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How Do I Choose A Wardrobe For My Bedroom?

Wardrobes are essential pieces of bedroom furniture, that come a close second to your bed. Choosing one is not as easy as walking into a store or picking an idea of the internet. There are several factors to note before you choose a wardrobe for your bedroom. What it requires is a carefully thought out style and structure based on your requirements and lifestyle. So before you select the first design you love on social media trends or one that your favourite celebrity houses, do peruse our guide here. We have for you a checklist to choosing the right wardrobe that will stay in your home for years to come.

Built-In Versus Freestanding – Take Your Pick

This is the first and foremost decision you need to make. Do you want a built-in wardrobe or a freestanding one? A freestanding wardrobe, one that is not attached to the wall, can be easily moved around between rooms at your free will. Custom built-in wardrobes are not movable and need time to be designed. However, their biggest advantage is that they give you the option to customise it in terms of the size, materials, colours, and finishes along with accessories to your taste and preferences. So take your pick depending on the space in your bedroom and your budget.

Wardrobe design for bedroom which can be easily moved around between rooms
A wooden wardrobe with ample storage and style!

Choose The Right Dimensions of Wardrobe

The right dimensions will offer you the best storage possibilities in your wardrobe. You must first measure up space in your room before deciding on the type of wardrobe you want. While ceiling to floor wardrobes are the best pick, it comes with its own set of cons. Accessing the upper-level compartments could be a challenge for some. Here are ideal dimensions that can help you choose that perfect wardrobe.

Depth of the Wardrobe

24″ of depth is ideal for wardrobes. It provides maximum storage, with ample space to comfortably hang clothing like jackets and saris. Wardrobes deeper than this are not a good idea as you will end up struggling to reach items hidden behind.  

Height of the Wardrobe

42” of height any compartment that is used to hang clothes is ideal. These dimensions let you hang your clothes neatly so that they do not crush either.

For drawers and shelves – The height and width of the shelf can differ as per availability of space and your requirements.

Wardrobe for bedroom design where you must first measure up space in your room
Look how classy this wardrobe looks. Dimensions are so perfect that It’s hard to establish where the wardrobe ends and where the room begins.

A Place For Everything In Your Wardrobe

Before choosing a wardrobe it is essential to understand your storage requirements. So for instance, if you own a lot of formal wear like jackets, dresses or saris ensure you have several compartments to hang them. Similarly, for those with plenty of accessories, a wardrobe with multiple drawers is the best pick to organise all of it. Also, it is important to choose a wardrobe with overhead storage as a part of your wardrobe to make optimum use of space. Here is where you can store items that you do not use often for a clutter-free wardrobe.  

Wardrobe design for bedroom in india which is essential to understand your storage requirements
This large floor to ceiling wardrobe to pack away your stuff for good that you have enough space to add a king-size bed!

A Style That Blends In With Your Bedroom

Choose a wardrobe that blends in with the existing style of your bedroom interiors. This includes colours, finishes, materials and details on your wardrobe door. If your bedroom has ornate furniture, a wardrobe with an embellished door will blend well. For a clean look, you can look for a chic walk-in/ open wardrobe with no or translucent doors. Follow the same aesthetic principles when you choose the finishes and colour scheme of your wardrobe. Pick shades that match the existing colour palette of your bedroom. For perfect bedroom interior design, the aesthetics of both your wardrobe and bedroom need to complement each other. This ensures visual harmony. 

Wardrobe designs for small bedroom that blends in with the existing style of your bedroom interiors
This Reflective wardrobe seems almost hidden, yet its glint catches the eye. And the side storage space makes it a perfect pick.

Choose A Trendy Door Style

Why stick to the same old cabinet style door for your wardrobe when you can swing and slide? Pick a swing type or a sliding door according to your taste and space. Sliding doors with smooth dual tracks adds a statement to the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. It also helps save on space and gives your wardrobe a seamless and elegant look on the outside. Another chic design for your bedroom wardrobe is push-to-open doors. They are highly contemporary and easy to use.

Master bedroom wardrobe designs for the same old cabinet style door for your wardrobe
This sliding door wardrobe makes it easy to access clothing. It’s also discrete, covered yet stylish.

Getting a new bedroom wardrobe does not mean burning a hole in your pocket. There are several options to choose from in the market that suits every budget. Just remember these important factors before you decide on your bedroom wardrobe, so you pick the best one that suits your needs the most.

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