Types Of Wall Panelling: Add Some Drama To Your Home Interiors

by Naina Khare | February 18, 2024 | 6 mins read

Types of wall paneling for your home

Did you ask for different types of wall panelling ideas? Here are some of the most exciting ideas you can implement to make your home decor pop.

Nowadays, everyone wants to add glamour, style and personality to their home decor and make it all the more delightful and sophisticated. However, one thing that hits the mark is wall panelling. After all, it goes without saying that the first thing a person will gaze at once they enter your home is the wall. Yes, you heard that right! Though neglected, the wall is indeed the luminary of the home! To give prominence to your home decor, you need to focus more on wall panelling. 

There are multiple ways by which you can spruce up the wall panelling. You may sketch them, paint, stick wallpapers or even use accessories as panelling designs for the walls. Considering your style and requirements, there are countless types of wall panelling that you can go for. In this blog, we bring forth the most trendy and stylish wall panelling ideas for your home.

So, let’s take a look at the different types of wall panelling designs based on the techniques used.

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White And Grey-Washed Elegant Wall Panelling

White wall panelling is a great way to add elegance and charm to any room in your home. Strikingly breathtaking and exceptionally practical, this wall panelling design is a holy grail for your home decor. What makes it unique is that it isn’t bright white but encompasses a bit of grey. Thus, adding a sort of refinement. Further, the rectangular cut-outs of the wall come with a separate counter for all of your stuff. These rectangular cutouts come in lightweight so you can handily cut out a rectangle piece and then colour or woodwork it to fit this incredible decor. Honestly, this is a perfect example of elegance with creativity! You can add a few wooden racks on the wall to put up all the fancy vases and entrust your living room with an impressive makeover. Feel free to do whatever you want; however, remember to keep it minimalistic and clutter-free.

White and grey-washed wall panelling to add elegance and charm to the space
White wall panelling for an elegant living room

The New York-Style Glass Wall Panelling

Forget the world — this New York-based glass wall panelling design offers a blend of design, colour and texture. The glass panels with gorgeous rims are carved from high-quality gear. Once it is installed, it will last for years. Also, the NYC-based design offers a variety of customisation alternatives. You can create a unique wall panel depending on your style and home area. Glass wall panelling is perfect when you want to make your room appear large and spacious. Further, adding a large picture in the middle steals the show. This wall panelling design is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to add intricacy to their home decor.

New York style glass wall paneling that adds colour and texture to your home
Add charisma to your home with this glass wall panel

Diamond-Shaped Neutral Wall Panelling Design

Our next wall panelling design is ideal for homes that like to flaunt their classy assemblage of home decor. With its spectacular and sensational wall design, this full-figured, diamond-shaped trendy layout comes with a contemporary colour ambivalence. The cool undertone makes this ambience look all the more attractive. Neutral by all means! Not to mention these 3D wall surface panels have several thick layers of material. This creates a remarkable 3D effect that makes your home decor look phenomenal. Doing this on one major room wall (your dining room or living room, for example) keeps it neat, attractive and minimalist. You can choose the texture, colours and designs as per your needs and choice.

Diamond-shaped wall panelling that adds a surreal 3D effect to the space
This wall panel design adds a surreal 3D effect

Simple And Aesthetic Wall Panel Decor

Vertical grooved wall panelling is the most common and widely used idea to amplify texture and involvement in your home decor. Most importantly, it is the cost-effective route to augment colour, style and dynamics in your living or dining space. This wall paneling idea is built from tiny, medium and upright spaces that move the complete panel size. These grooves foster the mirage of markings and texture. In this specific idea, you can choose what you want to do (with the panels painted or left unfinished). This is an excellent idea for compact rooms as it gives them more structure and saves them from appearing plain vanilla. Who says you can’t do much with little space? This little dining corner proves otherwise.

Simple and aesthetic vertical grooved wall panelling to amplify the texture
Grooved wall panelling brings interesting texture
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Flat And Rectangular Wall Panelling

Different ways to combine flat and rectangular blocks to create wall panelling exist. You can use them in combination with each other or use them separately. The most popular is to use rectangular blocks together with flat blocks on the top and bottom of the panel. This creates a flat surface to which the wall panelling can be attached. Classy and sophisticated, this wall panelling design is just as pleasing as it looks. Also, the wooden sofa with a soft leathery finish, followed by the jumbo wooden table in the middle, made it a phenomenal focal point in this modern home decor. This design is best for large rooms as it adds to the cosy vibes and doesn’t make it seem like you’re lost in a large room. Contrarily, by doing this in small rooms, you risk making them feel tighter and more compact.

Flat and rectangular wall panelling for a large living room for a classy and sophisticated look
Wall panelling ideas for a large living room

Chocolate Brown Modern Wall Panelling Design

If you want to add a pinch of rustic allure to your home, this grid square wooden panels design is a perfect choice. The proliferation of two different colours, golden brown and glass — look at how perfectly they blend! The distant undertone of the panel and the rosy solid colours go hand-in-glove. These panels are carved from rustic wood and are a great way to amplify the complexion of any area. You can decide to keep your panels coloured, sketched, or left natural — no matter what you do, a sophisticated ambience for living is a promise! Again an excellent design for medium to large living rooms adds more structure. Doing it on the major wall, ideally, the one behind your sofa set will make the room’s ceiling appear higher.

Chocolate brown modern wall panelling  to add a pinch of rustic allure to your home
Make your home a megastar with this wall panelling

That’s it for our wall panelling decorating ideas. Hope you liked them all. Try some of them if you want to create elegant interiors and spectacular spaces for your home. Book an online consultation with us. Also, if you have any thoughts and suggestions that you’d like to share, we’re all ears! Happy decorating!

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