World Earth Day: 8 Ways To Create Biophilic Interior Design

by Sreya Dasgupta | April 12, 2023 | 6 mins read

Biophilic design ideas for home interiors

Nurture your love for nature by decorating your home with these biophilic interior design ideas.

Home is our personal paradise. It’s where we spend the maximum time of our lives. So, having a comforting home is crucial to leading a happy and peaceful lifestyle. And what better way to infuse tranquillity and comfort into your home other than nature. Amid our demanding urban lives, we seldom get the time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. And that can take a toll on our physical and mental health. So, this World Earth Day, we decided to bring you some biophilic interior design ideas to help you accentuate your home with natural modern interior design.

But what is biophilic interior design? Biophilia is the inherent human urge to connect with nature. Biophilic interior design is all about designing your home with natural elements so you can bond with nature even while staying indoors. Here are some ways to introduce natural elements to the interior design of different areas of your home.

Nature Inspired Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room

A small patch of green can change the look of your modern living room to a huge extent and infuse a biophilic design. We created a small indoor garden in this living room so that the residents can enjoy some peaceful time amidst nature. You could add some potted indoor plants or bonsai to accentuate the look. Opt for indoor grass or a turf grass carpet if you’re worried about maintaining the natural garden. Make sure to create your indoor garden next to the window so that your plants get ample sunlight for healthy growth. Go for a double-sided lounge sofa to laze around and enjoy the serenity of nature in the comfort of your home.

Nature-inspired interior design idea with a small patch of green can change the look of your modern living room
A small indoor garden for biophilic interior design

A Waterbody Gives A Calming Vibe To Natural Home Design

When thinking of nature-inspired interior design ideas, you cannot miss incorporating water. The natural sound of water lends a serene aura to your home and has a brilliant impact on your mind. If you have a garden, balcony or backyard, you can add a fountain and spend relaxing time next to it simply listening to the peaceful sound of falling water. You can also opt for small DIY water fountains and place them on the side table of your bedroom. This will help calm your mind and could improve your sleep cycle as well.

A natural interior design for your home with a small water fountain gives a calm vibe
A water body enhances your home’s peacefulness
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Ample Natural Light And Fresh Air For A Bright And Positive Home

Natural light livens up your home and creates a positive environment. For natural light in your interior design, opt for large windows and arrange your furniture so that they don’t block the flow of natural light in your home. Dress your windows with sheer curtains and glass shutters to beautify your modern home’s biophilic interiors. Fresh air and natural light keep your home feeling vibrant and add to your wellbeing and productivity.

Ample natural light in home interior design creates a positive environment
Natural light and fresh air are key to biophilic design

Turn Your Balcony Into A Serene Oasis With Biophilic Interior Design

Turn your balcony into an urban jungle with some unique biophilic interior design. You can add a turf grass wall to create the illusion of a vertical garden. Place potted plants on the floor and some small ones on the wall shelves. Amp up your balcony with hanging planters. You can also use a turf grass carpet on the floor to match the biophilic design theme. Place a cane swing to add a boho touch to the entire space.

Balcony with a biophilic interior design featuring turf grass wall
Build a green paradise on your balcony

Choose Eco-Friendly Furnishings For A Natural Home Design

Do you want a thoughtfully designed home? Go for eco-friendly furniture and furnishings in your living room. Rattan furniture is quite popular and blends seamlessly with a modern home’s interiors. You can also choose bamboo frames, rattan lanterns and cork wallpapers to accentuate the natural quotient of your space. These lend an earthy tone to your house and are good for the environment too.

A natural home design with eco-friendly furniture accent a biophilic look
Add eco-friendly accents to your biophilic design

Choose Natural Decor Elements For Your Home

This meditation room has all that you need for a natural home design. The walls are dressed with trellis to grow some lovely vines and creepers all around the walls. The white brick cladding walls bring a serene aura to the space, while the wood-like laminated book cabinet with concealed storage provides ample space for your books and artefacts. You can place some potted plants on the floor to complete the look. You can also add a sunroof to flood the room with natural light and turn it into a tranquil haven.

A meditation room with natural elements of interior design brings a serene aura
Natural elements interior design for a calm room

Natural Colours Have A Positive Impact On Your Mood

Colours add vibrance to your home and have a unique quality of uplifting your mood. So don’t shy away from using nature-inspired colours in your home. You can choose from multiple options like green, blue and yellow. These colours liven up your space and bring a joyous vibe. You can add some hanging planters to amplify the natural elements in the interior design. Another option is to go for floral or leaf motif artwork or wallpaper for your accent wall. This is one of the easiest ways to nail biophilic interior design in your home.

Nature-inspired interior design colour adds vibrance to your home
Paint the walls with nature-inspired colours
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Give Your Kitchen A Biophilic Touch With Some Indoor Plants

Now you can design your modular kitchen with some biophilic interior ideas as well. Use your window bay, empty shelves or a corner on your countertop to grow some kitchen greens. This is also a great way of starting an organic lifestyle while adding a splash of green to your modular kitchen setup.

Biophilic design for your modular kitchen with indoor plants is an excellent way of starting an organic lifestyle
Add a splash of greenery to your modular kitchen

In the fast-paced urban world, at times it is necessary to disconnect from the daily hustle and unwind in the lap of nature. So, bringing nature indoors has a significant effect on your well-being. Try these easy hacks to ace biophilic interior design in your home and take your first step to happy and healthy living.
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