Front Door Paint Colour Ideas For An Impressive Entry

by Devna Tiwari | January 28, 2024 | 7 mins read

Best front door paint colours for your home

Your front door is your home’s first impression. Make sure to make it a good one!

Knock Knock! Your front door is the first thing people see when they enter your home, so why paint it a boring colour like brown or white? Shouldn’t your home speak volumes about you? Colours synonymous with big, bold, pretty or sophisticated are the ones you must splash onto your front door to change its exterior (and personality) dramatically.

Why Should You Paint Your Front Door?

If you are wondering why you must ditch the usual colours of brown and white for your doors and paint it in one of these vibrant colours, here is why.

Let’s suppose there are three doors in the entryway of your home, they all look the same and are all shut most of the time (for ex. garage and front door). Painting your front door in a different colour is a great way to single it out so it stands out and looks as stylish as it can!

How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Front Door?

  • Pick an accent colour that complements your home interior scheme: Accent colours are usually dark-toned colours. You can repeat the existing accent colour in your house or pick an accent paint colour that complements the interiors of your home.
  • Spot a permanent piece in your house for inspiration: Look at the tiles, flooring, or a textured wall you will find a lot of colour inspirations that will bind your front door with the colour palette of your home.
  • Look at the temporary options too:  Furniture pieces, wall colours, paintings and upholstery.

Go for cherry red for a vibrant look, evoke feelings of pride with purple, or awaken the mystery in you with black and gold. Listed below are the top front door paint colours that will suit your style. 

Paint Your Front Door Purple For A Regal Look

Purple is an incredibly adaptive colour: it symbolises creativity, royalty, magic, mystery and sophistication – all at the same time. This purple door is a perfect example of it! It’s trendy and chic and fresh all at once. A flowering bush crowns on one side of this arched door – a perfect jewel to this tiara!

Front door paint colors with purple and flowering bush crowns

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A Red Front Door Is Welcoming

According to old American tradition a red front door means “welcome” as it does in Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy of home arrangement. In Scotland, people painted their doors in this colour to signify that they had paid their mortgage off. In modern day, American cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden has a signature fragrance by the name Red Door, that celebrates the elegance of women worldwide. 

A colour so universal it’s virtually a neutral tone these days. This beautiful red door with a patterned frosted glass around it is like a cherry on top of a Black Forest cake. Besides, red is such a stylish way to brighten dull exteriors.

If you are not sure that what color should i paint my front door color then it can be this red one

Black Beauty

Black is the new white. There’s something about this black coloured front door that makes us want to take it home now! It’s classy, striking and hard to miss because it adds a bold statement to your home exterior. Gold accents give it a luxurious touch!

If you love black and not sure what color to paint on front door then you can choose this black beauty

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Yellow And Blue Is A Cool Combination

If your traditional home needs a boost of fashion, consider a bright yellow and blue coloured front door. This yellow door against the blue brick wall adds a healthy portion of appeal to your home exteriors. Perfect if you live in an independent home as you have the option of painting the wall surrounding it a new colour if you desire a fresh look!

Best color to paint front door yellow and blue coloured against blue brick wall

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An Olive Green Front Door Paint Color

You can never go wrong with shades of green, the colour of rejuvenation. If you are worried that it will blend in with your background — an olive-coloured door can draw out the contrasting tones that are found naturally in an entranceway or garden area.

Front door paint color ideas with live green colour and contrasting tones

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A Chic Coral Door Paint Color

This colour gets its name from marine invertebrates that decorate the sea bed. You may think a coral coloured front door might be a tad over the top, but it’s not! It’s fresh, chic, feminine and invigorating! A great companion to your front door indeed and not to mention quite unique!

Front door paint colors with pink colour which is fresh, chic and feminine

The Magic of Magenta

If you need something that can spice up the elegance of your house a wee bit, paint your front door in bright magenta. It looks bold and makes a similar statement. Moreover, as shown in the image, magenta pairs well with gold or brass lighting on either side as well as it sits boldly against a white wall.

Front door paint color ideas with pink and gold or brass lighting on the side

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Classy Classic Blue

Symmetrical front doors bring forth a touch of elegance and style. This classic blue front door highlights the design, so the finish doesn’t entirely sink into its surroundings. Besides, blue is an extremely welcoming colour, making it a perfect colour for your front door!

Blue front door paint colors which is an extremely welcoming colour

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A Front Door In Teal Is Stylish

Spruce up your exteriors by painting your front door in teal! An unusual choice but one that is quite stylish, as we see in this image, this front door works flawlessly with just the perfect colour of trim. Teal plays well with almost all the colours but stands out when paired with browns, blues and shades of reds.

If you think what color should i paint my front door then you can use teal colour

An Old Navy Blue Front Door Paint Color Idea

Old navy is a welcoming colour that creates a refreshing contrast to any style of exteriors. Not to mention, it’s a bright speck because dirt won’t show easy. A navy blue front door makes a classic statement for the old school types!

Front door paint color ideas with navy blue which makes a classic statement for the old school types

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What Kind Of Paint To Use To Paint Your Front Door?

To paint your front door, you must use acrylic or oil-based paints because they work better on wooden or metal surfaces. Besides, the thermal expansion rate of wood is different from that of concrete and therefore it is not advisable to use wall paints on these surfaces. Oil paints or acrylic based paints are better resistant to extreme weather conditions, making it perfect to paint your front door.

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Should A Front Door Be Painted The Same Colour On Both Sides?

You can paint the two sides of your front door in two different paint colours if you wish to do so. However, it’s a bit of a hassle to mask the edges of each side carefully so that both colours don’t overlap each other. Besides, having two different colours on your front door isn’t the most appealing sight . So we advise you not to paint it a different colour. And while your front door doesn’t need to be painted in the same colour as your interiors it must blend well with the colour of your front door.

Steal these front door paint colour ideas and let your front door stand out! Let us know which colour did you like the most and why in the comments below!

Happy colouring!

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