6 Ways To Recreate Classic Spanish-Style Home Designs In Your Indian Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

A spanish style home interior designs for your home

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” ― Nate Berkus, American interior designer.

A house is nothing but an empty canvas with endless opportunities. The home dweller chooses every tiny element and transforms an empty space into a peaceful haven. Be it the colour palette, the aesthetics, design style or the furniture and accents. Here are some classic Spanish-style home design elements and tips that will infuse the aesthetics of the classic colonial era into your home while blending seamlessly with Indian design sensibilities. 

With a lot of influence from Mediterranean, French and Morrocan designs, Spanish-style homes exhibit warm textures, ornate accents, wooden beams and arches, and extensive use of urns, planters and pots. But our fast lifestyle needs a modern home interior setup with functional and space-saving furniture that is lighter on the eye and helps lead a clutter-free life. So, a traditional design may feel a bit outdated or impractical, considering our present-day needs and preferences.

To bridge this gap, we have curated some simple Spanish-style home design ideas that blend with your modern home interiors while being relevant to present trends and needs.

A Classic Arch Design For Spanish-Style Home Interiors

One of the prominent features of old Spanish-style home interiors is dome-shaped ceiling and arch designs. Now you can bring a touch of Spanish style to your modern living room with a similar simple arch design. Go for iron railings on the stairs to add to the vintage look. These lend a subtle traditional touch to your modern home interiors. This design idea is also practical for small homes. Decorate your home in a pastel colour scheme and go for simple decor elements to create the illusion of a bigger space. We added a wall to ceiling cabinet beside the sofa for clutter-free storage. Complete the look of your Spanish-style home with a jute rug on the floor.

A modern Spanish style home with classic arch design lends a subtle traditional touch
An arch design for that Spanish-style home vibe
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Wooden Rafters Recreate The Authentic Spanish Mission Style Homes

Do not shy away from the wooden beamed ceiling if you want classic Spanish-style interiors for your home. They are not just a quintessential part of Spanish-style homes but also add an old-world charm to your space. You can pair it with wicker basket chairs, open wall shelves and traditional lamp shades to embrace the beauty of old Spanish-style decor. This design is chic and creates a serene aura in your bedroom. The wide window welcomes a lot of natural light into your space, while the indoor plants add a splash of freshness to your modern Spanish-style home interiors. A wall painting, macrame hangings and rattan pendant lights are enough to amplify the aesthetics of the space.

A Spanish style bedroom with wooden rafters recreates the authentic spanish mission style home
Simple and serene Spanish-style bedroom interiors

Morrocan Tiles Backsplash To Lend A Spanish Style To Your Modular Kitchen

If you are looking for an easy makeover and don’t want to change the entire aesthetics of your kitchen, we have a quick solution to lend a Spanish vibe to your modular kitchen. Use Talavera or Morrocan tiles for your dado. The intricate design blends well with any modern kitchen and adds to the design aesthetics. You can use lacquered glass for the cabinets to give your kitchen an extra shine. At Design Cafe, we have some excellent storage solutions like skirting drawers, janitor units, carousels and much more for you to enjoy a clutter-free culinary experience irrespective of the size of your kitchen.

A Spanish style kitchen backsplash in Morrocan tiles design gives an old Spanish style home
Use Talavera tiles for your kitchen backsplash

Bring Warmth Into Your Spanish-Style Home With Terracotta Floor Tiles

Earthy flooring being one of the most integral parts of Spanish-style home designs, opt for terracotta flooring for an authentic Spanish vibe in your home. Terracotta flooring adds an edge to your home interiors and has a rustic look and feel. It helps to keep your home cool and pleasant even on hot summer days and is excellent for adding an organic touch to your home. Terracotta is also relatively easy to maintain and comparatively cheaper than other natural stones.

Terracotta floor tiles in the living room lend an authentic old Spanish style home vibe
Terracotta tiles lend a rustic vibe to modern homes

Decor Elements To Accentuate Your Modern Spanish-Style Home Interiors

This design style is for homeowners who love decorating their space with intricate decorative elements. The elaborate wall panelling, designer chandeliers, a gorgeous Cabriole sofa set and a tall mirror add to the space’s beauty. You can also add some porcelain vases and metal floor lamps to further accentuate the aesthetics.

A modern Spanish style home interior with intricate decorative elements accentuates the aesthetics
A Spanish-style home jazzed up with intricate decor
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Recreate Traditional Spanish-Style Homes With Intricate Wrought Iron Railings

The balcony has always been one of the most favourite parts of every home. It is the place where we have a little rendezvous with the outdoors. It helps you unwind and take a break from your routine. Here is a simple trick to dazzle up your balcony with Spanish-style interiors. Go for iron or metal railings and Morrocan floor tiles to infuse an old-world charm into your outdoor space. Place some potted plants and rattan chairs for a comforting vibe. We also added a bar unit with ample storage to enjoy cocktail hour with your friends while showing off your Spanish-style home.

A cosy balcony with intricately wrought iron railings recreates the traditional Spanish style home
A cosy balcony with Spanish-style design idea

Looking for something similar for your own home? We are here to help you. Now you can book a free consultation with us, and our designers will guide you through the entire process of turning your space into one of the Spanish style homes. Book an appointment today and avail exclusive offers, easy EMI options and much more. And for more such exciting home interior design ideas, check out our blog section.

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