25 Best Wardrobe Door Design Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | February 5, 2024 | 11 mins read

25 best wardrobe door design ideas for your home

Designing your personalised wardrobe is a one-time investment, so choose wisely, make it count and then enjoy the results.

Wardrobes are no longer seen as stand-alone features in a bedroom, rather they are now considered a vital part of room interior design. So, every effort needs to be made to choose the right kind of wardrobe with a design and look that harmonises with your room’s interiors. It may sound easy to you but you need to pay careful attention while designing or purchasing wardrobes. A poorly-designed wardrobe will burn holes in your pocket with constant redesigning and re tidying every few months. We are sure you wouldn’t want that, would you?

However, there are essential factors to look into when you plan to design a customised wardrobe so that you can neatly organise all your belongings while keeping it sophisticated, stylish and functional. Here is a quick wardrobe design essentials checklist to keep handy.

  • Space And Measurements Between Components
  • Design – Internal And External
  • Material
  • Usage
  • Number Of Handles (or none at all)
  • Colours
  • Inside Lighting
  • Gable
  • Number Of Shelves – Fixed And Adjustable
  • Number Of Hanging Rods
  • Number Of Drawers
Trendy wardrobe door design

Two Door Wardrobe Design With Attached Dressing Table

This two-door wardrobe with an attached dressing table is an ideal choice for those who want to dress and look their best in no time. It helps to keep everything you require within close reach. This floating and compact dressing table saves on floor space that would otherwise have been occupied. The dark grey colour of this wardrobe perfectly blends with your bedroom’s interiors.

2 door wardrobe design with attached dressing table blends with your bedroom’s interiors

Five Door Wardrobe Designs

If you have too many items to store but also want to organise them well, opt for this five-door white wardrobe. It looks polished and also gives you ample space to hang your clothes and multiple shelves to neatly pile up smaller ones. The curved handles give you a tight grip on the doors, making opening and closing the wardrobe easier.

5 door wardrobe designs gives you space to hang your clothes and multiple shelves to your wardrobe door design
Are you ready to make your wardrobe the show stopper of your bedroom

Classic White Door Wardrobe

This floor-to-ceiling, classic white wardrobe doesn’t demand much of your kid’s bedroom space. The white colour of the wardrobe instantly pops out from this bedroom’s interiors that includes a pretty patterned accent wall, wood-like floor and comfortable multi-storage seating area by the window. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the view outside your window while your kid plays around. This wardrobe gives a classy and elegant look to this space.

Classic white wardrobe design door gives a classy and elegant look to this space

Coloured Glass Door Wardrobe

You can definitely choose this black-glass doored wooden wardrobe if you want to make a bold and beautiful statement to those who see it. The wardrobe presents a striking contrast to white bedroom walls and the bedroom’s furniture and interiors. It also has a set of four wide drawers with matching handles to accommodate all your daily use items. As it is always said that black never goes out of style, so don’t think twice.

Coloured glass wardrobe doors with black-glass doored wooden wardrobe to make a bold and beautiful statement

Customised Wardrobe With Shelves

You are lucky if you have the luxury of space in your home. You can install this customised black and white corner wardrobe with shelves in your bedroom or add this as an extension to your bedroom. It is a creative mix of open-style and close-style design elements. It also has designated spaces for each clothing item to help you put together your perfect look for the day while also having easy access. The open lofts are an added benefit to store your seasonal clothes too.

Customised wardrobe door design with black and white corner wardrobe with shelves in your bedroom

A Designer Wardrobe Doors

If you like experimenting and making unconventional choices, then you can try this designer wardrobe. Its unique door design and diagonal placement of handles is appealing and can serve as great conversation-starters. This wardrobe looks contemporary and comes with an attached bookshelf and study table to make it more multi-functional in nature.

Designer wardrobe door design looks contemporary and comes with an attached bookshelf and study table
Embrace a clutter free life with functional wardrobe designs

Digitally Printed Wardrobe Doors Design

This digitally printed wardrobe is an ultimate addition to your bedroom. The beauty of this wardrobe lies in the asymmetrical middle band pattern which is simple yet attention-seeking. It seamlessly blends into the bedroom’s overall interior design making the room look even larger. Pair it with a subtle-toned carpet and you are good to go.

