7 Storage Bench Ideas That Bring Style And Function

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Storage bench seat ideas for your home

Suave storage bench ideas that’ll surely win brownie points in your home.

Indian homes have had a fascinating obsession with the good ol’ trunk made of wood, iron or steel. Storage — usually prized possessions — was its main purpose. With the passage of time and shrinking living spaces, the trunk has been discarded or relegated to overhead storage. At DesignCafe, we bring back the charming trunk as a multipurpose storage bench, so that it does more than just store things. Depending on where it is being used, the storage bench can add to the vibe of the room while being functional. Take a look at some of our chic storage bench designs and revamp your space to your taste.

A Storage Bench In Your Spot

Do you have a Sheldon’s Spot in your bedroom? It’s alright if it’s just a single-seater sofa, unlike the one in ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Make your spot even more comfortable and functional with an add-on upholstered stool with storage. Stack this bedroom storage bench with the book(s) you’re reading currently, your journal, mobile charger and maybe even some munchies. This way, your essentials will be at arm’s length while you go about your tasks.

A storage bench seat in your bedroom makes your spot even more comfortable
Claim your spot with a functional storage bench

Sitting Bench With Storage

How about a wood storage bench in the living room that allows seating? In this living room, we have placed a multi-functional sitting bench in veneer finish with multiple cabinets. When used as an additional sofa, there’ll be enough room for the guests and their belongings. Even in a room full of exquisite furniture, this sitting bench garners brownie points for its elegant finish, resourceful storage cabinets and vibrant throw pillows.

A storage bench made of wood for living room
Multi-purpose sitting bench with storage unit
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A Mini Shoe Storage Bench

It’s the closest and the smartest option when you can’t fit in a regular shoe rack in your bedroom or wardrobe. The bed extends into the bench which can accommodate two pairs of shoes. With a king or queen-size bed, the storage bench too can be increased in size. The design of the shoe storage bench in this bedroom has been customized so that its size complements the bed. Likewise, the white laminate finish in the shoe storage bench can be seen consistently across all furniture pieces in the room.

A storage bench for your shoe storage in your bedroom or wardrobe
Bed extension for smart shoe storage

A Bedroom Storage Bench By The Window

One place where additional storage can never be enough is the children’s bedroom. Apart from the modular wardrobe, cupboard and study nook, consider setting up a storage bench with a cushion by the window. This way, the kids get an additional play/rest surface and more space for storing their never-ending stuff. The best part is that it’s a great opportunity to teach the little ones about keeping their items organized. With open shelves and cupboards, children will definitely learn a thing or two about making the best use of available space in their room.

A storage bench at the corner of your bedroom
Make learning fun with this bedroom storage bench

A Window Bench Seat With Storage

Imagine meditating on a bench with a picturesque view, separated by a sliding French window. The veneer finish bench makes your connection to nature even stronger. Live in the moment with the view around. Need to pen down your thoughts? Grab your book and supplies from the built-in drawers and shelves in the custom bench. This storage bench seat is ideal to be set up in the foyer, the living room or the balcony.

A window storage bench seat with a picturesque view
Sitting with your thoughts is easy with this bench

The Double Act

Fancy a living room storage bench? Go in for a coffee table with a storage feature. This is especially convenient when the space-saving, modular study nook is set up compactly in the living room. The centre table can be used as a storage space apart from the overhead cabinets and the custom console table. Or you can use it to put away the newspapers and magazines. A wooden bench would complete the dominant wooden look in the room.

A storage bench made of wood doubles up as a coffee table in the living room
The coffee table can double up as a storage bench
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The Balcony Bench

A sitting arrangement along with storage units is a great way to redesign a balcony. You may set it up as your workspace, reading corner or zen corner based on your personality. We toyed with an industrial look for this balcony that can double up as a space for reading or playing board games. The open shelves etched into the industrial wall and the bench’s built-in storage offer ample space to project your interests. A balcony bench is the most useful piece of furniture if you don’t have a special corner for yourself inside the home.

A storage bench in the balcony  to set it up as your reading corner
Redefine your balcony space with a storage bench

What do you think? Ready to bring the good ol’ trunk back into your home with a modern twist? The storage bench can be used in several areas of your home — the foyer, living room, bedroom and balcony. With modifications like the shoe storage bench or the low-seating window bench, the possibilities are limitless. Do you have a specific design in mind? Talk to our designers and see how your ideas can be brought to life. Book your appointment here. Looking for more ideas for a bedroom storage bench? Try this blog.

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