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by Henna Achhpal | February 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

Loft living room design for your home

All you need to know about getting it right with loft living room design

High ceilings, a rustic industrial look and an open floor plan are the most distinctive features of a loft apartment. The open concept can often make loft living room design tricky. After all, how do you decorate different rooms of an apartment that isn’t separated by internal walls? You also have a lot of floor area and large walls to work with. So it’s certain that loft apartment living room ideas can’t be the same as a standard living room.

Loft-style apartments trace their origins back to post-war New York City. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, many buildings that housed factories, industrial and commercial spaces were vacated. These empty spaces were repurposed for residential use and became particularly popular with artists and creative people looking for an affordable space where they could live and work. Now, this style of apartment has become popular worldwide and isn’t necessarily located in an industrial building. Builders take inspiration from the traditional loft apartments to recreate similar interiors for modern loft-style apartments. If you’re one of the lucky few to own a loft apartment, these loft living room ideas will help to kickstart your decorating plans.

Minimal And Understated Loft Living Room Design

Minimal interiors and a soft colour palette juxtaposed against the expansive layout of the loft living room create an impressive combination. The white walls add to the spaciousness in this apartment, making the place look airier, while black frames create neat lines and lend structure. Natural light from large screen windows floods the room, and an open kitchen sits behind the living area. A large sofa set in light grey is the perfect fit in this living room. It is complemented with a coffee table that features an oval-shaped white marble surface top and wooden legs in light brown. The only colour comes from the house plants that lend a touch of fresh greenery.

Loft living room ideas in minimalist decor and white walls make the place look airier
Complement your loft apartment’s open layout with minimalist decor in the living room

Loft Apartment Living Room Ideas With Bookshelves

A loft living room is a perfect opportunity to get the bookshelf of your dreams. The ceiling to floor bookshelves from traditional libraries that need ladders for browsing can now be a part of your home. This modern loft living room features bookshelves in dark brown wood with see-through glass doors. Spotlight-style light fixtures on the ceiling keep the focus on the bookshelves. By keeping the rest of the loft living room furniture basic, you can allow your bookshelves to do all the talking. A metal-framed sofa set paired with a simple coffee table will be a good choice for this living room.

Modern loft living room features bookshelves in dark brown wood and best loft apartment living room ideas
Larger than life bookshelves will add old school charm to your loft living room
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Loft Living Room Ideas To Make The Most Of Compact Spaces

A loft apartment may be spacious vertically but may still be limited in terms of floor area. In such a case, combining the kitchen, dining and living areas is a great interior hack to make the most of all the available floor area. When you’re combining different utilities in the same space, the furniture can play an important role in separating the areas from each other and yet working together as a cohesive unit. In this modern loft living room, white furniture acts as the unifying factor with white kitchen countertops, a white dining table and a white sofa. Brown tones on the ceiling, floor and walls give this loft-style living room a warm and cosy feeling.

Loft living room ideas combining the kitchen and dining areas are a great interior hack
A space-saving hack for an all-in-one loft living room

Loft Apartment Living Room Ideas That Mix Rustic With Contemporary

Here’s another way to get two contrasting features working with each other in a loft apartment. Industrial elements like grunge walls, exposed beams, metal bars and staircases lend the loft apartment an edgy character. Meanwhile, designer loft living room furniture adds a dose of contemporary luxury that brings the space to life. A loft living room with all its massive space is the perfect opportunity to get a larger than life sofa set matched with a unique coffee table that’s one of a kind. Complete the look with a statement light fixture that hangs over the living area.

Loft living room furniture adds a dose of contemporary luxury
When industrial features meet modern furnishings in your loft living room

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Black, Brown And Bold Loft Living Room Design

This modern loft living room looks like it belongs to a magazine feature. How about going bold with an all-black matte finish on the walls and ceiling? The horizontal light fixtures blend right in, giving the space a sleek and futuristic look. Such a space demands loft living room furniture in sophisticated leather. Consider getting a large sofa set in brown leather with black leather cushions that dominate the living area in the middle. Pair it with a low coffee table with rounded edges for a smooth touch to the otherwise daring theme.

Loft style living room in black, brown and bold with horizontal light fixtures gives the space a sleek and futuristic look
Make a lasting impression will all-black interiors and leather furnishings

A loft living room allows for many versatile styling options. With the open interiors and high ceilings, you can experiment with large and statement sofa sets that won’t make your living room look cluttered. What’s more, the walls are an inviting canvas to display massive artwork. No matter what your personality, you will find inspiration in these loft apartment living room ideas to decorate your space the way you like. Entertain your guests comfortably and make a lasting impression at the same time.

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