How To Achieve A Perfect Scandinavian-Style Bedroom

by Sonali Desai | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Scandinavian design bedroom ideas for your home

Interior design elements you need to get started to create a Scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian interior design was born in a land that gets only 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, and that’s precisely why the ideas mostly revolve around promoting natural air and light. Scandinavian bedrooms will delight early risers for sure. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of natural lights, white curtains and rustic wooden elements. This also gives you a sense of sleeping amongst nature and waking up to nature’s alarm clock – the first rays of the sun that pours into your bedroom every morning.

For the night owls, a Scandinavian-styled bedroom interior design is like an enchanting fairytale castle. The eye-pleasing interior design of a Scandinavian bedroom and its minimalistic style of décor is admired widely. Here are some alluring Scandinavian bedroom design ideas.

The Classic Scandinavian Bedroom Boasts Natural Or Rustic Elements

Neutral tones like grey, white and beige are quite the staple in Scandinavian bedrooms, and this room is a classic example of that. It works very well if you choose natural materials such as solid woods, wool, airy wicker, cane furniture and baskets with indoor plants. If you love rustic elements, give the walls a pickled whitewash look.

Classic Scandinavian bedroom in white colour with swing and baskets.
Scandinavian bedrooms bring back that early morning vigour

Add A Pop Of Colour Strategically To Bring Out The Best In Your Scandinavian Bedroom

Bright white and the playfulness of light are synonymous with Scandinavian interior design. At the same time, don’t shy away from adding a pop of colour strategically in your bedroom that elucidates the authentic charm of Scandinavian bedroom décor. Here’s a Scandinavian mid-century modern bedroom that is simple, clean and modern and is yet faithful to intrinsic Scandinavian interiors. The pastel pink hues are dramatic, giving this small Scandinavian bedroom a chic and contemporary vibe.

Scandinavian bedroom design in Pastel pink that bring a touch of modernism
Bring a touch of modernism to a Scandinavian master bedroom

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A Window In A Scandinavian Bedroom Creates Bold, Bright Appearance

A window is a spot that inspires, challenges and excites your imagination. Most people do all the thinking here. The arch windows in a Scandinavian bedroom add an element of fun, define your airy aesthetic sense and your love for the cosy reading corner. It also creates a bold and bright appearance in your Scandinavian design bedroom.

Scandinavian bedroom design with an arch window and cosy reading corner.
Scandinavian arch windows elegantly dressed in white drapes are both bold and elegant

Men’s Scandinavian Bedroom For The Toughened Look

This Scandinavian bedroom décor is ideal for a bachelor pad. It is essentially gender-neutral, but going by the traditional standards of what men’s rooms look like, this one is a masculine haven. The weathered exposed brick walls and the brown hues embrace a dark Scandinavian bedroom theme, which beautifully balances the colour tones.  It is simple and yet intriguing Scandinavian interior design showcases plenty of personality and comfort.

Sprawl Out On The Floor Of Your Scandinavian Bedroom

If you like to sprawl out with your kids and pets, this platform bed is a comfort haven. The room has character thanks to the TV unit, the abstract black-and-white paintings and a corner seating arrangement, which elevates the modern interior style factor in a Scandinavian bedroom. 

White Scandinavian bedroom with TV unit, floor bed, and corner seating arrangement.
Bedrooms in a Scandinavian interior style are effortlessly natural and most of their beds love to touch the floor

Scandinavian Bedroom With A Green Thumb

With or without a green thumb, a Scandinavian interior style is just perfect if you’re new to indoor gardening. Transparent white curtains, large windows, and ample natural light are recipes for growing healthy plants indoors. Here are some indoor plants that will complement a Scandinavian bedroom design idea just right: golden pothos, snake plant, rubber plant and philodendron.

All-white Scandinavian style bedroom with indoor plants and large window that brings in ample natural light.
With airy aesthetics and overflowing light in a Scandinavian bedroom growing indoor plants is as easy as pie

Soft And Warm Colour Palettes For Your Scandinavian Bedroom 

Agreed, Scandinavian interior styles are all about simplicity, lightness and naturalness. Everything is primarily white, grey and rustic, but a pop of pastel hues that have recently come into fashion will only amp up your space. The Scandinavian colour scheme is changing, so here are some colours trends of 2021: sage, mint, green tea, desert pink, reddish-brown, coastal blue, smoky, earthy brown and vintage brown. These colours can be used as backgrounds or accessories like wallpapers, cushions, table lights, etc.

White Scandinavian interior design bedroom has cushions in mint and coastal blue colour.
Scandinavian design bedroom with earthy brown cushion headboard lends vintage look.
Scandinavian master bedroom idea, white bedroom with brown curtains and standing lamp brings vintage look.
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Cosy And Minimalist Scandinavian Lighting

The interior design in Scandinavia-inspired homes is understated. It all comes together with wooden floors, cuddly pillows, wrinkled sheets and comfortable lighting, which are simple enough to underline an uncomplicated way of living. Therefore, choose artificial lights that help in maximising your well-being. Here are some lighting options: table lamps, ceiling lights, pendants and wall lights. Choose lighting options that are both compatible with LEDs and modern LED alternatives.

Incorporating Scandinavian design in your bedroom is a great way to add classic yet contemporary design elements that don’t cause a distraction. Get in touch with our designers, and they will help in designing a home that not only depicts your taste but reflects your personality. If you’d like to get a firsthand experience, then pay a visit to our experience centres. For more such stunning interior ideas, check out our blog and guide sections.

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