5 Contemporary Home Office Ideas For The Best WFH Productivity

by Henna Achhpal | February 5, 2024 | 4 mins read

Contemporary home office ideas for your home

Set up a workstation you will love with these contemporary home office ideas

From what was supposed to be an interim solution, work from home, aka WFH, has become a continuing reality for most of us. The pandemic may have triggered the new way of working but even after the situation settles, many companies are considering work from home as a permanent policy. Some organisations have even given employees an allowance to set up a comfortable workstation at their homes.

If you’re among the professionals that have had to turn their home into their office, you’re probably hunting for contemporary home office ideas. Or you may be a self-employed professional looking to set up shop at home. These contemporary home office ideas will give you inspiration on how to assemble your workstation at home for optimal productivity.

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All-In-One Contemporary Home Office Furniture

Contemporary home office furniture doesn’t get more modern than this all-in-one unit. Taking up just one wall in a room, it combines a showcase, TV unit and workstation! What more could an urban homeowner ask for? Those who appreciate multi-utility furniture will fall in love with this unit instantly. The unit also offers ample storage by way of shelves, drawers and cabinets. Despite helping you achieve so much, its light brown wooden appearance ensures the space doesn’t look too cluttered either.

Contemporary home office furniture lending a refreshing touch
The light brown surface of this contemporary home office furniture lends a refreshing touch

L-Shaped Contemporary Home Office Desk For The Corner

An L-shaped contemporary home office desk helps you make the most of an available corner in your room. With desk space on two sides, it also provides a lot of working area and facilitates free movement. It’s a convenient contemporary home office design if your work involves reaching out for many paper files, folders and books at a time. If the corner you have picked has a window on one side, an L-shaped contemporary home office desk gives you the best of both worlds with a window-facing and wall-facing desk.

contemporary home office desk in L-shape with overhead cabinets
Overhead cabinets complete the look of your contemporary home office design

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Contemporary Home Office Ideas For A Window Set-Up

If the distraction of a window is not a drawback for you, consider setting up a contemporary home office desk with a view. Simply pull the blinds down when you want to focus. This contemporary home office design turns the wall with the window into a fully equipped work area. The set-up features a window-facing desk in the middle and fills up the walls on either side with wall-mounted shelves. If you’re looking to add even more storage space, you can install floor cabinets and ceiling-touching overhead cabinets.

A Contemporary home office desk which is window-facing
A window-facing desk floods your workspace with natural light

Minimalist Contemporary Home Office Ideas

Despite all its charm, not everyone is in favour of a desk with a view. If you belong to that group, you can set up your contemporary home office furniture against the wall next to a window to still enjoy natural light while you work. When you’re looking for minimalist contemporary home office ideas, all you need is a fuss-free desk, chair and cabinets for storage. The wall-facing desk in this contemporary home office design is simple, with drawers on the side, accompanied by a comfortable chair.

A contemporary home office desk in off-white color
Pick a contemporary home office desk in off-white for a minimal aesthetic
Love this design? Make it your own

Contemporary Home Office Furniture Modular Unit

When you don’t want to go through the trouble of assembling different pieces for your contemporary home office design, you can consider getting a contemporary home office furniture modular unit that takes care of all your needs. This unit combines the contemporary home office desk with shelves on the side and also features a soft board above the desk, giving you a complete workstation in no time. All you need to do is pick an available wall in your room against which you would like to set it up.

A contemporary home office desk attached with shelves giving a complete workstation look.
Useful contemporary home office ideas for those short on time

Working from home requires you to go the extra mile to recreate the same atmosphere of productivity one would find in a traditional office. The best part of building your contemporary home office design is that you can do it entirely the way you like and to suit your needs. Pick contemporary home office furniture for functionality, style or a mix of both. With these contemporary home office ideas, you can choose from different set-ups that work the best for you and the available space.

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