Window Wise: Wooden Window Designs For Indian Homes

by Pulkit Singh | January 6, 2024 | 4 mins read

Wooden window designs for indian homes

Our wooden window designs for Indian homes are getting quite a fan following!

Look in, look out, look at how an interesting window can arrest attention in so many ways. The style and material for each kind of window design differ, creating a vibe unique to the combination. Wooden window designs are as old as civilization itself. They have stood the test of time. And why so? 

We cracked the window open on wooden window designs for Indian homes and delved into what makes them tick. Check out our handsome collection and take your pick. 

Wooden Window With Shutter Designs

Old-world charm compressed within each slat — the wooden window with shutter design finds resonance in every era, even a modern one. Usually, they are found in pairs or what is known as a bifold window design. Colour them in show-stopping colours, or go classic with neutral cream, beige or brown. You can’t go wrong with a wooden window with a shutter design.

White-coloured wooden window with shutter design in classic style
Louvered shutters add a touch of fun to the room

Wooden Window Design Without Glass

No kidding. Some people prefer their view unobstructed; even a glass pane is too much of a distraction. Who are we to say no? Open your wooden window design without glass. Or anything else. Most homeowners prefer sliding windows for this kind but you could opt for the regular style too.

Wooden window design without glass to avoid distraction
Windows without glass for those who want more
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Wooden Window Design With Glass

There is something to be said about wooden window design with glass panes. Do you like to open your windows, or do you prefer to use the glass-panelled wooden windows as a wall? If it is the second option, you could make the windows large, really large, and enjoy an expansive view beyond your home.

Wooden window design with glass panels
Invite light and warmth through glass windows

Wooden Window Design For Indian Homes

Wooden window designs for Indian homes typically have a wire mesh or a grill. Sometimes, there are two windows, one with glass panes that open to the outside and another with the said mesh, to keep out mosquitoes and insects, which are such a typical part of tropical evenings, which open to the inside. Depending on the weather, either of these can be used for increased functionality.

Indian homes with wooden window design featuring grills
Grills are essential to windows in Indian homes

Full Wooden Window Design

Indian homes are increasingly adopting full wooden window designs in their homes. The modern home has the aesthetics and the facilities to incorporate this style statement with ease — the summer evening breeze and winter sun are both welcome inside now.

Full wooden window design in white enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors
Living it king-size with a full wooden window

Wooden French Window Design

The wooden French window design is on every homeowner’s wishlist. It lends elegance and makes the place appear effortlessly chic. Remember that it demands elbow grease — to keep those glass panes looking clear and bright.

Wooden window design in french style for white open living room cum dining area
French windows add charm to any wall
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Wooden Arch Window Design

Another interior design trend that is catching up with Indian homes is the wooden arch window design. It is eye-pleasing, no doubt. Place a window seat under the arch, hang flowers outside in a window box, or light it up at night with fairy lights — the arch adds beauty to everything.

Wooden arch window design in an open modular kitchen creates a stunning visual impact
Arches making our window world go round

Wooden Jaali Window Designs

Wooden window grill designs or wooden jaali window designs are one of the most popular choices for window treatments. They add safety and innovation to the facade and help improve the overall look of the house from within and without.

Balcony with wooden jali window design, which helps improve the overall look
Say no to typical jaali window designs

Wooden Ventilator Window Design

A few decades ago, high ceilings were a quintessential part of Indian homes. This design needed ventilators to let in ample air and light. In modern homes, wooden ventilator window designs have been restricted to washrooms only. Here they are necessary without a doubt.

Wooden ventilator window design for bathroom
Air the washroom with a well-placed ventilator

While there are many choices regarding wooden window designs, let’s take a last look at their pros and cons. 

Pros Of Wooden Window Designs

  • Looks classy and aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be painted in different colours
  • Wood is a good insulator, so it keeps indoors temperate
  • Easy to install
  • Durable

Cons of Wooden Window Designs

  • High maintenance
  • Subject to rot and bug infestations
  • Expensive

While many designs look beautiful, sometimes they aren’t appropriate for every lifestyle. The choices, too, can be overwhelming. We urge you to seek professional help regarding windows because how comfortable, safe, and energy efficient your home is, will depend on this choice. Our design consultants can help you determine the most suitable option for your wooden window design. Happy window shopping!

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