7 Modern Pooja Room Designs That Combine Serenity With Style

by Pallabi Bose | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern pooja room designs for your home

These modern pooja room designs will perfectly complement your urban lifestyle!

An Indian household is incomplete without a prayer room. Be it a dedicated room, a corner or just a small wall unit – most homes will have some form of space for worship. It’s a space that’s filled with positivity, hope and divinity. But when it comes to designing a pooja room, it’s not an easy task. Many key factors need to be considered like Vaastu direction, size of the space, location of the mandir, style and material. But worry not, we have got you covered. Read on for some great inspirations for trendy modern pooja room designs!

Modern Pooja Room Designs For Small Apartments

In most urban cities, lack of space is a major issue. Therefore, an apartment with a separate dedicated space for a pooja room can be difficult to find. So, does it mean you’d have to skip this very important part of your household completely? Not necessarily. You can simply set up your pooja ‘room’ on top of your wooden cabinet. Or you can custom-design a multi-tiered pooja unit complete with seamless drawers to store pooja essentials. A ‘jaali’ motif backdrop helps beautify your intimate prayer space.

A modern pooja room design on a wooden cabinet is ideal for a small apartment
A small modern pooja room design above a wooden cabinet with seamless drawers is optimal for an apartment
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Modern Pooja Room Tiles Design

You can never go wrong with tiles. Whether you choose a bold abstract pattern or a Vaastu-compliant white colour, tiles are one of the safest materials for building pooja rooms. Accentuate tiles with cove lighting. It will perfectly complement your urban lifestyle. Also, mix in a touch of tradition by dangling brass bells or diyas from the ceiling and complete the look.

Modern pooja room tiles designed with dangling brass bells are ideal for your urban lifestyle
Modern pooja room tiles designed in an abstract pattern with diyas hanging are suitable for mid-budget
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Living Room Modern Pooja Room Design For Small Houses

Make the pooja room an extension of your living room. A small corner in your living room with an intricate wooden separator is enough to give this space a distinguished look. Yellow and green are ideal colours for your pooja room, as per Vaastu Shastra. You can custom design metal cutwork in golden yellow or cover the walls with forest green tiles; both look stunning. It adds the right amount of bling to the space and gives another dimension to your pooja room.

Living room modern pooja room design with metal cutwork in golden yellow for wall adds the bling to the space
Living room modern pooja room design with an intricate wooden separator gives space a distinguished look
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South Indian Modern Pooja Room Designs

Intricate bold wood carvings and brass items are some commonly used elements often seen in South Indian temples. Even a separate room with a heavy wooden entrance frame can set an impressive tone for what lies beyond. The space projects a decluttered look with idols made in brass and marble, and photos hung neatly on the wall. Furthermore, we are in absolute awe of this majestic floor-to-ceiling wooden mandir frameset made with ‘jaali’ detail. The divine vibe is completed with cove lighting at the back of the mandir frame.

South Indian modern pooja room design with jaali wood carvings brings a traditional vibe
Jaali wood carvings bring a traditional vibe

Modern Pooja Room False Ceiling Designs

In almost all Indian temples, ceilings always have intricate designs or paintings that depict tales of older times. You can easily recreate these designs in your home temple using a false ceiling. Use POP or wood as a material. Both work divinely well. Furthermore, you can crown mould your pooja room walls or ceiling for that extra oomph. You can also choose to accentuate your pooja room with a statement light fixture acting as a focal point.

Modern pooja room false ceiling design with a statement light fixture
Modern pooja room false ceiling design in wood accentuates your pooja room
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Modern Interior Design For Pooja Room Wall Units

If you live in modern-day urban homes with limited space, wall-mounted pooja units might be your solution. Optimize the empty wall space in your dining room with utmost finesse with intricate patterned wooden panels on two sides. Or you can get a custom-made closed pooja wall unit that doubles as a bookshelf and chest of drawers.

Modern interior design for pooja room wall unit features intricate pattern wooden panel
Trendy modern pooja room wall unit doubles as a bookshelf and chest of drawers
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Modern Pooja Room Designs In Marble

Marble has been the most popular material to build pooja units for hundreds of years. As a material, marble oozes calming serenity and elegance. We can call it a classic choice. But it can be expensive. So, if you have the means, build a complete pooja room with marble. Its beauty can be enhanced with intricate carvings, pillars, motifs. But if you are looking for a cost-effective option, combine marble cut-out with wooden ply. Complete a marble pooja room with a statement light fixture. Marble also helps in creating an illusion of bigger space, thus ideal for small modern pooja room designs.

Modern pooja room designs in marble ooze calming serenity and elegance
Modern pooja room designs in marble cut-out with wooden ply are cost-effective
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How did you like these uber-creative modern pooja room designs? If you are inspired enough and ready to take on this new project, give our designers a call at DesignCafe. You can also check out our more modern pooja room designs if you are looking for further information on this.

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