6 Modern Murphy Bed Designs That Bid Goodbye To Space Issues

by Pallabi Bose | January 8, 2024 | 4 mins read

Modern wall-mounted bed ideas for your small bedroom

Smart modern wall-mounted bed designs that maximise the limited space of modern apartments.

The constantly rising demand for homes in urban areas has led to a unique problem. To accommodate more people, the square footage of houses is shrinking rapidly, making spacious homes a rarity. Therefore, the smaller homes get, your furniture must also become smarter to fit into the limited space. So, multi-purpose and space-saving modular furniture solutions are in great demand with homeowners — especially modern wall-mounted beds.

When it comes to furniture, beds take up most of the space in every home. So, imagine living in a home where, once you wake up, you can simply make it disappear. And voila! You now have all that precious extra space to yourself. Sounds incredible, right? Get yourself a Murphy bed! Here are six smart, modern Murphy bed designs you must invest in if you are short on space.

A Contemporary Murphy Bed For The Master Bedroom

This is one of the most commonly seen Murphy bed designs. It is a simple and uncomplicated design that promises efficient daily use. Once folded away, ample space is freed up in the room for comfortable movement. What’s more? With this modern Murphy bed design, the room is a perfect bedroom by night and home office by day. The plus point? You won’t have to make your bed every day!

A contemporary murphy bed for the master bedroom keeps your room clutter-free
A contemporary wall bed for the master bedroom provides ample space
A space-saving contemporary murphy bed design promises efficient daily use
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Make Your Home Library With This Modern Murphy Bed With Shelves

Space crunch is a real issue in modern urban apartments. But, it has a surprisingly easy solution. Design your space around a modern wall-mounted bed. Take inspiration from this Design Cafe bedroom and design your Murphy bed with a modular loft-style wardrobe that features bookshelves and even a hidden pull-out cabinet. The best part is that the unit is entirely customisable. So, you can also add a desk along with your bookshelf.

A modern murphy bed with shelves is a surprisingly easy solution for small urban apartments
A modern wall-mounted bed with shelves and loft-style wardrobe
A modern murphy bed with hidden and open book shelves
A modern wall bed with book shelves and loft wardrobe
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A Modern Murphy Bed With Couch Perfect For A Studio

Artists need studio space. Be it for painting or hosting dance classes. But renting one could be expensive. One of our customers requested that we create a multi-purpose space that can be used as both a studio and a home. So, we created a wall-to-ceiling cupboard space with a mirror. It gave them ample storage to keep their clothes and dancing gear effortlessly. Covering a wall with mirrors made the room look double in size and more bright and airy. For the bed, we installed a modern Murphy bed. Once folded, it works as a couch. We also created a mural on the bed’s lower part to double up as impressive wall art.

A modern wall-mounted bed with couch perfect for studio
A modern murphy bed with couch creates a multi-purpose space
A modern wall bed with couch and attached wardrobe
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A Smart Modern Murphy Bed Desk Combo For Your Study

Need to take a nap between work or study? Just flip the desk and turn it into a bed! This space-saving modern Murphy bed and desk combo is the best solution for a home office or your kid’s room. Made of veneer finish wood, this unit has ample open storage space to keep books and documents and display keepsakes.

A modern murphy bed with desk combo is the best solution for a home office
A modern wall bed that converts into desk
A modern murphy bed desk combo is a multi-purpose piece of furniture
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Modern Queen Murphy Bed For Office Space

Turn your home office or gaming room into a guest bedroom easily with a Murphy bed. But, we made it look less noticeable by making this design look like a cabinet. The room’s grey paint and the white-coloured bed create a suave contrast. When not in use, stow it away and you have ample space for other activities.

A modern queen murphy bed turns into a guest bedroom quickly with it
A modern queen size murphy bed for the guest room
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A Modern Murphy Bed That Looks Like A Chest Of Drawers

Do you frequently have more guests staying over than you can accommodate? Worry not! We have just the solution for you. Imagine having a bed that you could fit into a chest of drawers! We are not even joking. Customise your Murphy bed like the one we have here. It’s not only space-saving; it’s an ingenious idea if you do not want bulky furniture in your small space. This Murphy bed design comes with storage space too, where you can easily keep extra bedding.

A wall bed design in modern that looks like chest of drawers
A modern hidden bed that fits inside drawers is a smart space-saving furniture
A chest of drawer that converts into modern wall bed
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We hope you liked our modern Murphy bed designs. Many companies mass manufacture ready-made Murphy beds that are perfect for small spaces. But if you need additional features in your modern wall-mounted bed design or want it personalised to your space, you need help from an expert. Book a free consultation with our designers to get started with your project. For more space-saving, multi-purpose furniture design inspiration, check out our blog section.

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