10 Ways To Add Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2020 To Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 29, 2024 | 6 mins read

Pantone colour of the year - classic blue

Are you seeking ways to add the ‘colour of 2020’ to your home and welcome the new year in style? Our list will have you buzzing with ideas.

What Is Pantone Colour Of The Year?

Well, for those of you who don’t know what this is all about, the Pantone Colour Institute is a business unit within Pantone, a colour company. It highlights top seasonal runway colours, picks the colour of the year, and forecasts colour trends every year.

For more than 20 years now, Pantone’s pick on the colour of the year has influenced buying patterns across varied industries, including home interiors, fashion, and industrial designs.

And it’s here again!  This year, Classic Blue or PANTONE 19-4052, is the colour of the year. The colour stands for a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection. Symbolic of the sky at dusk,  colour evokes calmness in a chaotic world. Making it ideal to introduce as part of your home interior design

Wondering how? Check out 10 fabulous ways to add the colour of  2020 to your home and feel the peace that it brings in!

Ready, Get Seat Blue!

Adding classic blue chairs, bean bags, bar stools or other settee choices will add a striking element to your home. When it gets to choosing a comfortable couch or a recliner people often opt for classic browns and blacks. This year, introduce classic blue seating to your living room or bedroom and watch the magic unfold.

Pantone color of the year is classic blue, design your chairs with classic blue and works well on any seater
Blue always feels classic and chic and works well on any seater

Paint It Blue

From minimal accents to monochromes, a hint of blue brings in a whole new perspective to a space. Possibly because it’s the colour of both the ocean and the sky. In colour therapy, blue is said to evoke simplicity, pureness, and increased presentiment. When added to home interiors the shade brings in tranquility. But again painting your entire home blue is not something we suggest but a single wall is a great way to use this colour. Classic blue lends a sense of freshness and ease. Trust us, you’ll feel anything, but the blues!

Home interior wall painting with a pantone classic blue wall lends a feeling of peace and calm
A solid blue wall lends a feeling of peace and calm to this space

Classic Blue Cabinetry

Wish to make striking change? Give your dull cabinets a makeover with the colour of 2020. Classic blue sideboards, kitchen cabinets or side tables will stand out prominently and let your guests know how in sync you are with home interiors trends.

Home interiors color trends 2020 with pantone classic blue sideboards and kitchen cabinets
This shade of blue instantly adds some interest to this sideboard

Classic blue shutters for a santorini style home

Classic blue window shutters bring with it an old french cafe style look. If your house is white from the outside paint those window shutters blue and you have your own Santorini beach house. Classic blue also makes an interesting and stunning contrast to your window frames.

Classic blue also makes an interesting contrast to your home window frames
The window shutters in blue looks stunning against stalk white walls

Bring In Some Texture With Plush Cushions

Now if you do not want to go the whole hog and repaint walls or cabinets, an easy way to incorporate this colours is with cushions. Cushions let you play with colour and texture in your space without disrupting much. So if you want to dip your toes into the classic blue zone, cushions are a perfect option. And if you find the colour a little too overpowering for your taste then opt for reversible cushions with an inverse of a different design or a subtler colour. Whether thrown on the couch or on a bed, cushions can be the perfect last-minute touch to your 2020 redesign.

Pantone color classic blue cushions bring peace to living space in 2020
Classic blue cushions on a neutral sofa bring balance and peace to this living space

Adorn The Space With Drapes And Sheers

Artwork and furniture are usually what we call statement pieces of any bedroom. However, sheers or curtains can do the job too, especially if your room has huge windows or several across your entire home. And it isn’t hard – all you need to know is how to pick the right ones.

A fashionable statement with classic blue drapes and sheers for bedroom
Bedroom drapes make a fashionable statement to this bedroom

Spread It Out

If an entirely blue room is a little too much for you. there are subtle ways to ease your home into this colour trend of the year. New bedspreads are a simple way to give your bedroom a makeover. A classic blue sheet set will instantly spruce up the space. Pair it with a white duvet and watch classic blue bedspread master the rest of your bedroom.

Classic blue bedspread give your bedroom a makeover, its colour trend of the year 2020
Classic Blue striped bedspread masters this room’s style

Throw In A Rug

A classic blue rug will enhance the look of your space with a unique look. Play with patterns, textures and designs on the rug of your choice and place it where it its visible to most. Just make sure your rug is the colour of 2020!

A classic blue rug for living room gives your space with a unique look
A self patterned classic blue rug is the cynosure of this living room

Make Your Old Wall New With Art

Hang a blue painting to pay homage to the colour of 2020. Moreover, adding a large piece of art to your living room will make our living room vibrant and fun. A sketch or an abstract, whatever is your preference, ensure it has hues of the colour of the year to stand out.

Living room wall artwork with the solid colour blue make our living room vibrant and fun
Artwork on this wall gels well with the solid colour blue wall

Luxe It Up With A Headboard

Revamp your boring bed with a classic blue headboard. Adding a headboard can totally transform the look and feel of your bedroom in an instant and it’s quite a simple too. Watch your bedroom looks royal and magnificent with this easy trick.

Revamp your bedroom with a pantone classic blue headboard, its looks royal
A blue headboard makes this bedroom look majestic and royal

Adding Classic blue into your space, either as an accent or a statement, won’t only look great, but set the vibe you are looking for. While the colour of the year might suit some but it is versatile enough for everyone to to incorporate it into their home interiors in multiple ways and blend into any decor style. So welcome the new year in style with the colour of 2020 —  classic blue!

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