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Four Poster Bed Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

four poster bed design ideas for your home

We have classic four-poster bed ideas here for you to read and enjoy. 

Let’s get into a bit of history before we go mainstream. Four-poster beds were invented in the early 13th century and are now commonly known as canopy beds. Royal families used these beds in their castles. Back in the day instead of beams supporting curtains they supported fur to maintain privacy and also keep people warm when they were in bed. We all know castles back then were cold and not really like modern homes.

A Floral Four-Poster Bed

If you love the idea of pretty flowers and enjoy the fresh aroma they emit, then this four-poster design is sure to blow your mind. The four-poster bed is decorated with fresh flowers on all four beams. Pretty flowers in white and pink with green leaves leave this four-poster bed looking gorgeous. White net curtains add to this floral drama giving it a touch of flowing beauty. 

Four poster bed curtains decorated with a fresh flower in the white bedroom brings a touch of flowing beauty.
A four-poster bed with beams covered in flowers with a white net curtain

A Four Poster Paradise

Ever imagined how heaven would look like? Well, let us make an attempt to leave you awestruck with this paradise on earth. This bedroom comes with walls, flooring and a four-poster bed all in white. We can safely say that the interior design of this space resembles heaven on earth with its angelic style four-poster bed. The four-poster bed is decorated with elegant white curtains that stand tall when tied up. This bedroom has a Victorian touch to it with a console stool and antique headboard. 

A victorian touch white bedroom with 4 poster bed & white curtain looks elegant.
A victorian style bedroom with a four-poster bed and frosty white curtains

A Rustic Poster Bed Design

This four-poster bed design is for kids or even teenagers as it has a single cot. This four-poster bed is made from wood and has white curtains to maintain the privacy that can be either tied up or let loose. The bed has a matching bedside table and a white cushioned pouffe. 

Poster bed made from wood with white curtains in this blue accent wall bedroom looks rustic.
A blue accent wall bedroom with a four-poster bed made from wood with white curtains neatly pushed back to the headboard.
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

A Four Poster Decoration Idea With Rose Petals

Have a big day coming up and need to pep up your bedroom? Check out this four-poster bed decoration idea. You will agree that your partner and you deserve nothing but the best. This king-sized four-poster bed with white sheets, matching curtains with rose petals scattered all over the bed and two elegant white swan towels is a perfect idea to make your special day more special for your loved one. 

King-sized four-poster bed decorated with white sheets & matching curtains with rose petals are poster decoration ideas.
A king-size four-poster bed decorated with towels made into swans and red rose petals

Pick A Pattern For Your Poster Bed Please

If you are a pattern on pattern kind of person then these poster bed curtains are definitely for you. Take a look at this bedroom that has been designed with patterned wallpaper. See how it merges beautifully with the patterned curtains on this four-poster bed? A complete blue and white pattern on pattern theme is trippy yet somewhat satisfying if you love patterns.

Poster bed design with matching curtains to blue and white pattern bedroom wall is trippy yet somewhat satisfying.
An English bedroom with patterned walls and matching curtains surrounded the beams of a four-poster bed
small space, big style we've got designs for tiny bedroom


Here are a few questions we often get asked by our clients:

Q1: Are four-poster beds out of style?

A: Four poster beds never go out of style. They are classics and have stayed that way for a long time now.

Q2: How do you dress a four-poster bed?

A: You can dress your four-poster bed by choosing your preferred choice of material for curtains. Make sure opulent fabric has been used as an overhead canopy and curtains at each corner for the true royal feel.

Q3: What is the top of a four-poster bed called?

A: It is usually called a rectangular panel that is made from the same material of the four-poster bed beams.

This is what we at Design Cafe think are some amazing four-poster bed designs for your bedroom. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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