourselves this lockdown. DesignCafe’s teams have picked their favourite quarantine furniture/ decor.

Have you found yourself poking and every nook and cranny of your home looking at specs of dust? Are you checking out your furniture like that hot girl/ guy you last met? Does your bed get more time than your family? Are you finding new spots to decorate your living room? Or do you find yourself talking to all the decor in your home?

Sounds familiar? Yes – we are all in this together! The world is stuck at home thanks to the big (new) C! And while we spend working hours of the day meeting deadlines, drafting emails and attending virtual meetings (without the camera perhaps?), there is a good part of our day we are spending admiring our home interiors like never before! 

No the world is not ending – we are just finding new ways to entertain ourselves every minute.

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And in the same spirit we asked our employees one question:

“If you were quarantined with only one piece of furniture what would it be and why?”

Here is what they have to say. Read on for some fun and quirky responses!


Life is a beautiful ride on this bed! Why? Because I work, eat and sleep (obviously) on my bed. I pretty much do everything on it!

– Rajat Singh, SEO Analyst, DesignCafe

Beautiful bedroom design, on bed few people love to work, eat and sleep


My dressing table – I can’t and won’t live without it. My face being the canvas during quarantine brings out an artist within. Quoting Hollywood actress of yesteryears Sophia Loren, “At the dressing table, every woman has a chance to be an artist, and art, as Aristotle said, “completes what nature left unfinished.” 

Shreya Bilagi, Content Writer, DesignCafe

A dressing table brings out an artist within.


A family that cooks together stays together! For this very reason I will choose a kitchen island because cooking is a life skill that everyone must learn. This quarantine is the best time for me to master some culinary skills.

Ajay Maheska, Director, Digital Marketing, DesignCafe

A kitchen island, cooking is a life skill that everyone must learn.

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I love slinking into la-la land with my rom-coms! An entertainment unit is perfect to transport me to dreamland with my choice of poison (tea, wine and Kahlua) that will accompany me for hours on end! A quarantine with my favourites – Javier Bardem, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Tom Ellis – Oh-la-la!

Shonali Advani, Content Head, DesignCafe

An entertainment unit in the living room gives relaxation from lockdown.

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I am so short that I can cuddle up and live my entire life on it! I hate washing bedspreads and sheets, and my recliner doesn’t need any linen. Definitely my one and only for this quarantine. I can work, eat, and Netflix and chill ( and watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S). I believe, if I ever spring into some kind of action, it will only be when my recliner gives way. (Praying to every single God out there it never happens. Amen!)

Devna Tiwari, Content Writer, DesignCafe

On recliner furniture, most people do work, eat, and Netflix and chill.


All I need is a comfortable sofa to sink into so I can laze all day under my blanket! A dog on it would be the icing on the cake.

Anamica Jain, Social Media Specialist, DesignCafe

Comfortable sofa in the living room people want to sink into to laze all day under the blanket!


I want a gaming station cum desk where I can work and have some fun when bored. A cool looking desk with lots of drawers for my munchies. Ah! I would spend all day here. And a desk with wheels will score double brownie points as it will make my life so much easier (especially if I have to go to the bathroom!).

Ashish Rai, Content Writer, DesignCafe

Gaming station cum desk where people can work and have some fun when bored.


I work, listen to music, eat and sleep, and play games in my bedroom. So a bean bag is what I would love to live with forever!

Manju S, SEO Associate, DesignCafe

A bean bag is perfect for work, listening to music, eat and sleep, and play games.


I want to be quarantined with a home bar unit because I love making different types of mocktails and cocktails – this will keep me refreshed all day! Perfect for a lockdown isn’t it?

Akash Soni, Senior Software Engineer, DesignCafe

Home bar unit, people love making different types of mocktails and cocktails - this will keep refreshed all day!

And there you see quarantine can be fun if you have the right company – furniture this multifunctional can be a blessing in disguise. Catch your shows, sleep all day, read that book – do everything and anything that keeps you sane and happy! All with just one perfect piece of furniture. Cool eh?

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Shonali Advani is a content editor at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shonali Advani

Shonali Advani is the Content Head at Design Cafe. She is a trained journalist and comes with 18 years of diverse experience across the media (BCCL's The Economic Times and Network 18's Entrepreneur Magazine), corporate and startups straddling different roles. She is passionate about gender issues, music, dogs, art, culture and travel.

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