Modern And Mesmerizing: Window Grill Design Ideas For Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern window grill design for your home

Have you ever wondered why can’t windows look great? They absolutely can! We tell you how

Windows are the lifelines of every home. They bring in fresh air and light and impart positive, upbeat vibes to your home. Even from the point of view of aesthetics, their placement and design contribute to making your home look more spacious and elegant. These days, along with their placement, homeowners and especially designers have started paying more attention to window grill designs as well mainly because they help in setting up a functional window. At the same time, they give a distinct character to your windows.

Windows are usually blocked by a covering or some other makeshift material to avoid dust accumulation or to keep away birds and insects. However, in terms of light and air distribution, this does not work out. Also, it gives a rather untidy look to your space. That’s why a modern window grill design is necessary.

By choosing the right kind of modern window grill design, you can not only keep fresh air and light coming but also bypass the intruders like dust, insects and birds. Apart from the security, a modern window grill design also makes your home look more stylish and up to the minute. All the more reason to get one made, right?

To help you with choosing the right modern window grill design, here are our handpicked recommendations for all homeowners.

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Traditional Window Grill Design

Visit any Indian home and you will definitely see a traditional window grill design. You can take it a notch higher by blending modern floral motifs or intricate patterns in the design. Even if you wish to have a rather modern home, a quirky traditional Indian window grill design will look iconic and inviting. So, select this design for your inner proud Indian!

Simple modern window grill design in floral motifs pattern with traditional style in the living room.
Perfect for authentic Indian homes, this grill design makes your window feel close to the roots

Mesh Aluminium Window Grill Design

As a material, aluminium has a peculiar texture and vibe. It is loved by many modern and contemporary homeowners for the modern, minimal look it gives to windows. This modern window grill design is great for sliding windows and will work well even with traditional windows for your kitchen.

Aluminium modern house window grill design in peculiar texture with sliding doors in the bedroom looks minimal
Seamlessly textured, this grill design grants a rustic, industrial look to your iconic home

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Iron Window Grill Design

When it comes to iron grills, the old is truly gold. Iron being a versatile material works well with every kind of window. If you have a modern home, a minimalistic or an artistic one, you can go ahead with an iron modern window grill design for all of them. To grant it more detail, select a geometric or ornate iron grill and see it spread its charm without much need of maintenance.

The dining room has a modern popular window grill design in floral with an industrial look
Popular for all the right reasons, this grill design never disappoints

Grid Modern Window Grill Design

Easy to access, clean and minimal to look at, a grid modern house window grill design will appeal to your inner perfectionist right from the first glance. It is nicely spaced out and handcrafted — you could access it easily without any hassles. To grant more style to it, choose pastel or white and black paints for it and it will look all the more appealing.

Modern window design grill in a grid pattern in the living room looks minimal
Geometric and streamlined, go for this grill design for the love of patterns
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PVC Modern Window Grill Design

Let your home exude the quintessential New York or Paris vibes with this classic grill design. Though an all-white painted grill will work for this simple modern window grill design, you can experiment with as many colours as you wish. The layered design of this grill will never fail to impress you, even if you see it every day.

Ultra-modern window grill design in all-white in the master bedroom brings a classic vibe
Give a vintage look to your home with a PVC grill design

Steel Window Grill Design

It goes without saying that steel window grills are every Indian’s favourite. However, they are prone to rust and dirt accumulation if not maintained well. That’s why such a stainless simple modern window grill design is being preferred these days for windows that are placed away from direct water exposure. You can choose this window design for your farmhouse and even studios to add that Indian touch with modern sensibilities.

Living room with stainless steel modern window grill design in floral gives the Indian touch to space
Looking for an authentic Indian grill design? This one is spot on!

We are sure these window grill recommendations must have opened up your mind to various design possibilities. Let us know which one are you going ahead with and why. We would be happy to help you with more personalised recommendations of modern box window grill design. Do reach out to us through comments or email us at

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