Give Your Home A New Look With These 7 Pinterest-Worthy Industrial Bedroom Designs

by Pallabi Bose | February 12, 2024 | 6 mins read

Elegant industrial bedroom design ideas for your home

Adopt a minimalist lifestyle with these seven industrial bedroom designs. Read this blog post to know more!

Industrial bedroom designs merrily combine urban modernity with an old-world charm that boasts simple, organic and a lived-in feel to create a perfect contrast. While there’s no specific way to tell when and where these types of bedroom designs originated, it’s safe to say this type of home design started being widely accepted from the early 20th century, at the end of the second Industrial Revolution. Weathered woods, concrete, exposed bricks, existing building systems, etc., are most prominently seen in this type of interior design. Less fluff and frills, accessories, and subdued colour palettes are essential. The best thing about industrial interior design is that it can be mixed and matched with other styles without any clash. However, clean lines, neutral colours and organic textures are where the essence of this type of interior design lies. We have brought seven unique industrial design ideas for your bedroom that you can easily adopt without moving into a warehouse or an old factory. Read on.

Opposites Attract — Industrial-Looking Bedroom

The easiest way to get the organic industrial look is to paint your room with opposite colours. For instance, in the picture below, the bedroom has been painted in white, while the furniture and furnishings are shades of black and grey. Brick exposed walls and an open shelving system work as the perfect upholstery without needing one. A big rug like the one in the picture creates an ideal stage for the rest of the look. However, despite all these, industrial style might seem impersonal, so bring in some splash of colour with indoor plants. For instance, the fiddle leaf tree adds height and colour in the bedroom shown below.

An industrial bedroom design that has softly painted exposed walls
Unleash your potential in this industrial bedroom with softly painted exposed walls

Moody Grey Industrial Bedroom

This moody grey industrial bedroom can be easily DIY-ed by anyone. In the picture below, the focal point of this bedroom is the unpainted wall. The black and white picture frames, wall sconces and concrete side tables perfectly blend into the style. The warm tan coloured bed with matching soft furnishing and the massive chandelier flawlessly adds charm to this bedroom. Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own home, achieve this look by quickly painting one wall with grey cement texture paint colour. Be a trendsetter with this cool bedroom and flaunt it proudly the next time your friends are over.

Industrial bedroom design in grey with black and white picture frames on it
Set the mood of your next house party with the new moody grey industrial bedroom design
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

Brick Wallpaper For Industrial Look

These days, designers are swearing by textured wallpapers to get the desired look for redoing homes. It’s also among the easiest of ways. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brick wallpapers available on the market. For instance, in the picture below, the simple, conventional bedroom has been given an industrial look by covering the whole wall with white brick wallpaper. It perfectly blends in with the whole white colour scheme of the room. The wooden bed, side table and wood-panelled wardrobe effortlessly create the contrast for this all-white room. Also, nature has been brought inside the room with the large sliding window. The low-hanging pendant lights also work like magic.

Industrial bedroom design with brick wallpaper and a wooden bed
Get the desired industrial look for your bedroom without breaking the bank with wallpaper

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Warm Industrial Bedroom

The warm industrial bedroom is not a myth. Often this kind of bedroom seems utilitarian. The best way to bring warmth is by using soft lighting, warm colour tones in the paint, and soft furnishing. In the image below, warmth is brought not only by the lighting but also by using weathered-looking wood flooring, bed frame and ceiling. Also, don’t forget the unique fans and antique pendant lights. The whole set-up effortlessly creates the old-world charm the homeowners might have desired.

An industrial bedroom design that has soft lighting, warm colour tones in the paint, and soft furnishing
Bring out the old-world charm of an industrial style bedroom by using weathered elements

Industrial Chic Bedroom Decor

The bedroom shown in the image below looks oh-so-beautiful. The weathered brick wallpaper, glass pendant light and wood-laminate panelled back wall, which has been extended and used on the sliding doors of the wardrobe create symmetry. The low-hanging pendant lights have created the much-needed height in contrast to the false ceiling. Despite all the elements, the star of this chic industrial bedroom is the decorative centrepiece on the wall behind the bed.

An industrial chic bedroom decorated with weathered brick wallpaper, glass pendant light, and panelled back wall
This industrial-chic decor is perfect for either the master bedroom or the guest bedroom

Accessories For Industrial Bedroom

The soothing neutral colour and straight lines are the cruces of industrial interior design. However, with that comes monotony and utilitarianism. The best way to avoid that is to bring in a pop of colours and different shapes. Yeah, yeah! We know what we are saying is exactly the opposite of what industrial design stands for. But sometimes, it works well if used carefully. For instance, in the picture below, the much-needed life has been infused in this dull room by the yellow pouffe, the wall-mounted cycle (which, by the way, works well as an art piece), picture frames and the interestingly shaped chair. Even the standing lampshade and planters with indoor plants stand out beautifully and enhance the room’s aesthetic.

Industrial bedroom design that has yellow picture frames, a pouffe and a wall-mounted cycle
Right accessories for industrial bedroom are crucial to infuse life in the practical design
Love this design? Make it your own

Uplift Your Bedroom’s Vibe With Stylish Light

Stunning light fixtures are the best way to add style in otherwise boring industrial bedroom design. The super high ceiling of the warehouse-turned-home has been brought down using this stunning light fixture. This abstract chandelier works as an art piece without hanging any picture frames. Also, the vast glass window brings in nature and much-needed life and colour into this otherwise grey and black bedroom.

An industrial bedroom design with a stylish light fixture to uplift the vibe
Abstract light fixtures or chandeliers are a great way to make an industrial boring bedroom look pretty

Decorating a home is an art. There’s no need to spend too much to achieve an industrial-style bedroom that you have obsessed over. All you need are some ideas and us to bring them to life. Did you like reading these industrial bedroom design ideas? Which one are you going to implement? Let us know in the comments section below! Have any questions? We will answer them here.

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