Brass Door Handles | 7 Ideas For An Antique Touch In Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 10, 2024 | 4 mins read

Brass door handle design ideas

Add classic details to your home interiors with these brass door handles!

Brass door handles are probably the least talked about design element in home interiors. However, if you are a sucker for details, you’d know how crucial a doorknob or a table leg can be! And as the famous German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said, “God is in the details”. In this blog, we’re exploring one such detail of home interiors — the door handle design. 

We will specifically look at some fascinating brass door handles that are not just antique but timeless. So, hold the door, miladies and milords as we’re about to open up the doors to the most exquisite antique brass door handles. 

An Antique Brass Door Handle Cum Knocker

This list has to start with this vintage beautiful brass handle knocker. It used to be a thing in the early centuries and is quite important in periodic movies. The round, ornate brass knockers are ideal for the main door of the house. This brass door handle will instantly lift your interior game to a classic level. Besides, it’s a savior when the modern doorbells aren’t working!

Antique brass door handles cum knocker for the main door of the house
A gorgeous antique brass door handle cum knocker
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Arabic Patterned Brass Door Handle And Lock Set

If you are a fan of Arabic patterns like us, this door knob and lockset are for you! Use this door lock set in your main wooden door and see how the entrance interiors amp up! The door lock set has a gorgeous brass carving floral design that covers the knob area as well. The entire door knob and lockset will add a Mughal appeal to the main door of your home.

Arabic patterned brass door handles and lock set amp ups the entrance interior
An Arabic-style brass door handle design

Elegant And Sleek Brass Door Handles For Your Home

Brass door handle designs are just for heavy decorations and interiors. You can use this antique door lock style for your modern home too. Check this one out here. The white luxury wooden door of this home features a sleek brass door handle. It looks urban and classy at the same time. This brass door handle fits perfectly in a house with luxurious and premium interiors.

Sleek brass door handle design on the white wooden door fits perfectly
A white door with a sleek brass door handle

A Curved Peacock Brass Door Handle Design For The Temple Door

Most Indian Hindu homes have gorgeous temple corners. And with the growing popularity of modular designs, there are great designs for traditional pooja units. One such is shown in the picture. The wooden carved doors of the pooja unit feature a gorgeous pair of peacock brass door handles that uplift the temple corner’s appeal. This brass door handle design is ideal for extravagant home interiors with a bent toward Indian aesthetics.

Brass peacock door handles in a curved shape on the home temple door
A traditional home temple with brass door handles

Round Pattern Brass Door Handles For Elegant Bedrooms

If you are looking for a modern-looking brass door handle design, go for this circular pattern. It is antique and yet looks very chic. These golden door knobs look amazing with white or dark-coloured doors. You can have this type of door handle for your bedrooms to add a touch of elegance. To match the brass door handle design, include golden elements in details like the ceiling lights, lamps and wardrobe door handles.

Round pattern brass door handles in India for bedrooms to add a touch of elegance
A circular pattern brass door handle for bedrooms
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A Brass Door Pull Handle For Exquisite Appeal

Instead of the small brass door handles we have come across so far, why not indulge in a long, decorated brass door pull handle for doors? You can use this pull handle for your interior rooms. It looks smart and very sophisticated. Team it up with wood-panelled doors that look stunning in modern-traditional interiors.

Pull brass door handle designed on the wood-panelled door looks smart and sophisticated
A wood-panelled door with a pull brass-door handle

An Impressionistic Entrance With Main Door Brass Handles

Flaunt a fabulous entrance to your home with this gorgeous wooden glass panel double door design that includes a set of gorgeous vintage brass door handles. The doors lend a lavish appeal to the entrance, giving a front porch that will surely turn heads. The door has a timeless frame design that matches the antique brass door handle design.

Main door brass handles on the wooden glass panel double door
Gorgeous brass handles on a wooden main door

Brass door handles can amazingly game up your interiors, proving how a small piece of accessory can impact a room’s interiors. Although these door handles and knobs look antique, they can be included in modern interiors. Reach out to us now! If you’re doubting it, let us connect you with one of our traditional cum modern interior design experts.

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Mehnaz Farooque is a content writer at designcafe

Mehnaz Farooque

Mehnaz is a creative content writer at Design Cafe who is often found obsessing over Ghalib's Urdu poetry or J.K.Rowling's books. She believes in this world of social assumptions and opinions, memes are the only way to make life better. Her love for detailing inspired her to write about interior design. If not working on a blog or binging on her favourite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, she's dreaming about spending time in the mountains.

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