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Small Space, Endless Possibilities: Front Balcony Design Ideas For Your House

Front balcony house design ideas for your home

Greenery, wrought iron, lighting, seating, a small space but there’s much that can be done with balconies. Let’s plan ideas and put together elements around this small but interesting space.

Among all the different portions of a house, front balconies are almost always the most neglected. A few pots, some benches and stands are all that is used to design. With more villas built and stand-alone properties being actively sought, there’s a need for more variation in front balcony house designs. These don’t have to be over the top or busy, but just simple things that will transform the look and feel of a home.

Interiors always occupy pride of place in design and decor, in how they look and feel. This is a given, considering how much time people spend in one. But what envelopes a home is equally important. What surrounds it, what plays up its facade, the front path, the back porch are equally important. As homes began to move into multi-storeys and flats became quick selling options, the need to do up the fronts diminished. All this is however slowly changing, with homeowners getting back into modern homes, with period facades.

Walk towards home and focus on the myriad feelings and senses that assail you. The view of the main door and how it makes you feel. Foreboding or welcoming, inviting or repulsive. Notice the scent that wafts out, is it flowering or musky, is the home suffused with incense sticks or other scents. Now think to yourself how much an impression the front balcony or porch of a house has made.

If you’re the one who hasn’t given much thought to front balcony house designs, then below are a few ideas you can run through your home. Use any material, create any shape, give it a look that is all its own.

Greenery Is A Must For Front Balcony Design

What’s a home that is not without the energising sight of greenery? This especially an apartment that is 20 floors from the ground? As much as stand-alone homes’ front balconies have space, the same can be replicated in a smaller way in apartments. Greenery can instantly transform balconies, giving the impression of being in gardens. Place them in planters on your walls, hanging from the ceiling, over walls or on the floor. Herbs, succulents, flowering plants, all of them are great options. Distribute them according to the shade. Place a small table and some seating, probably pillows and poufs. These can double up as secluded dining on some nights. Hanging lights or lanterns further up the style of this front balcony space.