Raise The Style Stakes With These Modern Bedroom Door Designs

by Ekta Poddar | February 26, 2024 | 6 mins read

Modern bedroom door designs for your home

In the market for a modern bedroom door design that is both practical and stylish? Our guide will help you shut the door on that decision!

Did you know that once upon a time our ancestors were happy to share their bed with all of family, friends and even strangers? Today things have changed. Modern day homeowners value privacy in the bedroom and go to great extents to install bedroom doors. Thankfully, we have come a long way since then and our bedroom doors have evolved along with our bedrooms. Our guide on modern bedroom door designs will help you decide the right door or set of doors for your modern bedroom, one which you don’t have to share with sundry strangers!

Paneled Bedroom Door Design in Wood

A wooden door with graceful panels is a timeless classic, it will never go out of style and can be adapted quite well for a modern look. Within paneled doors, you have many options to choose from. A flat panel style will give you a sleek look while a raised panel look works well for those looking for something more traditional. You can also experiment with the number of panels before deciding the final option that works best for you.

Paneled bedroom door design in wood with raised panel adds elegance to this simple modern bedroom
A two paneled door with raised panel adds elegance to this simple bedroom

Modern Bedroom Door Design

Looking for a particularly contemporary bedroom door design? A flush or a slab door with its seamless finish may be just what you need. A slab door comes without a frame and is available in a variety of materials. What makes them unique is that they don’t have any panels or moulding and are completely smooth. With their elegant lines they fit right in with modern interiors.

Modern bedroom door design a slab door comes without a frame and is available in a variety of materials
The no-fuss slab door done up in grey suits the modern bedroom
Want a bedroom that's modern and aesthetic

Sliding Door Design For Bedroom

Sliding doors are perfect for those with small bedrooms or limited space between the bedroom entrance and furniture. They have the added advantage of looking stylish and modern. Such doors don’t swing open like hinged doors, instead they open horizontally. They are either mounted using rails at the bottom or they are suspended from tracks at the top. Such doors are growing in popularity and rapidly sliding their way into the modern bedroom.

Sliding door design for the bedroom, its saves space in this small bedroom for your home
The top-hung sliding bedroom door magically saves space in this small bedroom

Pocket Sliding Door Design For Bedroom

A pocket door is a special type of door that disappears into a pocket or a wall cavity when slid open. These can work like magic for bedroom that do not have adequate space for hinged doors or even sliding doors that need wall space to open onto. They are also preferred for the modern streamlined look that they bring to the bedroom. Ensure that your pocket door is of good quality and installed using good hardware to make it last for long and be convenient to use.

Pocket sliding door design for bedroom is a pocket door is a special type of door that disappears into a pocket
The pocket door provides privacy in this bedroom despite its constrained space

Glass Door Design For Bedroom

Glass doors instantly add sleek sheen to the bedroom. You will often see glass used in bedroom interiors, either on the wardrobes or on doors that lead outdoors. You can strike a unique note by adding them to the door leading to the bedroom. Have privacy concerns? Simply install some aesthetic blinds that can be pulled down when needed.

Glass door design for bedroom, it will add sleek sheen to the modern bedroom
These magnificent double doors are made even more striking using glass

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Frosted Glass Door Designs For Bedroom

Installing glass panels in your bedroom door doesn’t mean if you must bid goodbye to privacy. Experiment with inserts of frosted glass to create the perfect look for your modern bedroom. You can choose full panels of frosted glass or keep the inserts small to add interesting detail. Frosted glass is both durable and aesthetic, guaranteeing your years of beauty mixed with practicality.

Frosted glass door designs for bedroom gives modern bedroom an added edge
A frosted glass door gives this modern bedroom an added edge

Louvred Wooden Door Design For Bedroom

There is nothing quite as charming as a louvred bedroom door. These allow in light and air and yet provide the desired privacy. You can further choose to customise them to your liking. Build them to slide, or to fold as per the dimensions of your space. You can also design them have adjustable slats affording you greater flexibility.

Wooden door design for bedroom with white louvred doors fold back to reveal a pristine bedroom
White louvred doors fold back to reveal a pristine bedroom

Double Door Design For Bedroom

Your master bedroom needs to have a door that allows you to make a grand entry. Why settle for one door when you can have two that can help you make a bold statement? Double doors are equal in width and height and are also known as paired doors. You can mix it up by having paneled double doors, double doors with glass in them or opt for louvred double doors.

Double door design for bedroom having paneled double doors, double doors with glass in them
These slim double doors lead into a fairy tale nursery
Multi functional wardrobes for your bedroom interiors

Master Bedroom Design With French Doors

Double doors with glass windows extending the whole frame are called French Doors. They are often installed as a door leading out from the bedroom onto the balcony, lawn or patio. The glass panels give uninterrupted access to view outside and invite a bit of nature into the room. Such doors can also be installed as interior doors leading into the bedroom. You may want to add in curtains or blinds in such cases.

Master bedroom design with french doors having glass windows extending the whole frame
Wake up to fabulous views courtesy these gorgeous French doors

The choices you have for bedroom doors are near endless – single or double, sliding or hinged, wood or wood with glass, bi-fold or pocket. The dimensions of your room will help you narrow down the practical options. Pick from those the ones that go with the overall style and look of your bedroom to get the bedroom and the bedroom door of your dreams.

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