7 Creative Wall Painting Ideas For Your Bedroom

by Noopur Lidbide | January 6, 2024 | 5 mins read

Creative wall painting ideas for bedroom

Level up your space with these creative bedroom wall painting ideas

If it is difficult to leave the comfort of your bed every morning, a feeling we are all familiar with. It is even more difficult to create a cosy bedroom ambience that makes it hard for you to leave. Among the many factors that contribute to making a bedroom space feel like your zone of comfort, the colour of your walls are a vital design aspect. It is no secret that colours can prove to be soothing, comforting and a lot more.

When you think of wall painting ideas for bedroom there are colours that instantly pop up as a part of your consideration. There doesn’t have to be a standard colour template for you to follow. You can experiment with colours for bedroom walls and trust us the effects unique colour combinations present can be stunning! Go through these seven creative wall painting ideas for your bedroom for some colour-inspiration.

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Use A Fresh Colour For Highlighting

While everyone loves basking in a bit of sunshine, too much of a bright shade of yellow can be overwhelming for your bedroom. The colour yellow works really well when combined with neutral colours and the combination of grey and yellow is a classic. It’s equally appealing when this combination is used to brighten up your bedroom space. Inbuilt shelving in this bedroom wall is a great way to add decor as well as design in one go. Keep the larger part of the wall grey and highlight the space with bright yellow as a refreshing addition.

Grey and yellow combination wall painting brightens the area, Wall painting idea for bedroom.
A bright colour like yellow can effectively transform the look of your bedroom

50 Shades Of Teal

Teal is a versatile colour and one that is commonly used with furnishing and decor. Muted tones of teal look amazing on bedroom walls, adding sophisticated undertones to modern bedroom designs. With a muted tone like this you have ample scope to play around with complimentary colours for the rest of the space.

Paint color idea for bedroom walls, Bedroom walls painted in shades of teal colour looks fantastic
Teal or its many variants make for great wall painting ideas for the bedroom

Go All Out With Red

This colour is not for the weak-hearted! If you want to embrace your wild, passionate side then go all out with a red painted wall. The balancing element lies in the finish and texture of such wall colour. Paired with the right kind of decor the colour definitely seems like something that can be pulled off without your bedroom design seeming too loud for comfort.

Bedroom wall coloured in red with beautiful look, wall paint design idea for the bedroom.
Red is a bold and beautiful choice for bedroom wall paint colour

The Right Shade Of Yellow

While a bright shade of yellow for bedroom walls can seem like too much to take, the right shade of yellow is magical to say the least. The overall design and decor of this bedroom is full of warm with natural colours such as shades of brown that help tone down the effect of too much yellow in the bedroom. The use of white along with the right textures too helps make yellow one of the better options for wall painting ideas for bedroom.

Wall paint color for bedroom idea, master bedroom walls in a shade of yellow coloured look bright
Yellow when paired with warm colours makes the bedroom seem bright and cosy

Powder Blue As A Wall Painting Idea

Who doesn’t love soothing colours? The understated powder blue colour for the walls of this bedroom add a sense of calm and peacefulness to space. The entire bedroom is dual toned, the warm colour of wood and the decor work in contrasting harmony with the softness of blue walls. You can opt for different pastel shades such as mint green, pastel pinks, and so on for soothing bedroom paint colours.

Calm and peaceful powder blue coloured bedroom wall is an easy wall painting idea for bedroom.
Pastels are powerful and it is a great idea to paint your walls in this palette

Go Green With Wall Paint

This bedroom is proof that there is no such thing as too much green! The paint colours for green are in a dual tone, and the theme is carried forward most of the furniture and decor in the bedroom without making it seem overbearing. Going for neutral or natural colours for combination makes perfect sense so as to not topple the overall colour-balance of the space. 

Interior wall painting idea for the bedroom, dual-tone green coloured walls in bedroom look refreshing.
The colour green has our heart when it comes to bedroom wall painting ideas
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Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom In the Colour Blue

If blue can be soothing, it can also be nice and bright! The royal shade of blue makes this bedroom space look fresh, energetic and fun! The brightness of the colour is balanced with the use of a darker and deeper shade of blue for the adjacent wall, while the decor is fresh, bright and minimal.

Bedroom wall coloured in a royal shade of blue look energetic, an idea for wall painting bedroom.
Blue walls can infuse brightness into the bedroom space

We bet you never considered some of these wall painting ideas for bedroom before. Which one of these are you planning to try out for your bedroom?

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