Small Space, Endless Possibilities: Front Balcony Design Ideas For Your House

by Charmaine Kenita | January 30, 2024 | 7 mins read

Front balcony house design ideas for your home

Greenery, wrought iron, lighting, seating, a small space but there’s much that can be done with balconies. Let’s plan ideas and put together elements around this small but interesting space.

Among all the different portions of a house, front balconies are almost always the most neglected. A few pots, some benches and stands are all that is used to design. With more villas built and stand-alone properties being actively sought, there’s a need for more variation in front balcony house designs. These don’t have to be over the top or busy, but just simple things that will transform the look and feel of a home.

Interiors always occupy pride of place in design and decor, in how they look and feel. This is a given, considering how much time people spend in one. But what envelopes a home is equally important. What surrounds it, what plays up its facade, the front path, the back porch are equally important. As homes began to move into multi-storeys and flats became quick selling options, the need to do up the fronts diminished. All this is however slowly changing, with homeowners getting back into modern homes, with period facades.

Walk towards home and focus on the myriad feelings and senses that assail you. The view of the main door and how it makes you feel. Foreboding or welcoming, inviting or repulsive. Notice the scent that wafts out, is it flowering or musky, is the home suffused with incense sticks or other scents. Now think to yourself how much an impression the front balcony or porch of a house has made.

If you’re the one who hasn’t given much thought to front balcony house designs, then below are a few ideas you can run through your home. Use any material, create any shape, give it a look that is all its own.

Greenery Is A Must For Front Balcony Design

What’s a home that is not without the energising sight of greenery? This especially an apartment that is 20 floors from the ground? As much as stand-alone homes’ front balconies have space, the same can be replicated in a smaller way in apartments. Greenery can instantly transform balconies, giving the impression of being in gardens. Place them in planters on your walls, hanging from the ceiling, over walls or on the floor. Herbs, succulents, flowering plants, all of them are great options. Distribute them according to the shade. Place a small table and some seating, probably pillows and poufs. These can double up as secluded dining on some nights. Hanging lights or lanterns further up the style of this front balcony space.

Front balcony design with home that is not without the energising sight of greenery with front design of balcony
 Flowering shrubs brighten the front facade of a balcony space
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Cane Or Bamboo Up Your Balcony Space

To extend and amplify the space, cane furniture and partitions work well. Unlike wood and other material, cane is makeshift, natural, breathable and separates apartments in case of adjoining spaces. It is also inexpensive to create temporary bamboo and cane furniture and seating. These materials work really well for health, and when paired with interiors in a similar material. Greenery, lighting and little wooden collectibles add an element of coziness.

Front balcony design house to xtend and amplify the space, cane furniture and partitions in front side balcony design
Convenient to move around, cane makes for good balcony seating

Contemporary Front Balcony Design With Glass And Chrome

As ubiquitous as these two materials are, modern minimal homes blend with them easily. Gates and separators in steel or chrome can extend to walls, outdoor furniture and seating. The look is bare, space needed less and there’s more design you can include in your balcony space.

Indian house front balcony design where modern minimal homes blend with them easily in front design of house with balcony
Clean lines, small spaces, glass and steel complement each other well

Wrought Iron Evokes Nostalgia

Wrought iron is heavy. If your home has a traditional or period feel and that can be replicated in its design, then wrought iron is your go to material. Sturdy, weather-resistant and blending into the natural surroundings, it looks beautiful and majestic. There are more design elements and detailing that can be managed in this.

Front balcony designs india when your home has a traditional or period feel and that can be replicated in its design in front balcony wall design
Stone facades, slow evenings, wrought irons are all-weather seating

Now that we’ve taken a look at the different ways front balconies can be designed, let’s see what are the must-have elements from top to bottom. You may choose to include all or some of them depending on the space, family needs and use.

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Private outdoor space is a dream for people living in city apartments. Even if this means just a small balcony. Make the most of it, beyond just a simple chair or seating. The design elements can be as less or as more as you like. Here are things you might want to add.

Small Table, Chair, Greenery And Cushions.

  • A cafe table and chair is the bare minimum to have. A foldable one is better or leaner tables can be kept aside when not in use
  • Small makeshift cane or built-in seating is even better as it increases the walking space and doesn’t both much with falling or lugging furniture 
  • Balconies with greenery brings outdoors inside; the possibilities of what you can grow and how much are endless
  • Outdoor furniture is unnecessary if cushions or pillows will do, provided if space is regularly cleaned and looked after
Front balcony design for small house a cafe table and chair is the bare minimum to have a home front balcony design simple
Cozy little balcony space with lean furniture and plenty of greens

Patterned Outdoor Rugs

Besides brightening the space, rugs also keep feet warm, are convenient to clean and weather the continuous movement.

House front balcony design furnished which are convenient to clean and brighten up the space in balcony design front
Minimall patterned outdoor rug covering a balcony area

Make Use Of Walls

Walls are fertile spaces to do so many things. Hang pots and greenery, grow vegetables and shrubs, hang wall art and lamps. Use every inch of space.

Balcony front design where walls are fertile spaces to do so many things in a building front balcony design
Hanging planters and pots in a small green balcony space

Light Up Your Front Balcony

Lighting can make such a huge difference to the balcony, when done carefully and right. It throws light on dark spots, lends character. Floor, pendant, ceiling and table top lamps all work together or by themselves in creating the ambience.

Front balcony design of house where Lighting can make such a huge difference to the balcony for balcony front wall design
Beautiful rattan chair with soft candle lighting in a tiny space

Hang A Hammock Or Chair

If space permits, hang a hammock or chair to feel like you’re on a vacation when sitting on the balcony. Hours could be spent like this. It creates a laid-back vibe.

Front balcony design house where you hang a hammock or chair to feel like you’re on a vacation for balcony design front view
Sleek, cozy hammock adjoining the apartment living space

Design A Balcony Bar

As unusual as this might be, you can create a makeshift multifunctional bar especially in apartments. This can double up to hold planters in the daytime. A few stools complete the interiors of this space.

First floor balcony front design where you can create a makeshift multifunctional bar especially in apartments and here are some front balcony design ideas
A great space to open bars and entertain friends is your balcony area

Add A Bit Of Shade

The hot sun on an open balcony can be harsh and unforgiving. Factoring this in mind, add shading or a retractable awning that will protect you, come rain or shine.

Home front balcony design where open balcony can be harsh and unforgiving in house front design with balcony
Retractable balcony shades are a godsend in summer and rainy weather
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DESIGN CAFE DESIGN TIP: Gravel and rocks spread across balcony areas lend a feel of the outdoors. Ever tried the bare dessert look on your front balcony? Large stones of different sizes, succulents and shrubs, easy to take this design into the home too. It needs less maintenance, is cleaner, bare and still beautiful. Pave the path with them, spread them over the porch. Merging the outdoors with the inside of your home lends character, makes it a focal point and defers the need of auditing decor.

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