Stylish Wooden Panel Door Designs For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wooden panel door designs for your home

From flattering laminates to view-embracing glass, these wooden panel door designs are an updated take on regular home decor ideas

Doors are the focal point of every room, and it is often the first thing a guest sees when entering your home. So, it goes unsaid that door designs play an integral part in defining the style and theme of your home. Of the many designs available for you to choose from, wooden panels are a magnificent inclusion that only grows in value over time. Wood has always been considered a timeless material for doors and is often resonated with elegance and luxury. Beyond its outward glamour, wooden panel doors are also highly versatile and safe from burglars. Here are some wooden panel door designs to help you choose across rooms in your home.

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Laminated Main Door Panelling Design

A simple light oakwood laminated wooden panel door design for the main entrance adds character to the home. A fuss-free design, the door panelling is clean to look at and easy to maintain. Jumping out from the neutral home interior, the main door features a slick metal handle that can be enabled with a fingerprint sensor lock. The use of both light and dark coloured wood for the home entrance adds drama and depth to the home.

Main door panelling design in simple light oakwood laminated adds character and clean look.
For extra decoration, the wood panel along the door offers a clean finish to the main entrance

Loft-Style Wood Panel Door Design

A natural-looking wooden panel door design set in white is as pristine as the theme of the home itself. A scintillating design for modern homes, this loft-style vintage idea will make guests gasp in awe as the door stands out as a statement of its own. Elegantly simple yet eye-catching, this wooden panel door image is sure to stand apart in any home. Complementing the soft wallpaper behind, the door acts as an entryway into a cosy bedroom that guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Loft style wooden panel door design in white is elegantly eye-catching yet straightforward.
The use of textured tiles accentuate the beauty of the simple white door by giving a touch of elegance to the room

Two-Toned Wooden Panel Door Design

Another artistic way to incorporate dimension in your home is by playing with different tones of wood. This two-toned wooden panel door design features a smooth gradient textured laminate on the door and a dark wood panel on the three sides. This elegant idea is eye-catching and gives a rustic edge to the room because of the different wood shades. The sleek large silver handle also contributes its share to the style of the entire door design.

Two-toned wooden panel main door design with a smooth gradient textured laminate gives a rustic edge to the room.
Diffused warm yellow light in the area blends well with the different colours of wood to give the home textural layers
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Contemporary Wood And Jaali Door Design

The one room in an Indian home that is the most sought after is the temple. This contemporary wooden panel door design for the mandir is anything but ordinary. Tradition intertwined with sophisticated intricacy, this wooden panel door design features delicate gold jaali work in the centre. The beauty of the design is that it allows a fleeting glimpse of the deities inside while allowing the family to maintain their privacy.

Wooden panel door design with jaali pattern and gold peacock handles for the doors lends a traditional look.
The use of gold peacock handles for the doors is another attractive element that incorporates modern style with traditional values

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Oversized Glass And Wooden Panel Door Design

Another elegant wooden panel door design for your home balcony is this glass door with wooden borders. The beauty of this design is its easy foldable feature that allows you to open the door and combine the living room and balcony as one. This is especially useful for those that enjoy hosting friends for dinners and brunches. The transparent glass also allows plenty of natural light inside the house, making the use of artificial light minimum. Since the glass is not frosted, you can enjoy a clear view of the weather outside as you sit in your living room and enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Panel door design wooden, the balcony has a glass door with wooden borders in a dark earthy tone.
A wooden panel over the door and along the entire stretch of the wall complements the dark earthy tone of the room

Wooden panel door designs are so loved because they are timeless and a practical choice for any home. Go as big and bold as you like, or keep it simple; wood panel door designs in exotic shades offer a distinctive eye-catching style. With the use of uncomplicated materials, a wooden panel door will never steal from other elements of your home. So if you are looking for different designs that serve the purpose of security and just a touch of visual interest, you’re at the right place. We at Design Cafe can help you select the perfect door designs for your home regarding both looks and functionality.

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