Digitally printed wardrobe door design with asymmetrical middle band pattern for your wardrobe door design

Dual Colour Kids Wardrobe Door Design

Add a splash of colour in your kid’s bedroom by choosing this dual-colored sunmica wardrobe. The innovative combination of nature’s most prominent colours (green and yellow) with a water-themed accent wall accentuates this bedroom’s landscape and brightens it up all the more. It is such a striking beauty that you can look at it all day long.

Dual colour kids wardrobe door design with a water-themed accent wall accentuates to your bedroom wardrobe door design

Fitted Door Wardrobe

Make the most of every inch of your bedroom space with this fitted door laminate wardrobe. It provides the ideal storage solution that is both cost-effective and stylish at the same time. You can customise the wardrobe both inside and outside, and it will also be an added investment to increase your home’s value. It looks completely natural and well-blended into the bedroom interiors.

Fitted wardrobe door design looks natural and well-blended into the bedroom interiors

Folding Door Wardrobe

This bi-fold door wardrobe is an ideal space-saving solution for smaller homes. They provide complete visibility and access to the items inside the wardrobe by opening all the doors. The door panels fold and stack up against the side, thus saving the space outside the wardrobe. The large mirror panels on all the doors reflect light hitting against it, making the bedroom look larger and brighter. It is a perfect combination with subtle and light wall colours.

Folding wardrobe door designs especially for space-saving solution for smaller homes

Frosted Glass Wardrobe Door Design

If you do not want to worry about complementing your wardrobe with your bedroom interiors, you can opt for this frosted glass wardrobe. It creates a classic and elegant look coupled with a partial but blurred visibility into your wardrobe interiors, which allows for a little sneak-peek. This wardrobe also provides an illusion of dimension without compromising on the privacy of its contents.

Frosted glass wardrobe door design gives a classic and elegant look to your wardrobe door design
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Wardrobe With Mirrors

This grey wardrobe with two mirror panels speaks of  elegance and class. The rough texture on the doors enhances this wardrobe’s look and adds character to the bedroom interiors. This wardrobe makes the small room even more spacious and airy.

Wardrobe door design with two mirror panels speaks of elegance and class look in your bedroom wardrobe door designs

Hardwood Wardrobe With Mini Library

This hardwood wardrobe gives you ample storage space to accommodate all your clothes. With sliding doors, a mix of multiple hanging rods at different heights on one side and shelves on the other you don’t need to think twice before organising your stuff. It also comes with side-shelves that can convert into a personalised mini-library.

Hardwood wardrobe door design gives storage space for clothes and side-shelves gives personalised mini-library

Hinge Door Wardrobe Design

This blue and beige hinge door wardrobe makes it easier to spot your clothes when you open the doors. It is a conventional choice of wardrobe that comes with ample loft cabinets to store your seasonal clothes. You can install hooks or racks on the inside surface to hang or keep accessories such as belts and ties et al. They are low maintenance since hinges can be replaced over time if they tend to become loose with increased usage.

Hinge door wardrobe design with ample loft cabinets to store your seasonal clothes

MDF Door Wardrobe Design

Opt for this MDF door wardrobe if you want storage that is highly durable. It is a preferred choice in comparison to actual wood or hardwood since it efficiently withstands fluctuating room temperatures and does not easily crack up. You can easily customise it according to your needs and requirements.

MDF door wardrobe design for storage that is highly durable to your bedroom wardrobe door design

Full Mirror Door Wardrobe

This mirror door wardrobe is an ideal choice for bedrooms that do not get enough natural light or are smaller in size. Mirror panels make your room look twice its size and brighter as it reflects light that hits on it. It looks aesthetic and classy and is the most practical choice. It has an added advantage in the sense that you can look at yourself before going out somewhere because of its full-length view.

Full mirror door wardrobe design looks aesthetic and classy to your bedroom wardrobe designs

An Open Door Wardrobe Design

As the name suggests, this open door wooden wardrobe provides complete visibility to your wardrobe interiors. It allows for easy accessibility and saves on time that is taken to get ready. With this design you do not have to go look for anything in the darker recesses of your wardrobe. This wardrobe makes your bedroom landscape look more personalised, aesthetically pleasing and cool.

Open door wooden wardrobe design look more personalised, aesthetically and cool
Jazz up your bedroom with these trending wardrobe designs

Patterned Glass Door Wardrobe

Look at this floral patterned glass door wardrobe once, and we bet you can’t resist taking a second glance. This wardrobe is uniquely designed and divided into separate sections with a wall divider. The sliding doors also provide for easy movement of doors and partial visibility. The full-wall wardrobe looks quite modern and trendy with multi-functional design and storage elements.

