Different Types Of Bedroom Lighting For Your Home

Your bedroom is your safe haven and a place exclusively for you to relax. The lighting you choose for your bedroom can make or break the vibe of your space. Be it natural or artificial light, good lighting is an essential element in interior design. Be it the study unit, your workspace, a reading corner or simply your bed frame, this guide has all the information you need on bedroom lighting options. It will take you through the many different types of lighting options available. Making the right lighting choice promises a cosy upgrade for your bedroom.

Typically, there are four different types of lighting that are used in home interiors. They are as follows:

Task Lights

Task lighting focuses on a particular area. Simply put, these lights directly hit the focus area to make it easier to complete a certain task. Unlike other ambient lighting types, task lights are primarily used to locate smaller objects. It provides a certain amount of increased light for tasks that need accuracy, for instance reading or writing. Some fixtures that provide task lighting are portable desk lamp, pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, directional gimbal recessed fixture, vanity lights and table lamps. These lights can be used near the work desk, study unit or reading corner.

Hanging task lights are type of bedroom lights directly hit the focus area
A sleek task light in black illuminates the bedside

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights are usually lights that serve a decorative purpose. For example, pendant lights, chandeliers and floor lights. Pendant lightings are usually suspended from the ceiling via a chord, metal rod or chain. It’s an affordable alternative to chandeliers and is a massive hit with modern homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. Unlike pendant and chandelier lights, floor lights are typically placed on the ground and can be a floor lamp or fixture of about 4 to 6 ft in height.

bedroom lighting with top hanging decorative lights
Ceiling-hung pendant lights add a surreal vibe

Accent Lights

Accent lighting is used when you want to introduce extra visual drama around your favourite items or objects. Accent lighting draws attention towards what you want to highlight in your bedroom. It could be a painting, memorabilia, sculpture, wallpaper, wall art or more. Accent lighting in a room can also be used cleverly to draw attention away from something you don’t want in focus. Some examples of accent lighting are candle light, direct track lights, chandelier with dimmers, wall sconces and floodlights amongst others. These lights can be used to highlight a certain item or object.

Accent bedroom lights for grey color bedroom
These up-down lights double as a side table accent

Ambient Lights

Ambient lights, also called general lighting, are the primary source of light for a particular room. Ambient light provides comfortable illumination without too much glare and helps to navigate the room easily. It can be called the central source of light in any room. Chandeliers, track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces, LED downlights and wall-mounted fixtures are some examples of ambient lighting.

ambient lights are types of lighting in bedroom with wardrobe and tv
Recessed lighting helps to accentuate this bedroom

Every lighting type comes with its own speciality and can be used to accentuate the space or your favourite corners of the bedroom.

Here are seven lighting types and their uses to lend a warm cosy vibe to your bedroom space.

 Guide to bedroom lighting and its types

The bedroom is a place where you can unwind after a day’s worth of activities and hustle, so you want to ensure that the ambience is set just right. Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood. Finding a balance between cool white lights and warm yellow lights helps a great deal in revitalising your bedroom space.

Here are six decorative lights for the bedroom that make up for all the warm cosy vibe you need.

Ceiling-Hung Pendant Lights For Your Side Table

Ceiling-mounted pendant lights come with a host of benefits, from being versatile in design and style to simply being space-saving, to name a few. These bedroom light fixtures are adaptable, decorative and the perfect ambience setter for your bedroom space.

Decorative lights for bedroom with hung pendant lights on side table
Pendant lights for an adaptive, decorative ambience

Dimmer Lights For Your Floating Shelf

While pendant lights add all the oomph, dimmer lights are great for days when you want to unwind, relax and lay on the bed. Perfect as downlighters, dimmers save up to 98% electricity and control the electricity flow across lighting sources.

Dim light for bedroom is a type of bedroom lighting for bookshelf
Dimmers are perfect for a subtle ambient setting

Task Lighting For Your Study Desk

Why switch on your mains when you have task lights to do the job. Made for focusing on specific areas or particular tasks, these lights are great companions and work-from-home-friendly room lights for bedrooms. You can use them as a study or work lamp or reading lamp as well.

Task lighting for bedroom study and work deck
Task lights to focus on your study and work desk

Recessed Lights On The Ceiling

Low on maintenance, heat and usage, recessed lights are an aesthetic addition to your bedroom space. They provide a great coverage area making for a fine soft lighting choice. Recessed LED lights for bedroom ceilings help light up every corner of the room and can be great companions with other ambient room lights for bedrooms.

Bedroom ceiling lights with recessed lights
Recessed lights add aesthetic appeal to the bedroom

String Lights For Your Reading Corner

Adding a magical feel to your space, string lights enhance the aesthetics of your room. You can use these as a decor element whilst enjoying low energy consumption, making them a cost-effective bedroom light.

Different type of decorative lights with string lights for bedroom reading corner
String lights to enhance your reading corner

Chandelier As A Statement Centrepiece

Chandeliers work in unison with task lights and are your best bet for space-saving bedroom lighting. These also add aesthetic appeal and can be happily replaced as a statement centrepiece for your bedroom. These lights offer indirect lighting and similar to recessed lights are spread across the room uniformly.

Hanging lights for bedroom with chandeliers
Strike a chord with chandeliers as centerpieces

Now that you know all about bedroom lighting, let’s look at our bedroom design checklist to ensure you do not miss out on any design element for your dream home interior project.

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