Time Travel Your Wooden Wardrobe From Ancient to Today’s With These Latest Designs for Bedroom

by Charmaine Kenita | February 29, 2024 | 7 mins read

Wooden wardrobe design of white colour with liftable cupboards on the top and a wooden wardrobe with mirror

Wardrobe designs have completely changed boring to drool-worthy over the last couple of decades. What stops you from a wardrobe makeover for your home?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into your grandparent’s bedroom. It definitely must be a room reminiscent of traditional and vintage designs. Observe everything that is spread around, the old jharokha, corner stools embellished with traditional motifs, embroidered bed covers and bringing all of them together – the heavily detailed solid wood wardrobe that holds all your family’s possessions.

Wooden wardrobes are quintessentially Indian. They’ve probably been there long before we were born and in many households continue to be the wardrobes of choice because of their familiarity and use. Modern wooden wardrobes are more simpler, compact, minimalist and yet feel the same. They are also more versatile in their designs and look, textured and two-toned to match the surrounding designs and decor.

Wooden wardrobe designs can be versatile, if you allow yourself to explore choices. There are materials like MDF, plywood wardrobe designs, colours of black or white wooden design, wooden wardrobe designs with mirrors and the latest wooden wardrobes with frosted glass fronts or textured inlays. While the choices are humongous, there’s always the confusion that may arise every time you decide to buy. We’re dropping some solid hints that will help you decide. Tell us what has helped you make your choice.

Facades To Stop And Stare

It can be so easy to think of wardrobes as storage spaces, that you forget that its look does impact the design of your bedroom. So while you’re all busy planning storage drawers and cabinets, their segmentation and more, factor in the outer look as well. You’ll notice what a huge difference it makes to planning the inside of it. Woodwork wardrobe designs take much effort in ensuring the overall look aligns with the function. The woodwork can be the ancient ‘jaali work’ with exceptionally intricate designs or more modern geometric patterns. It can also be latticework embellished on the outer wardrobe doors. Once you look at them, you’ll be sure begin your day brighter or forget what’s inside entirely.

Wooden wardrobe designs with facades where you loose yourself with a small wooden wardrobe
Three toned mosaiced wardrobe panels create this masterpiece, that brightens up this bedroom
Are you ready to make your wardrobe the show stopper of your bedroom

Dual Purposes Served Beautifully by a wooden wardrobe design

Mirror wooden wardrobes look beautiful since they don’t just look good but have an additional mirror accessory to take away the space that would have been otherwise occupied by a dressing table. Walk by your wardrobe and check out the kind of outfit you’d like to wear! Mirror wardrobes have been a common norm, except now these mirrors cover the entire outer facade of wardrobes, end-to-end. Besides looking stylish and chic, they also open up bedrooms, brighten them up with natural light and play up the bedroom’s highlights.

Dual purposes served beautifully by a plywood wardrobe in for a wardrobe plywood design
Wardrobes in mirror work or frosted glass serve dual purposes of looking stylish and being functional too. Plain Attractive just doesn’t cut it.

Beauty Does Not Have To Cost The Earth

Especially when it comes to wardrobes, beautifully designed ones do not have to come with a costly price. When we say cheap wooden wardrobes, it means affordable, functional and yet serving their purpose. If money is a driving factor for their designs, then work on them accordingly. Select the material and design that you’d want to work with, peg a cost and then see what can be done to make it workable. White wooden wardrobes with mirrors would cost so much more because of the design and materials used. Wardrobes can be built from as minimal as Rs.50K to upto Rs.1.5 Lakh. It is the intricacy of their design and decides the final cost.

Wooden wardrobe designs for bedroom where the beauty doesn't have to cost the earth with wooden wardrobe images
Simple wooden wardrobe in a sleek design it almost invisible. Affordability means accessibility

Shades Of The Rainbow Reflected In Your Bedroom

The colours of the rainbow can now be brought right into your home, and they are unimaginably beautiful. Wardrobes in teal and white, steel gray and black are all possible given the variety of looks and finishes we can achieve. Therefore if your bedroom is grey-toned, a minimalist solid black will offset it beautifully. Similarly, a white-walled bedroom with plenty of natural light will be better enhanced with light pastel-hued wardrobes or partially offset with glass. Colours make a boring wardrobe beautiful and will get you all excited whenever you enter your bedroom.

Wooden wardrobe online with shadow of the rainbow reflected in the bedroom with wooden wardrobe for bedroom
This bright red wardrobe in the middle of a kid’s bedroom adds a spot of colour to the space. It’s playful, exciting and speaks of possibilities
Jazz up your bedroom with these trending wardrobe designs

No Space Is Too Less To Hold All All Your Clothes

Whether small or large wooden wardrobes, the final design and space can only be decided based on your needs. It is better to have large wardrobes that can be further segmented, if you wish to have sufficient space for two family members or if it makes choices better on a daily basis. Size is relevant since any change at a later date is practically impossible. Create straight or L-shaped wardrobes but make them spacious enough to use different types of garments. Making additional space at a later date is most often practically impossible.

Solid wood wardrobe where no space is too less to hold your wardrobe with plywood wardrobe online.
A small wooden wardrobe in a kid’s room suffices to hold all their essentials with room for more.

Choose Your Wardrobe’s Personality

Wardrobes have personalities. Strong and silent are the heavy wooden wardrobe designs, excited and bubbly are the colourful glossy designs. These looks depend a great deal on the materials that are used in building wardrobes. Plywood wardrobes designs are popular in India. They are affordable, sturdy, can last for years and dismountable. They also adapt to different designs and finishes. Plywood wardrobes can be made two or three-door. They are the same engineered wood as MDF. Their surfaces are smooth and therefore great for different kinds of veneers. Plywood wardrobes can also be made damp proof, and a standard 18mm ply provides sufficient thickness and sturdiness. Designer wooden wardrobes in ply are popular and highly recommended. Whether small or tall wardrobes, on dark wood or light, ply can hold up well for many years.

Wooden wardrobe price that lets you decide your wardrobes personality with wooden wardrobe online India
This wardrobes has personality, understated or flashy, bright or subdued. The materials used, defines its look

Size Does Not Matter Quality Does

When it comes to wardrobes, plenty of us are under the impression that large wardrobes are required to hold our stuff given how much we buy. The opposite is actually true. Simple wooden wardrobe design that is small can actually store twice as much when cleverly designed. This requires compartmentalising spaces for hanging clothes, inner garments and accessories and everyday wear. Adding tiny drawers at the lower levels keeps accessories easily accessible. If space permits, a cabinet for shoes then keeps everything in one place.

Plywood wardrobe design with a wooden finish with big storage space in plywood wardrobe designs india
This textured small wardrobe suffices to pack in so much more with less space. What separates it is the quality of the finish

Wooden wardrobes are not old. They may have been right since the time we were little, but have now gone on to transform and reshape, be embellished and modernised into beautiful storage spaces that fit in perfectly with bedrooms of today. If you’ve been pining for the familiar wooden wardrobe and in two minds if that’s even possible, here’s your chance to remove even that little shred of doubt.

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