5 Window Glass Designs That Are Perfect For Urban Homes

by Natasha Unger | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

Window glass design ideas for your home

Confused about which window glass design to pick and what suits your budget? Our blog can make things easy for you.

Windows are known to add to the aesthetics of the house, allow good ventilation and, importantly, bring in natural light. With all that in place, the most critical aspect of setting up a window is the type of glass you use.

Given that the windows will withstand the changing weather conditions, allow sunlight and ensure privacy, you cannot simply pick any random window glass design. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Window Glass

Firstly, you need to know that your windows play a significant role in hiking up your electricity bills when you pick the wrong one. Your home is supposed to be energy efficient, where you do not allow cool air from the air conditioner to escape during summers and warm air from the heater during the winters. The wrong glass will allow energy transfer, thus resulting in a pocket with holes.

Secondly, you should consider the aesthetics while ensuring your home is safe and comfortable. Simply liking a window glass design you saw in a magazine somewhere and putting it up doesn’t make sense when it is discomforting you. The continuous glare from the sun damaging your upholstery and furniture isn’t something that is invited.

Thirdly, you wouldn’t want break-ins, especially when you live off the street or in a busy neighbourhood. Miscreants can always make their way in through windows, where you must take precautions. 

All of the above factors have a solution using the right window glass designs. Your safety is a priority, and then comes aesthetics. Here is a quick walkthrough of the types of window glass available and how it suits your preferences.

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Laminated Window Glass Design

If you have a standalone house, a flat that is close to the ground or live in a busy neighbourhood with kids playing around, laminated glass suits you best. This double-layered glass provides maximum protection and ensures that it withstands adverse effects. When looking for the perfect glass etching designs for windows, it protects your house from miscreants breaking in as it is tough to break and infiltrate. A ball that comes crashing in from a cricket match will not shatter your windows and create sharp glass pieces. If at all the impact is high, the glass may simply crack and create large pieces of glass that will not cause harm.

Laminated window glass design in India provides maximum protection and durability against adverse effects
Laminated glass is also known as the ‘super-strong’ glass that acts as a shield from outdoor impact.

Tinted Window Glass Design For Home

This is a type of window glass that isn’t fully transparent. It has a tinge of colour to it. Most of the time, you can see everything clearly from the inside, but there is an obstruction from the outside. This window glass design for home adds to the privacy where one cannot see the indoors from outside. It also adds to the room’s aesthetics by giving it colour and warmth. Some brands selling tinted glass also add the feature of blocking out UV rays, which can be an added advantage, especially when you have put in the effort to put together the choicest upholstery, carpets, furniture, etc.

Tinted window glass design for home adds to the privacy where one cannot see the indoors from outside
Tinted glass adds to your privacy while keeping away the harmful sun rays from damaging your interiors.

Tempered Sliding Window Glass Design

This is another high-security and modern window glass design that is often customised according to requirements. You cannot simply buy an entire sheet and cut it according to your preference. Once you choose to use this glass for your home windows, the experts will come over to take the exact measurements and place the order for its manufacturing. If you plan to put up French Windows to bring in a lot of natural light or even want your main door to have glass panes, this glass design for windows and doors gets to be the best choice. It is not just a security glass but also adds to the aesthetic perfectly.

Tempered sliding window glass design enhances security and aesthetics while allowing natural light
Tempered glass is a customised window glass option that protects your home and beautifies it.

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Frosted Window Glass Design (India)

Also known as obscured glass, this type allows light to come in, but the visibility is almost zero. Neither can you see anything outside nor the other way round. Often, these glasses are used for bedrooms with multiple windows; some need to be concealed for privacy or for bathrooms where privacy is a priority. Your bathroom will be well-lit, but there will be no visibility through the window whatsoever. They come in various designs and sometimes are even custom-made.

Frosted glass design for windows provides privacy without compromising the interior aesthetics
An opaque window glass that allows privacy without ruining the aesthetics of the interiors.
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Float Wooden Window Design With Glass

This is one of the most common window glass designs in India, as they are affordable. If your budget is a concern, you can always choose float glass for your windows, and it is ideal for homes in a quiet neighbourhood or even high rises. These come in large sheets where you must cut the glass according to your requirements. If you are sure there wouldn’t be any outdoor activities to damage your window glass, choose float glass for your windows.

Float wooden window design with glass is ideal for homes in quiet neighbourhoods or even high rises
Float glass is synonymous with being budget-friendly and protective without any hassle.

Given the variety of window glass designs available in the present times, you can pick any of your choices and add the right type of glass that protects you from all aspects. Choose a window glass that provides privacy, protects you from accidents and allows a lot of natural light to come in.

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