Patterned glass door wardrobe design is uniquely designed and divided into separate sections with a wall divider

Shutter Door Wardrobe Design

This wooden shutter-door wardrobe is a popular choice for those who like mixing tradition and modernity in the way they style their bedrooms. These shutter-doors open outwards giving you full access into your wardrobe. The provision of LED sensor lights also helps you locate necessary items faster. They have customised storage options and the biggest benefit is that they keep your clothes well-ventilated. It is a striking contrast to the bedroom interiors and furniture.

Shutter door wardrobe design gives you customised storage options to your wardrobe designs

Sliding Door Wardrobe

If you have a smaller bedroom with limited walking space, sliding door wardrobes are the way to go. They look elegant and contemporary and have a sleek finish to it. It saves on floor space since the doors slide from left to right and vice versa. Make a style statement with this sliding door wardrobe.

Sliding door wardrobe design looks elegant and contemporary and have a sleek finish

Swing Door Wardrobe

This light-wood finish swing door wardrobe is extremely sturdy and easy to install. It  allows for an increased storage capacity with the provision of mounting pockets, racks and hooks on the back of the door. The wardrobe stands out from the rest of the bedroom’s interiors while also perfectly blending with the ambient hanging lights and sea-green accent wall.

Swing door wardrobe design is extremely sturdy and easy to install and increased storage space

Wardrobe With Attached Study Table

This grey and yellow wardrobe with an attached study table is the right choice if you are looking to design your kid’s bedroom with space-saving storage ideas. It looks elegant and simple. This wardrobe comes with multi-level shelves where you can place your books, stationery and other items. Overall, it provides a well-defined and clean look for your kid’s bedroom.

Wardrobe door design with attached study table suitable to your kid’s bedroom with space-saving storage ideas

Sunmica Wardrobe Door Design

If you don’t have a big budget but also don’t want to compromise on the quality of your bedroom wardrobe, you can opt for this sunmica wardrobe. It will give you the same look and feel as that of a wooden wardrobe but will be easier on your pockets in comparison. It merges well with the hardwood-look flooring and bedroom interiors.

Sunmica wardrobe door design gives a quality of your bedroom wardrobe
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Single Door Wardrobe

If you are looking for a compact storage option to fit into your kid’s small bedroom, you can go in for this single door wardrobe. Its narrow rectangular design with multiple shelves gives you enough storage for your kid’s clothes, shoes and other items. Also, it does not obstruct movement inside the room since it can fit in any corner of the bedroom and does not take up too much floor space.

Single door wardrobe design with multiple shelves gives you enough storage for your kid’s clothes, shoes and other items

Traditional Wooden Wardrobe Doors

This traditional wooden wardrobe is an ideal choice for those who love going old-school. The intricate craftsmanship, classic finishes and easy handleless grip is attractive and appealing to the eye. It brings in warmth and gives a rustic look to the bedroom interiors.

Traditional wooden door wardrobe gives a rustic look to the bedroom interiors

Hope this blog has provided you with ample design ideas to get you started on the journey of transforming your boring wardrobes into rather contemporary and fabulous ones. Go ahead and make the best choice!

FAQs On Wardrobe Door Designs

1. How do I ensure proper functionality and durability of wardrobe doors?
To ensure proper functionality and durability of wardrobe doors, opt for high-quality materials and parts like hinges, tracks, and handles. Regularly clean and maintain the space.

2. Are there any space-saving wardrobe door designs available?
Yes, there are space-saving wardrobe door designs available, such as sliding doors, folding doors, or bi-fold doors. These wardrobe door designs help maximize room space and provide convenience.

3. What materials are commonly used for wardrobe doors?
Some common materials used for wardrobe doors include wood, MDF, glass, mirrored panels, and laminates. Each material has its own design style and value.

4. Can I customize the color and finish of wardrobe doors?
Yes, you can customize the color and finish of wardrobe doors to match your interior design. You can choose from different paints, laminates, or veneers that are available for customization.

5. Are mirrored wardrobe doors a popular choice?
Mirrored wardrobe doors are a popular choice as they add depth, create an illusion of space, and reflect light, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room.

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