Easy Hacks To Remove Oil Stains From Wall

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

How to remove stains from walls in your home

Remove oil stains from walls and make them look clean and sparkling with our simple home remedies

We all love a sparkling, clean and spotless home. Regular dusting and periodic deep cleaning might keep the dirt and cobwebs away, but oil stains, grease stains, stains of mosquito blood or our kid’s crayon wall art can be challenging to remove. So, if you are fed up saving your walls from all these tough stains and want a cheaper and easier alternative to painting your walls, this blog post will be a boon to you. We have tried and tested a solution to your daunting question: ‘How to remove oil stains from wall?’ These hacks will give you an idea of how to remove stains from walls and help you keep the walls of your home clean and stain-free without creating a hole in your pocket. So, let’s get started.

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Removing Grease From Your Kitchen Walls

Kitchen walls are always vulnerable to oil and grease; if you love cooking, you have to bear the pain of cleaning all the mess created by the elaborate cooking and temperings that are integral to Indian recipes. But the good news is that now you can clean all the grease from your kitchen wall in no time by using this DIY cleaning solution.

Mix ⅓ cup of vinegar with ⅔ cup of water, soak a sponge in this solution and wipe the wall gently in a circular motion, rinse with clean water and your kitchen walls are as clean as new.

A mix of vinegar and water is how to remove stains or grease from walls in the kitchen.
Kitchen walls are vulnerable to grease stains; this solution will help clean them

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How To Remove Mosquito Blood Stains From Walls

We usually end up touching walls often, and the oil or dirt from our hands end up making a dirt mark on the wall. You can relate to the problem, especially if you have small kids at home. You can easily remove these hand marks from your walls by using some good quality wall erasers. You can also make your own cleaning solution at home. Add 1 cup ammonia, ½ cup apple cider vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda to one gallon of warm water. Wipe the solution over the oil stain with a piece of cloth and rinse it well with water. This is quite useful in removing smoke and dirt stains as well.

Removing mosquito blood stains can be a little tricky. The best practice is to get rid of the stain as soon as you notice. Mix some liquid soap with water, soak a piece of cloth with the concoction and rub the stained wall with it. This will help obliterate the blood stain. Avoid scraping it as it might damage your wall paint.

Tips on how to remove mosquito blood stains from walls
Don’t let mosquito blood stains ruin your walls; remove the stains as soon as you notice them

How To Remove Rust Stains From Shower Walls

Taking a shower after a long exhausting day is the most relaxing feeling on earth, but looking at those rust stains on the shower walls can make your shower time stressful and irritating. To get rid of those annoying stains, use this homemade remedy: squeeze some lime juice on the affected area and sprinkle some salt over it. Let it sit for some time. Now, gently scrub the mixture with a microfibre cloth. Rinse it with water, and the rust stain is gone from your shower walls.

Remove rust stains from shower walls with help of lemon and salt water.
Rust stains can make your bathroom look ugly; this simple hack will help keep your shower walls clean

How To Remove Crayon Or Pencil Marks From Walls

If you have a kid at home, crayons and pencil marks are quite a common problem for you. Though it sounds cute, we can understand the pain you have to go through while cleaning tough stains without damaging the walls. We suggest you try using an eraser in a circular motion to remove the marks. In case it is not erased, you can sprinkle some baking soda on a damp cloth and scrub the spots away. Baby wipes also come in handy in rubbing off these stains.

Remove crayon or pencil marks from walls in the kid's bedroom with baking soda
Remove the crayon and pencil marks from your walls effortlessly
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Removing Lipstick And Wine Stains From Walls

Lipsticks leave a waxy stain on the wall and if you try too hard to rub it directly, it may end up spreading even more. So, you need some expert trick to remove lipstick stain from the wall. First, scrape out the thick blotch of lipstick carefully from the wall with a plastic spoon; don’t go overboard, or else you will tamper with the wall paint. Now apply some white toothpaste (not gel) on the lipstick mark and let it sit for some time. Then gently wipe with a wet cotton swab or a damp cloth.

Remove lipstick or wine stains from the wall with a plastic spoon and white toothpaste
Lipstick looks good on your face, not on the walls of your home. Use this tip to keep walls safe from your makeup

How To Remove Marker Stains From Walls

Permanent marker stains are pretty stubborn. Try applying rubbing alcohol on the area and wipe it off. You can also use nail polish remover to remove the stains. But be mindful not to damage the paint of your wall. Removing ink from the wall is comparatively easier. Use some dry cleaning solvent or foaming shaving cream to get rid of the stain.

Remove marker stain from the wall with alcohol rubbing on the area and wipe it off
Marker stains are difficult to remove, but this tip will help you remove the stain from your walls

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Removing Stains From White Walls

If you think of painting the wall white, we recommend you to go for high-quality washable paint over normal distemper. And be extra careful with white walls as they are vulnerable to stains. If you have already stained your walls, then try these tricks to rub it off. The first trick is to work on them immediately. The faster you work on the stains, the easier it is to remove them. Dilute some dish cleaner with warm water, spray it on the wall and clean it with a damp cloth. You can also use a diluted bleaching agent to remove tough stains but be mindful of doing a patch test before trying out this hack.

Remove stain from white wall with a simple solution using diluted dish cleaner and spray it
Keep your white walls sparkling white with a simple cleaning solution

How To Remove Smoke Stains From Walls

Candles lend a cosy warmth to your space. Candlelight is instrumental in bringing a romantic vibe to your home and your life. But it can leave a smoke stain if kept too close to the wall. So, avoid keeping the candles too close to the wall. If you happened to stain your walls already, try this hack to remove those candle stains or soot from your wall. Add some mild liquid soap with water, dip a sponge in the solution and start cleaning the stain. Start from the top edge and wipe the wall immediately with a clean damped cloth to reduce the mess.

Remove smoke stains from walls in the living area with the help of mild liquid soap with water.
Smoke stains leave an annoying mark in your walls; treat them properly or else they may smudge
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Removing Stains From Wall Tiles

Removing stains from wall tiles is comparatively easier than painted walls. You can use simple ingredients like vinegar, liquid detergent and warm water to easily make your wall tiles look sparkling clean. You can also use a mix of baking soda, liquid dish wash and hydrogen peroxide to clean the tiles. Baking soda helps break down the stains and makes cleaning easy for you. Rinse the tiles with warm water to remove any residue. But remember to wear gloves while cleaning the walls to protect your hands.

Tips on how to remove stains from wall tiles
A simple and easy way to clean your wall tiles

Hope we have covered all your queries related to how to clean oil and other stains from walls. If you plan to revamp your home, try using some high-quality washable paints that will make your maintenance work way easier. Consult our designers, and they will guide you through not just the painting process but also home interiors for you to enjoy a clutter-free and spacious living space. Our designs are curated so that you can enjoy clutter-free space and 20% additional storage. So, book a consultation today, and for more helpful tips and hacks, check our blog section.

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