Latest Bedroom Sunmica Designs Trending Now

by Juhi Advani | January 9, 2024 | 6 mins read

Trending bedroom sunmica designs for your home

Bedroom elegance: Unveiling the trendy bedroom sunmica designs

Due to its immense popularity and frequent usage, Sunmica, originally a brand name, has become a generic term for decorative laminates in India. When we think about laminates for our homes or office spaces, we often simply ask for ‘Sunmica.’ In this blog, we embark on a journey into the realm of bedroom sunmica design, where you will discover a diverse array of options for crafting personalised and captivating interiors. Whether it’s a classic bedroom door sunmica design or innovative bedroom almirah sunmica design choices, we will demonstrate how this wonder laminate can help you fashion a snug haven that reflects your dreams and style. Read on!

Bedroom Sunmica Design for a Bookshelf

Sunmica designs open a world of creative possibilities to elevate your bedroom bookshelf. Classic wood finishes evoke timeless charm, while vibrant colours and patterns inject personality and flair. Minimalist and modern designs maintain a clean and contemporary ambience, and glass or glossy finishes add a touch of luxury. With the right design, your bookshelf can become the focal point of your home library, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Take, for example, this space-saving bookshelf featuring a pull-out unit adorned with dark wood sunmica that harmonises with the bed and wall panelling. The uniform colour palette, along with rustic brick wall cladding, creates a stunning bedroom one would want to return to. 

Bedroom sunmica designs for a bookshelf for a cosy look
Sunmica bookshelf for cosy homes

Latest Sunmica Designs for Bedroom: A Playful Twist

When it comes to bedroom decor, the latest sunmica designs and digital laminates are the talk of the town. Why, you ask? Well, they offer a world of creative possibilities and, of course, a touch of fun! A trending design on your wardrobe can transport you to your cherished destinations or evoke particular emotions. This is where the magic of the latest sunmica designs truly shines, allowing your bedroom to mirror your passions and personality. For example, picture a landscape-inspired digital laminate or sunmica for your wardrobe – a game-changer, especially if you are a travel enthusiast. The vibrant blend of white and aqua in a kid’s bedroom refreshes the senses instantly and especially complements the wooden flooring.

Bedroom sunmica designs to add a playful twist to the room
Sunmica designs don’t have to be boring

Bedroom Door Sunmica Design: Greet Your Space With a Smile

Your bedroom door isn’t just an entry; it’s a mood-setter. A well-crafted door design can instantly create a particular vibe, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. This is where sunmica door designs step in. These laminates for doors offer a world of possibilities. They aren’t just visually stunning; they are also highly practical. Consider this modern wooden sunmica door design for bedroom that is visible from the living room – it oozes sophistication. The addition of sleek steel panels spaced evenly across the surface infuses energy into the design. This door seamlessly blends with the living room furniture and wall decor, creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere as it opens into the cosy bedroom space. 

Bedroom door sunmica design for adding a classy look to the space
A classy sunmica door connecting the hall to the bedroom

Elevating Bedroom Almirah Sunmica Design

No design needs to stay simple and look plain when there is a whole world of textures out there! Bedroom almirahs with intricate patterns and designs have taken centre stage. They are not just storage solutions but conversation starters and visual masterpieces. Textured sunmica designs are the secret ingredient that adds depth and visual effects to these creations, making them true focal points in homes. 

For instance, this sleek wardrobe with black, geometric patterned textured doors. It is the epitome of contemporary style. The creative blend of black and white creates a stunning visual effect in this study room, an environment that will boost your productivity and inspire those creative projects. This almirah boldly stands out among the room’s interiors, becoming an instant design highlight.

Bedroom almirah sunmica design to elevate the look of the space
Textured almirah doors add depth to decor

Bedroom Cupboard Sunmica Design in Lightwood 

If you appreciate the warm and inviting feel of wood in your home but don’t want to splurge on real wood, you can achieve that same cosy vibe by opting for wooden laminates. They look and feel like real wood and come in various shades and patterns, making them a versatile choice for your home decor. Look at this multifunctional four-door lightwood laminate wardrobe that perfectly complements the ergonomic study area. It seamlessly blends style and practicality, giving your living space that warm and inviting wooden touch without breaking the bank.

Bedroom cupboard sunmica design in lightwood to add a warm and inviting feel
Lightwood sunmica laminates
Design your dream bedroom interiors with 51,040 design possibilities

Bedroom Furniture Sunmica Design With a Glossy finish

For homeowners looking for opulent home interiors within budget, glossy sunmica designs are the way to go. These designs add a touch of luxury to your space, ensuring that your bedroom is both a visual delight and a practical haven. Glossy laminates lend a sleek and polished appearance and are also remarkably easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. A perfect example is this bedroom interior design featuring a sliding wardrobe. The room is graced with high gloss laminate in a harmonious mix of cool and neutral colours, creating a contemporary and sophisticated ambience.

Bedroom furniture sunmica design with a glossy finish
Add gloss when in doubt


The magic of the latest sunmica designs can elevate your bedroom’s aesthetics to new heights. Whether you are drawn to trendy patterns, creative choices, or the timeless classics, our designs are stylish and built to last. 

Ready to transform your bedroom into a haven of style and comfort? It’s time to bring your dream bedroom to life. Contact DesignCafe today for a free consultation, and let us make your bedroom design dreams a reality.

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FAQs On Bedroom Sunmica Designs

What are the latest trends in Sunmica designs for bedrooms?
The latest trends in sunmica designs include geometric patterns, wood-textured Sunmica, and pastel hues that dominate the world of bedroom design.

Are Sunmica designs durable and long-lasting for bedroom furniture?
Yes, Sunmica designs can withstand daily use and remain stylish for years. Opt for high-quality materials and follow proper care guidelines.

Which type of Sunmica is best for your wardrobe?
The best Sunmica for your wardrobe depends on your style and preferences. Consider wood-textured Sunmica for a classic look, or opt for patterned designs for a contemporary touch.

Are Sunmica designs eco-friendly and safe for indoor use?
Many Sunmica designs are made using eco-friendly materials and are safe for indoor use. Look for designs with certifications that ensure they meet safety and environmental standards.

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