Get The Hang Of Styling With A Hanging Swing Chair? Try These 7 Ideas

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 30, 2024 | 5 mins read

Styling With A Hanging Swing Chair

A hanging swing chair is fun for children & adults. Here are 7 ways to design a space around it.

A well-built home is in the little details – the ones that bring joy to those living in it. What better example than the space for a hanging swing chair? For adults, sitting on a swing in the comfort of their home, without a flurry of thoughts, can be a simple yet much-needed pleasure. As for children, their joy knows no bounds when on a swing. On that note, here’s how to swing it with a swing chair.

2-Seater Hanging Swing Chair For The Balcony

Whether you’ve some catching up to do or plans to make, a cushioned 2-seater hanging swing chair on the balcony offers a cosy setting. Add throw pillows, flowering plants, or pots to this fantastic piece of furniture and make the space more vibrant. You may even include an outdoor coffee table and a book rack to complete this intimate setting. Check out our blog on balcony decor ideas to add more interesting details to yours.

2-seater hanging swing chair
2-seater hanging swing chair for a cosy balcony

Swing It Like George Of The Jungle-Hanging Chairs For Kids

Let your children go wild in the safety of your home in a jungle-themed bedroom complete with a swing (it’s the safer alternative to swinging on vines!). Look for a camp-style bed, forest-themed wallpaper, turfgrass flooring, and a hammock, as seen in this bedroom. To complement the jungle aesthetics, opt for a distressed wooden study table with an attached cabinet that ensures ample storage. Children will enjoy staying clutter-free in their indoor jungle and when it’s break time, they’ll hop onto the hammock. You can get a hanging baby swing chair for as low as 500 INR. For adults, the price of a hanging swing chair can range between 500 INR to 10,000 INR or more.

A hanging swing chair apt for a jungle theme
A hanging swing chair apt for a jungle theme

A Refreshing Corner Swing By The Window 

This design emphasizes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ This children’s bedroom is fun with its colours, platform bunk beds, hidden storage solutions, and an exclusive corner by the window for the swing. The study desk, designed playful and rustic, is connected to the drawers below the platform such that storage spaces are convenient. Children can refresh themselves in the play/rest area with the indoor hanging swing chair by the corner window. One space that does it all! Glance at this blog for more decorative ideas for your child’s bedroom.

Refreshing Corner Swing By The Window
An indoor play corner with a hanging swing chair

Hanging Rattan Swing Chair: Jazz Up The Balcony

If you are wondering about exciting ideas to explore with a humble rattan swing, go for rattan furniture as a theme for your outdoor seating. In the design below, rattan is used for the lamp shade and sofa set in the balcony, which complements the wooden hanging swing chair. The wooden table with multiple drawers also adds to the natural rattan look. 

This theme is compatible with all spaces — yes, you may set this up indoors or on the porch. The rattan swing is used as a hanging porch chair swing in many homes. Besides being easy on the wallet, this rattan theme is environment-friendly, so it’s a winning idea. And if you’d like to explore outdoor furniture further, read this blog.

Hanging Rattan Swing Chair
Rattan hanging swing chair with a matching sofa unit

Go Biophilic With A Hanging Swing Chair For The Balcony

Similar to a rattan theme, going biophilic is another trend many homeowners wish to explore. We love how the wooden hanging swing chair is used as accent furniture in this elegant biophilic balcony with a boho touch. The cane swing, potted plants, vertical turfgrass garden and carpet help stay connected with nature. You can also add some hanging planters to a space such as this. Like our previous suggestion, this trend can be extended to other indoor areas as the swing is easy to move around. Explore more on biophilic design ideas here.

Biophilic hanging swing chair
Set up a biophilic balcony with a wooden swing

Swing By The Balcony For Tea Time

Whether it’s your morning, mid-day, or evening tea time, there is nothing like enjoying a good view from the balcony while sipping your tea. Make your tea time on the balcony more relaxing and convenient with a hammock-style hanging swing chair that can be used indoors and outdoors. The company only gets better with hanging pots and miniature plants, even when you’re by yourself.

Hanging swing chair for balcony
Enjoy tea time on the balcony swing
Multifunctional home interiors with eye catching aesthetics!

Turn Your Swing Into A Reading Spot 

Another clever use of the swing chair is as a reading spot. This is useful when you have an exclusive reading corner, such as the balcony, in this design. The book rack, open shelves, drawers, and floating tea table make the spot cosy. Add some cushions and throw pillows to the mix, making your reading spot as comfortable as possible. When looking for a change of venue, shift onto the storage bench with additional racks. Try these suggestions for more reading room ideas.

hanging swing chair for reading spot
A hanging swing chair is a cosy reading spot

Having seen the ideas above, don’t you agree that a simple swing can bring much joy to a home? The good news is that a hanging swing chair comes in different materials and price ranges, so there’s one for everyone. Even better, you can make room for it somewhere — the living room, bedroom, study area, balcony, verandah, terrace, or patio — without rearranging the space too much. Besides, with some thoughtful touch-ups to the room, the swing will blend into the space. Not something our interior designers can’t handle. Consult them today.

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