20 Stunning Outdoor Designs For 2024

by Ekta Poddar | January 25, 2024 | 8 mins read

Outdoor design ideas in 2020

These jaw-dropping outdoor designs will inspire you no end to create your own piece of outdoor haven.

Balcony owners, patio owners, lawn and garden owners – rejoice! You are amongst the lucky lot who have the luxury of having outdoor space, someplace where you can build your own paradise and be one with nature. Our home outdoor design ideas cover it all, to help you with intimate corners for two to large areas where you can cook and entertain for many. Upcycle or splash out on a luxury budget, small outdoor designs to grand outdoor designs we cover it all. So, get ready with your sunscreen and garden trowel and prepare to channel the landscape designer in you.

Rattan For A Fabulous Living Room Outdoor Design

We absolutely love this luxurious outdoor design. A rattan sofa and table are styled with richly textured textiles and mixed in with metal furniture and accessories. The theme of beige and white is nicely set off by hints of black making the space look uber chic and welcoming.

Living room outdoor design with a rattan sofa and table to make a beautiful outdoor
Rattan furniture in natural colours make for an inviting setting

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Taking Some Inspiration From The Sea

What we as city dwellers wouldn’t give to sip a Pina Colada by the seaside! One way to fulfil the wish is to get a bit of the ocean to our outdoors. This blue and white home outdoor design does just that. Sit back on those comfortable cushions and enjoy the sun with a chilled cocktail or lemonade.

Home outdoor design with a bit of the ocean colours using blue and white
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Glass Railings For Uninterrupted Views

Gorgeous scenery in the thick of the city is hard to come by. If you are amongst the blessed few, make the most of your view by installing glass railings. Here, the design of the covered outdoor space is kept simple. One can relax and take in the scenes of the road below or spend an evening gazing at the sky and stars.

Glass railings outdoor design to make the most of view by installing glass railings
Transparent glass railings provide both protection and visibility

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These Outdoor Designs

If you would rather not sweat over a hot barbeque and instead laze on a daybed and hear bird song, then this swing outdoor bed is tailor-made for you. Sunbathe, read, snooze, watch the world go by – we promise you won’t ever want to leave!

Outdoor garden design with a swing daybed and plenty of pillows

Get Ready For Some Swinging Times

Speaking of swings, check this garden swing-out. Made of wood, it is well situated in the shade making it a sweet spot to catch some z’s or catch up with a friend. Blue and yellow cushions further brighten the space up. An ottoman and rug will complete your home outdoor design.

Outdoor garden design with a swing for a gentle to sleep
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Lounging Under A Canopy

If lounging is your favourite activity you will surely see the attractions of this large canopy chair. The large canopy provides just the required shade from the hot sun, plump cushions encourage you to sink into their snug comfort and a curved side table becomes a convenient surface to rest your cup of tea or that glass of wine. All in all, we give this luxury outdoor design five stars!

Outdoor lounge design with a round canopy chair in white

The Magic Of Lights

Lights strung overhead, lanterns at different levels, fairy lights and candle lights on the table – what’s not to love about the setting. We sure would love to get an invite to dine at this table! Simple deck furniture gets transformed into a romantic dining setting. Wooden crates are upturned to hold lanterns, candles and potted plants.

Outdoor lighting design with fairy lights and candle lights on the table and outdoor wall design with magic lights

Going Big With Green

If you have a green thumb, unleash your talent and creativity to create a garden outdoor design of your dreams. Rustic chairs nestle into the greenery while giant ferns add instant flair. An overly manicured look is dispensed with in favour of organic and effortless design.

Outdoor garden design with a profusion of flowers and greenery

Utilise Walls For Vertical Gardens

Those who don’t have space for a large garden need not despair. This small outdoor design idea can come to their rescue. The wall flanking the patio is used for a vertical garden, a clever solution to house your flowering plants, herbs, even strawberry plants as in this case!

