Outdoor Furniture Ideas To Build The Perfect Unwind Corner

by Henna Achhpal | February 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

outdoor furniture ideas for your home

A handy guide to how to set up different types of modern outdoor furniture

An outdoor area can be an absolute luxury in urban living spaces, even better if it comes with a view. The right outdoor furniture sets the mood for the outdoor space of your home. Decide the function you’d like the outdoor area to serve, which makes it easier to shop for modern outdoor furniture. Choosing outdoor furniture and how you will set it up also depends on the space you have available, whether the area is fully or partially covered or uncovered, and the type of weather and sunlight you’re most likely to have where you stay.

Rattan, wooden outdoor furniture and metal are common materials for modern outdoor furniture. They are durable and easy to maintain. You will find this modern outdoor furniture in upholstered and unupholstered varieties. Some feature detachable cushions making them easier to clean and maintain. Outdoor furniture is usually easy to move, so you can keep changing the set-up as you like. You can also move the furniture indoors if needed. Here’s a shopping guide on some trending outdoor furniture design ideas and tips on how to set up different outdoor furniture ideas.

Simple Outdoor Furniture Ideas

For some basic wooden outdoor furniture, get a set of wooden chairs and a table. It’s the perfect choice for an apartment balcony and one of the easiest outdoor furniture ideas for small spaces. You can add two, four or more chairs based on your need and the area available. Go for a simple round table with a glossy white surface top and bare legs. Match it with wooden chairs in pastel shades for a modern outdoor furniture look. The lightweight outdoor furniture is easy to clean and move, instantly turning your balcony into a space to grab your morning and evening coffee, tea and snacks.

A set of wooden chairs and a table in green and yellow colours surrounded by plants is a simple outdoor furniture idea.
This simple outdoor furniture set-up is easy on the eye and convenient to maintain
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Unique Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Turn your outdoor area into the perfect relaxation zone with this wooden outdoor furniture design. A pair of classic wooden rocking chairs with a simple table in the centre will fit easily in an apartment balcony. The chair seats for these cool outdoor furniture ideas can be in a plain white fabric, solid colour or printed. Going for simple white or a solid colour allows you to experiment with a wider variety of cushion covers. These outdoor furniture design ideas work for both apartments and houses.

An apartment balcony with wooden rocking chairs with a simple table is a unique outdoor furniture idea.
Get wooden rocking chairs for your balcony and spend hours admiring the view

Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

As long as you have a balcony, you can turn it into a space to unwind. If you’re tired of looking for outdoor furniture ideas for small spaces, this hack will come in handy. Look for a trendy foldable wooden table when you go shopping for modern outdoor furniture. These unique outdoor furniture ideas can be attached to your balcony railing. Simply pull some chairs to the table when you want to catch some fresh air and then fold it back to have your balcony space again.

Balcony with foldable wooden tables is a handy outdoor furniture idea for small space.
A foldable table attached to the balcony railing is a handy hack for small spaces

Cool Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Rattan is one of the most popular materials in outdoor furniture design ideas. Large single-seater rattan sofas are trending simple outdoor furniture ideas. This modern outdoor furniture set-up for one is perfect for a balcony that’s attached to a bedroom. Match the pale brown rattan sofa with a matching rattan coffee table. The space will soon become your favourite nook to read or unwind with a cuppa.

Cool outdoor furniture idea, A large single-seater rattan sofa on the balcony is stylish.
A large single-seater rattan sofa is stylish and comfortable

Relaxed Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas

Those who live in areas that enjoy good weather all year round may want to consider turning their balconies into an extra open-air room. Instead of tables and chairs for your modern outdoor furniture, opt for low seating sofas and ottomans. You can even place mattresses and cover them with trendy linen for cheap outdoor furniture ideas. You can spend more than just morning or evening coffee time here. Sit back and clock your work from home hours in your new boho-style balcony.

Low seating sofas and ottomans are outdoor furniture in the balcony turned into a cosy nook.
Turn your balcony into a cosy nook with mattresses and colourful floor cushions
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Modern Outdoor Furniture For The Family

You can invest in a full-size rattan sofa set if you have a large balcony, terrace, or patio. To complete the look of these cool outdoor furniture ideas, place a simple coffee table in the centre. A long, rectangular metal table in black with a glass surface top blends into the decor without making the space look cluttered. These outdoor furniture design ideas turn your outdoor area into a space for the entire family to hang out for mid-day brunch. A colour theme of grey, yellow and lime green will blend perfectly with the landscape.

A full-size rattan sofa set is modern outdoor furniture on the large balcony
A full rattan sofa set turns your balcony into an extra open-air living room

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

When looking for wooden outdoor furniture, a cushioned wooden swing is another option from the unique outdoor furniture ideas. A rectangular two-seater swing is a popular choice in outdoor furniture ideas for small spaces. Personalise the minimal design of this modern outdoor furniture with an assortment of cushions in printed covers.

A two-seater swing with cushions is wooden outdoor furniture on the balcony with tall stools.
Get a wooden swing with cushions to grab quality family time on your balcony

Modern living arrangements have made way for many different types of outdoor spaces. It could be a balcony or terrace attached to an apartment or a spacious patio in the backyard of a house. With this guide to different types of outdoor furniture and ideas to set it up, you can turn your outdoor area into a space for relaxation in no time.

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