Beat The Blues With These Breathtaking Blue Living Room Ideas

by Pooja Dara | January 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

Blue living room color schemes

Set the right mood and personality for the heart of your home, and also put your guests at ease by painting/decorating it Blue.

The living room, often known as the family room, is the first space you encounter when you enter your home. While it is a personal space where you enjoy good times with your family, indulge in friendly conversations and make countless memories, it is also a social space. Here is where you entertain your occasional guests as well. Hence, your living room interiors must reflect your personality.

And colour scheme is as important as overall design and decor, something that is often overlooked. Speaking in the context of the living room’s colour, blue can be considered as an ideal color family since it has so many shades to suit every style, and mood you wish to evoke. It has the ability to grab eyeballs, make a statement,  sooth your sense and everything in between. 

Whatever be your style or persona, we have compiled blue living room ideas you can choose from to complete your space.

A Bold Air Force Blue Living Room Idea

If you are looking for a more formal look for your living room, you can go in for an Air Force blue sofa set and a pair of uniquely designed side tables. Set within the natural-looking concrete plaster wall and floor, it makes a bold yet beautiful statement. You can also pair it with a queen-sized designer carpet and some pendant lights that look just like candle holders to light up your living room.

An air force blue sofa set for your living room design

A Tiffany Blue Wall

Tiffany blue-shaded walls blend well with the decor of this room while the white ceiling and a large white rug make it look bigger than it is. The zebra-striped three-seater sofa, a glass center table and a pair of hot pink armchairs is a pleasing combination as it takes us back in time. The overall look is nothing short of spunky.

A tiffany blue living room walls with a pair of hot pink armchairs
Want to make your living room fun and quirky

A Pale Shade of Blue

Ever seen the sky on a misty, rainy day? You can experience the same cloudy vibes with this shade of a pale blue-themed living room. One side of this wall has texture in the space of clouds too. This shade of blue makes the room look airy and expansive with natural light seeping through the windows. The cloud-like wall feature, abstract art frames, and a greyish-blue rug creates a stunning visual in the interiors of this living room. The bright yellow couch with a hardwood centre table and a hanging lotus-shaped chandelier is the cherry on the cake.

A pale shade of blue living room color makes the room look airy and expansive

The Lucky Sapphire Blue

Bring in good luck, wealth, success, prosperity, mental peace and growth into your life with sapphire blue into your family room. A sapphire blue sofa, a light wooden centre table and a white partition tie the whole look together and give a warm vibe to the room’s interiors. The white partition behind the sofa helps to clearly demarcate eone area from the other and makes it a charming decor element too.

The lucky sapphire blue living room walls bring in good luck, wealth and success

Sophisticated Navy Blue

This navy blue theme is the ideal choice for those who want to achieve a distinct breezy and marine vibe that is not too beachy. A pair of wooden-framed armchairs, a coffee table, and sofa with colourful pillows make this living room look vibrant.  The gorgeous green plants around with matching wicker baskets and an open-shelved showcase serve as natural embellishments. Together they complete the nautical look that is subtle yet modern.

Sophisticated navy blue living room with a pair of wooden-framed armchairs, a coffee table, and sofa

The Dreamy Teal Blue

Choose a teal blue-themed living room if you are looking to achieve a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity. This strong bluish-green hue adds heritage as well as chicness to living rooms that  is quite refreshing and rejuvenating. The furniture harmoniously blends with the richness of white walls and distinctly stands out against bold lighting fixtures and a sleek glass room-divider.

The dreamy teal blue living room quite refreshing and rejuvenating

A Cool Icy Blue Living Room

Do you love the cold winter and snow? If yes, you can literally play it cool with this icy blue hue in your living room. It instantly adds crispness of chilly winters that are ever so refreshing, lively and light. The entire look of this room turns minimalistic and sleek yet pretty when you pair a two-seater sofa and stool with a steel vase on the light-shaded wooden floor. A pair of stylish hanging lights ties it all together.

A cool icy blue living room colors adds crispness of chilly winters
Stylish living rooms and other home interior solutions for working couples

The Elegant Prussian Blue

This Prussian blue-themed living room with off-white interiors speaks of elegance and magnificence. The white ceiling makes this room look larger (height-wise) and a multi-layered chandelier instantly brightens it up. Blue-shaded curtains (with curtain tracks and sheers) and a patterned rug is lavish and adds character to this living room along with the light grey corner sofa set.

The elegant prussian blue living room with blue-shaded curtains and a patterned rug

The Contemporary Steel Blue

This steel blue and mild grey themed family room is the perfect option for socially-outgoing and party-loving people. The yellow five-seater corner sofa, armchair and the soft light-greyish carpet make the interiors feel cozier, look trendy. This layout also creates the illusion of more floor space. The dark wood-framed furniture, a pair of spherical-shaped copper pendant lamps, a potted palm, and other decor pieces add a striking contrast, uplift the room with bursts of brightness and enhance its contemporary vibes.

The contemporary steel blue and mild grey themed living room is the perfect idea for party-loving people

The Floral Carolina Blue

If you want to turn your small living room into a rejuvenating space, for this floral carolina blue-theme. The blue floral patterns painted on the wall look artistic and stylish. One look and you are immediately transported to a valley of flowers. The plush blue armchair, a wicker-inspired coffee table, a white chest of drawers, green potted plants and white grilled-windows coordinate well with one another giving this living room a unified look.

The floral carolina blue living room design with blue floral patterns painted on the wall look artistic and stylish

The Regal Royal Blue

A regal royal blue shade is a classic choice for living room walls as it oozes royalty, luxury, and purity. The grey corner sofa, pendant lights, a large reading floor lamp, black-white patterned curtains and designer metal tables blend together perfectly. A plush, silver-shaded rug is all that is needed for a soft exit from this comfortable sofa in the morning if you are an early riser.

The regal royal blue shade is a classic choice for living room walls

Tips Before You Paint/Decorate Your Living Room

  • Prepare the room – Be ready with all your stuff, tools and supplies beforehand
  • shift everything nearer to the room’s center to make painting and your decor project easier and hassle-free
  • Test the paint before you actually buy it as the actual colour  may vary from those seen in the shade card and / or in natural light 
  • Visualise the decor according to the existing dimensions and furniture in your living room
  • Mix-n-match and play around with colours in tune with the room’s architecture and your own personality 
  • If it is paint that you are dealing with, make sure you don’t use more than two shades 
  • Keep the ceiling white 
  • Choose a finish that’s scratch-resistant, enhances the beauty and lasts longer
  • Egg-shell finish is the more preferable choice 

That’s all for now! Hope this blog has given you enough inspiration to rekindle the magic of your living room. So, get ready, roll up your sleeves and start painting/decorating it blue. Meet us in the comment section below if you have more ideas/tips.

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