7 Smart Kitchen Hacks Perfect For Indian Homes

by Ashish Rai | February 5, 2024 | 7 mins read

7 Kitchen hacks to bring it to life

Smart kitchen hacks to liven up your kitchen in no time!

If you love cooking and enjoying meals with your family, the kitchen must be the favourite place in your home. It is also the space that is more prone to getting messy and untidy. With all the oil or spice stains, numerous bottles and jars, appliances, utensils and other essentials, keeping the space clean and clutter-free becomes a challenge. But an unclean kitchen can ruin your mood and the look of your entire home interiors. So here are a few kitchen hacks that will help you keep your kitchen clean and well-maintained all the time without making a hole in your pocket.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Storage Hacks

Functional modular storage plays a crucial part in making your kitchen look clean and clutter-free. These can house all your utensils and pantry essentials, leaving ample space for you to move around freely in your kitchen. But if you are not ready to invest in innovative modules like a magic corner, tall units, appliance garage, etc, opt for some budget-friendly storage ideas for your kitchen like floating shelves, wall hooks, wall-mounted open box shelves and wicker basket units. These are quite easy to install, provide ample storage space and are reasonably priced too. You can also check out DIY kitchen storage ideas online and try some creative storage hacks for your kitchen.

Kitchen storage hacks with functional modular furniture
Budget-friendly storage hacks for the kitchen
Storage hacks for small kitchen on budget
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Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Fresh

Owing to the amount of oil and spices used in “tadkas” for most Indian recipes, it is very important to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free. One of the easiest ways to hack it is to have proper ventilation in your kitchen. Make sure to have a large window in your kitchen for ample light and fresh air. You can also invest in a heavy-duty chimney. This will help you keep your kitchen clean and oil-free. Try keeping all your spice bottles and other pantry essentials in the cabinet and keep the counter free as much as possible. This will reduce your cleaning efforts and help you enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience.

Kitchen cleaning hacks and fresh to enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience
Cleaning hacks for kitchen to keep your space clean and oil-free
Kitchen hacks for cleaning make sure to have a large window and proper ventilation
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Bring In Some Greenery Into Your Kitchen Space

One of the easiest kitchen hacks for a lively cooking space is to add indoor plants or succulents. They are budget-friendly, easy to maintain and add freshness to your kitchen. You can grow some microgreens and use them in your meals too. You can place it beside the window or open box cabinets or add hanging planters like the one shown in the image.

DIY kitchen hacks with indoor plants add freshness to the space
Indoor plants are an easy diy kitchen hacks
Kitchen hacks with greenery plants for a lively cooking space
Indian kitchen hacks with indoor plants
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Kitchen Decor Tips For A Lively Culinary Paradise

If your kitchen does not need additional construction or renovation, try simple decor ideas to amp up your kitchen. You can add some light fixtures, use LED strip lights for your cabinets and backsplash or put some pendant lights on your breakfast counter area. This will make your kitchen look bright and spacious while adding to the glamour quotient of your kitchen. You can also go for some paintings, DIY wall hangers or a giant clock to dress up your walls. Another very popular way to give your kitchen a quick makeover is to experiment with vibrant colours for your kitchen. This will add a fresh, exciting vibe to your space instantly.

Experiment with coloursShy away from bold colours
Add some light fixturesIgnore ventilation
Use wood-like laminate instead of woodHire carpenters
Place a small plant near the windowFill your kitchen with unnecessary appliances
Parallel kitchen decoration hacks for a lively culinary paradise
White parallel kitchen decoration tips to amp up your space
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Opt For Budget-Friendly Materials And Finishes

Who doesn’t love good old fashioned, luxurious materials like wood or marbles but that could bore holes in your bank account. Did anyone tell you about some cheaper alternative finishes like wood-finish laminates and materials like quartz, tiles, etc? Trust us here – they offer a similar look and feel but at a lower price and are easy to maintain too. What’s more, these days the market has a variety of designs, patterns and colours to choose from. These are excellent alternatives to liven up your kitchen and give it a chic look!

Kitchen hacks with materials and finishes on budget
Budget-friendly kitchen materials and finishes
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Multifunctional Yet Small Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

If you live in a compact apartment, it is important that you make your kitchen a multifunctional area. One of the best small kitchen ideas on a budget is to make it a kitchen cum dining area where you can entertain your guests or enjoy quick meals with your family during meal preparations. You can add a foldable breakfast counter with storage or a simple wall-mounted foldable ledge in your kitchen. Add two chairs on either side to complete the look of your kitchen cum dining area. These are space-saving and smart ways of amplifying the functionality of your small kitchen on a budget.

Small kitchen hacks with foldable breakfast counter cum storage
Small kitchen hacks with wall-mounted dining table make it kitchen cum dining space
Small kitchen hacks on budget with multifunctional furniture
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Go For A Trusted Interior Design Firm For Best Results

Now it’s time to turn your dream into a reality and who better to help you than an experienced interior designer? Picking the right design firm is absolutely essential to cross your t’s and dot your I’s when it comes to giving your kitchen a budget makeover. Carpenters, as much as we are used to them, do often end up making us spend more on material and labour. This apart from lengthy turnaround times! Who wants to wait for aeons? So, go out there and find the right interior designer for that much-needed makeover and to learn some unique kitchen hacks in India. We at DesignCafe provide you with personalised modular kitchen design and interiors that suit your budget and lifestyle. Moreover, all our services come with a 10-year warranty, no cost EMI and hassle-free installation.

Kitchen hacks makeover on budget by top interior design firm
Makeover kitchen hacks in inida on budget by best interior company
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Investing in modular functional kitchen interiors helps to keep your cooking area clutter-free and organised while making your cooking experience a pleasurable one. Home interiors are a lifetime investment that elevates not just your home’s aesthetics but your lifestyle too.

Makeovers don’t always cost a fortune. All it requires is a well-thought-out plan and some leg work to find the right mix of materials and accessories. Design trends are constantly changing, so make sure you pick kitchen ideas that combine functionality and aesthetics for great results.

Still have doubts in your mind? Visit DesignCafe’s Experience Centre near you or book a free consultation with our expert designers. You will find yourself in a room full of possibilities to design your kitchen, your way. 

And there you have it – the latest and coolest ideas to make your kitchen a place to cook delicious food and make memories. 

Wasn’t that easy turning your old boring kitchen into a stylish modular one? We hope our tips will help you make the big move to designing a spanking new modular kitchen.

FAQs On Smart Kitchen Hacks

1. What are some low-cost options for upgrading kitchen lighting fixtures?
Consider LED strip lights for cabinets and backsplash or pendant lights for a budget-friendly lighting makeover. These options add brightness and style to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

2. How can I achieve a trendy kitchen aesthetic on a tight budget?
Opt for budget-friendly materials like wood-finish laminates, quartz, or tiles to achieve a trendy look without overspending. These alternatives offer a chic appearance while being affordable.

3. Are there inexpensive ways to add pops of color to a neutral kitchen?
Experiment with vibrant colours for your kitchen by adding accessories like light fixtures, paintings, or DIY wall hangers. This brings a fresh and exciting vibe to your space without the need for a major transformation.

4. How can I save money on kitchen renovations by focusing on high-impact, low-cost changes?
Instead of hiring carpenters for expensive woodwork, use wood-like laminates for a similar aesthetic at a lower cost. Focus on smart storage solutions like floating shelves and wall-mounted open box shelves to maximise functionality without overspending.

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