Use walls for outdoor vertical garden design, its a great idea for small outdoor garden

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Go Green With Upcycling

To go green, you don’t always have to resort to gardening. Demonstrate your love for the planet by choosing to upcycle when it comes to picking out your outdoor furniture. This small balcony has plenty of such design ideas. The couch is made of wooden pallets while an upturned crate acts as storage for spare garden material. A ladder is used as a decor and adorned with climbing plants.

Outdoor furniture design with wooden pallets for small balcony, it has plenty of design ideas

Try Your Hand At Urban Farming

A sunny balcony, rooftop terraces, kitchen sills – all areas that you can utilise to create your own kitchen garden. This ambitious rooftop garden goes well ahead of your typical herbs in a pot. Large planters are used to grow herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables giving the terrace a superb garden outdoor design.

Outdoor terrace garden design with a flourishing vegetable garden

A Sunny Spot To Cook In

All those vegetables and herbs from your kitchen garden will need cooking. Why not convert a section of your outdoor space into a kitchen like in this verandah? Stainless steel cabinets paired with wooden backsplash are set against a stone wall. All you need to do is fire up that barbecue and call your friends over for an awesome afternoon.

Modern outdoor kitchen designs by converting a section of your outdoors space into a kitchen

The Pleasures Of A Large Outdoor Area

Owners who have spacious outdoor areas at their disposal can go all out (pun intended) and have separate seating and dining spaces. In this home outdoor design, the seating area features a sofa set In rattan while a dining space is set up behind. The two areas are married together with shades of yellow and white.

Home outdoor design by separating seating and dining spaces of a large outdoor area
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All I Want Is A Nook In My Outdoor Design

Proving that you don’t always need a large area to enjoy the charms of the outdoors is this cosy nook. Foldable chairs and tables are tucked into a corner. Flowering pots and planters in terracotta, ceramic and metal enhance the allure of your balcony.

The great outdoor design idea for small outdoor space with foldable chairs and tables

The Elegance Of Wrought Iron

Advocates of wrought iron furniture cannot stop singing its praises. It is modern, fashionable, and is one of the most durable materials especially given the country’s inclement weather. We, for one, are big fans of this finely crafted set of wrought iron furniture that is a perfect fit for the stone exteriors.

Home outdoor design with a finely wrought of table and chairs

Hanging In An Egg Chair

Those of you who want to hang loose in style, put a hanging egg chair on your list of foyer furniture to buy. Immensely chic and ergonomically friendly, these chairs are built for relaxation. In this space, the hanging egg chair is one amongst many seating options and yet it holds its own.

Outdoor design house with a hanging egg chair

Throwing Major Shade

We sure love the sun but don’t want it beating down on us in the middle of the afternoon. Here we see a fabulous canopy solution providing the much-needed shade in this attractive garden area. Rattan furniture is mixed in with wood and masses of greenery combined with interesting decor items.

Outdoor space design with rattan furniture is mixed in with wood and masses of greenery

Keeping It Close To Nature

If being one with nature is your aim, opt for organic materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo when designing. Here, for example, the walls of the garden house are made of bamboo topped with a thatched roof. The wood of the tables and the floor wear a naturally distressed look adding to live in natural feel.

Outdoor designs by using natural materials and textures such as bamboo wall
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Flashback To Simpler Times

If you have fond memories from the era when childhood meant climbing trees during summer to steal ripe mangoes, you may prefer a simpler outdoors design. This intimate space for two is made for long conversations and shared cups of tea. Simple wicker chairs flank a metal table on a wooden deck. All you need to do is forget about your cell phone.

Simple outdoors design with a wicker chairs in a wooden veranda

An Outdoor Design That’s Your Personal Stairway To Heaven

Your space permitting, consider splitting your outdoor design into different levels. You can build a raised deck or design a stunning garden section. Here the seating is set in a lower area while steps lead up to section off the garden.

Outdoor stairs design with a raised deck or design a stunning garden section

With that we wind up our list, but with the hope that you are only getting started. A quiet outdoor space is what you need to unwind from a long day. It is also the area that you can share with friends and family and find your connection to nature. Go large with canopies and pergolas or keep it simple with a chair or two and a few potted plants. Or settle anywhere between. All you need to do is make sure your outdoor design meets your requirement and reflects your personal style.

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