6 Unique Bedroom Storage Bench Designs That Are Chic And Functional

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

Bedroom storage bench ideas for your home

These unique bedroom storage bench designs add a style statement and lend additional storage space

A bedroom storage bench completes the look of your bedroom. It adds a style statement and ups the utility in your bedroom. Be it at the end of your bed or by the window, a bedroom storage bench adds extra seating and storage space in those spots of your bedroom that would otherwise remain unused. But many home dwellers wonder whether they really need a bench, especially when you have a petit bedroom.

A bed bench, especially a bedroom storage bench, is a smart space-saving piece of furniture with multiple uses. It gives you an additional seating area, an option to store all your knick-knacks while adding to the bedroom’s style statement. From books to cushion covers, curtains, pillows and blankets – you can store almost anything depending upon the type of storage space you opt for. But to lay your hands on the perfect bedroom storage bench can be tricky. You should know a few things to make this piece of multifunctional and space-saving furniture blend seamlessly with your bedroom interiors

What Should Be The Size Of Your Bedroom Storage Bench?

  • If you are planning to place your bed bench at the end of your bed, make sure the length of your bed bench is 80 to 90% shorter than your bed. This will make your bed bench look like an extension of your bed rather than a separate piece of furniture. 
  • If you plan to place your storage bench bedroom furniture by the window, you can let it take up the window’s entire length for a comfortable seating cum storage area. 

What Are The Different Storage Options For A Bedroom Storage Bench Seat?

The most popular and practical options for a bedroom storage bench seat are:

  • Drawers
  • Normal shutters
  • Open shelves
  • Lift-up storage
  • Combination of open and closed storage

What Should Be The Depth Of The Seater?

The depth of the seater totally depends on the storage you choose. It should be 450mm for drawers and 300 mm for shutters and lift-ups

Now that we’ve answered your FAQs about storage bench bedroom furniture, let’s take a look at some of the trending designs and how you can incorporate them in your bedroom interiors to elevate the aesthetics and functionality.

Add An Edge To Your Bedroom Interiors With An Upholstered Bedroom Storage Bench

Upholstered furniture can add a dynamic look to your bedroom and lends a 5-star look and feel. This bench comes with a leather-upholstered cushion and features a lift-up style of storage. It provides ample storage space while the leather lends a luxurious look. To add to the glamour, you can opt for an LED-lit accent wall, wooden panelling with spotlights and marble flooring. The ambient lighting sets the mood of the room and adds a warm tone. We also have a compact sofa unit in blue and a matching floor rug to cut the monotony of the warm colours.

Leather-upholstered bedroom storage bench features a lift-up style of storage
A luxurious bedroom with an upholstered bedroom storage bench
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Bring Warmth To Your Interiors With This Wooden Storage Bench For Bedroom

If you want to add an old-world charm to your bedroom, then this smart yet traditional bedroom design is for you. The wooden poster bed paired with the wooden storage bench for the bedroom, adds a classic statement to your home. You can opt for stone cladding to accentuate the walls and add a modern twist to your traditional bedroom. The heavy cushioning on the wooden bench makes it a comfortable seating option, while the chest of drawers beneath provides ample space to keep clutter away from sight. Opt for warm ambient lighting to make the most of the wooden aesthetics.

A wooden storage bench for bedroom paired with a wooden poster bed adds an old-world charm
A wooden storage bench for the bedroom that blends traditional and modern aesthetics

A Contemporary Bedroom Storage Bench Beside The Window

Love having a personal nook in your bedroom where you can unwind with a cup of coffee after a long day of work? Try adding bench storage by the window. This comfortable arrangement helps you utilize the blind spot of your bedroom in the best possible way. Add some cushions for an even more comfortable vibe. You can use the storage beneath to organise your books, cushion covers or other knick-knacks. Use sliding shutters for a clean look and better utilization of space.

A bedroom storage bench by the big window with cushions brings a comfortable vibe
A quirky bedroom storage bench by the window for contemporary interiors

Bedroom Storage Bench With Multiple Storage Options

This kid’s bedroom storage bench seat is best for adding a playful vibe to the space. The design is simple and fuss-free and comes with multiple storage options. You can use the open storage areas for toys and books while utilizing the closed cabinets for keeping bed sheets, cushion covers and curtains. This bedroom storage bench seat gives you ample storage and display space. It also allows your kid to take small breaks from their studies and refresh their mind. In totality, the cot, the attached study table, cupboard with open shelves and a window-side storage bench makes this room a perfect haven for your kid.

Multiple storage bench bedroom furniture adds a playful vibe to the kid's room
Make your kid’s room multifunctional and dynamic with a smart bedroom storage bench

A Lift-Up White Storage Bench For Modern Bedrooms

This white storage bench with comfortable cushioning elevates the elegance of this bedroom by several notches. But what makes this extra piece even more unique is the lift-up storage within. This enclosed space makes it easy for you to hide all your clutter or daily necessities while adding extra seating options in your bedroom. The white walls, wooden headboard and flooring create a stunning minimal look. You can use some simple yet elegant accessories like an intricate chandelier, table lamps, indoor plants and some wall paintings to add to the aesthetics of the space.

A bedroom storage bench in white with comfortable cushioning is the best white storage bench for bedroom
A contemporary bedroom design with elegant bedroom furniture and a white lift-up bed bench
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A Shoe Rack Style Small Storage Bench For Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom and are looking for smart bed bench ideas, this design is for you. This small storage bench for the bedroom is compact and opens up into a petit shoe rack where you can keep your bedroom slippers. The design is fuss-free and apt for small spaces. We have also added a wardrobe with multiple storage options like drawers, hangers and shelves to organize your clothes and other essentials. Add a faux fur floor rug for a comfortable vibe. Try using muted colours on the wall and sheer curtains to make your bedroom look brighter and bigger.

A shoe rack style small storage bench for bedroom is a compact and perfect bedroom storage bench
A small storage bench seat for a bedroom with limited floor space

We hope this blog has resolved all your queries related to bedroom storage bench designs. If you want more clarity or are looking for some professional help to revamp your home into an aesthetic and functional paradise, we are there for you. Our expert designers will be more than happy to help you design your dream home. So book a free consultation today. And for more such informative articles, check out our blog and guide section.

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