7 Modern Entryway Bench Designs For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern Entryway Bench Designs

Our most loved entryway bench designs for your foyer!

The entryway in your house can be the trickiest to get right. Modern apartments seldom come with the luxury of space, but how you manage to turn the entrance around through design is crucial for many reasons. 

First impressions, functionality, waiting area for visitors, a place while you’re waiting on someone, a place for shoe storage or just a dumping ground for your Amazon deliveries – you name it, and you’ll find reasons worthy of a well-thought-out entryway console design.

An entryway bench, naturally, is an essential part of such a design. It usually always comes with an entryway table or a console, but even for the smallest of foyers, a pretty bench is more than enough to keep things sorted. Whether your entrance has barely a spare wall, a nook or a niche, a roomy hallway or an entire chamber, we have some entryway bench designs to help you create a space you love right at the entrance of your home.

Here are seven ways to pack a lot of style and use into an entryway bench, and do it on a totally manageable budget!

Floating Entryway Bench

Warm natural hues bring character and depth to this simple floating bench. The entryway bench is a subtle extension of this classic console in the foyer. The entryway bench is wide enough to comfortably seat one person and their belongings. The free space underneath allows you to stow away a couple of extra pairs of shoes that tend to lie out and around, no matter how much you try to avoid it!

Floating entryway bench design
A floating entryway bench attached to the entryway table

A Bench For The Entryway Hall

Have some extra space in your living area? Your entryway bench could double up as a small seat for the entryway hall. The advantage? You don’t have to arrange separate seating for visitors you would want to entertain in the hallway. This entryway bench is attached to a decent-sized storage unit, which makes it a win-win entryway bench situation for your home. 

A Bench For The Entryway Hall
An entryway bench that doubles up as a small seat for the hall

Luxurious Entryway Bench

How about a luxe entryway bench for the foyer? This massive buttoned-up leather bench adds to the grandeur of the entryway. The bench is large enough to accommodate a couple of people at a time and can also be used as waiting-room seating for the entrance. The mirrors, lighting and sleek cabinetry make this quite a luxurious entryway design for your home.

Luxurious Entryway Bench
A luxurious leather entryway bench for your home

A Mini Sofa At The Entryway

Well, this entryway bench isn’t exactly a sofa, but so much like one – it comes with comfortable cushioned seating, a backrest and an armrest to boot! This designer entryway design is minimal and classy. With it, the entryway bench has a well-thought-out structure that delivers functionality and aesthetics and clearly demarcates the living area from the foyer. 

Mini Sofa At The Entryway
A two-seater sofa for an entryway bench

Minimal Entryway Bench

When all you have is a wall to spare for your entryway table and bench, this is how you can make the most of it. This pretty and petite unit gives you ample storage, clear surface space for decor and a cute entryway bench that does the needful. The leather cushion at the back makes the bench comfortable, but you can also go for simple upholstered seating.

Minimal entryway bench
A minimal entryway bench works for smaller spaces
Modular home interiors for a hassle free lifestyle

A Simple Entryway Bench

Who doesn’t love a design that doesn’t get in your way? This is a great way to keep it simple, clean and elegant for homes that do not have a defined foyer and still want to have an entryway bench. The focus here is on getting a comfortable-enough seating space, and this simple entryway bench gets it absolutely on point.

Simple Entryway Bench
A simple and clean entryway bench design

Wooden Entryway Bench

This is a great way to use a long passage at the entrance of your home. You can utilise a large space like this in several ways, and keeping it minimal is one of them. The panelled hallway in white, with room for minimal decor, an elegant entryway table, and a long bench with storage, keeps the design of this hallway clean and organised.

Wooden Entryway Bench
A spacious fixed wooden bench for the hallway

Entryway benches typically end up being an afterthought, and that’s where the challenge lies. You should always plan the design of your foyer to derive the most out of the space, no matter how small or big it is. The entryway bench is linked to the entryway table, so space, storage, and purpose considerations are crucial.

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