Elevate Your Home Interiors With Designer Accent Tables

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Aesthetic accent table designs for your home

When chosen right, stylish accent tables can add to the beauty and functionality of your home interiors

An accent table is a piece of furniture that stands out from the rest of your interior decor and elevates the look of your home. Though in most cases it is used just as a decor piece, expert designers with modern design sensibilities have come up with innovative ideas to use accent tables in such a way that they add to the functionality of the space.

With apartments getting smaller and home dwellers becoming conscious about maximising floor space, adding an extra furniture piece can seem pointless. So here we bring you some unique ideas to incorporate innovative accent tables in a way that will take your home’s design game a notch higher and also add to the functionality.

Any table can be used as an accent table – from a side table to a centre table – as long as it stands out and adds value to your interiors. Read along to explore the top-notch accent tables for your home.

A Gold Accent Table With A Glass Top And Curved Legs

If you want to accentuate your home with some bling, this gold accent table is for you. The sleek design, clean lines and intricate details below elevate the look of the space and serve as the focal point of your living room. The floral patterned wallpaper and the teal wall colour create a striking contrast and lend flair to this vibrant living room. You can add a wall cabinet with multiple drawers and a pull-out seater for extra storage. The fiery red sofa brings comfort while lending a pop of colour to the living room.

Gold accent table with a glass top and curved leg clean
A gold accent table for a vibrant living room
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Natural Wood Accent Table To Lend An Earthy Vibe To The Space

This living room is designed with sustainable aesthetics and earthy accents. The bamboo partition wall, rattan pendant lights and wooden flooring lend an earthy tone to the design, while the blue accent wall adds a vibrance. But the show stopper of this living room is undoubtedly the natural wood accent table. The table’s raw wood log with its metal legs adds a rugged look to the space and is sure to capture the attention of your guests. A single piece of accent furniture like this adds a bold statement to your entire home decor.

natural accent wood table in living room is designed with sustainable aesthetics and earthy accents
A natural wood accent table for a rugged look

Add A Nested White Marble Accent Table For Some Extra Space

Nested tables are a great way of adding additional space to your living room. This nested white marble accent table with golden frames adds a luxurious vibe to the area and stands out against the rest of the interiors. You can use some dark colours and wooden furniture in the background to further highlight this beautiful marble top accent table. You can pull it out or use it as a single table, as need be. If marble seems challenging to maintain, a mosaic accent table is the next best alternative for you.

A nested white marble accent table with golden frames
A space-saving nested marble accent table

A Rattan Accent Table And Chair For A Boho Vibe

Rattan furniture is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times because of its boho appeal. They are easy to maintain and are the best choice when looking for outdoor furniture. Rattan accent tables are lightweight and have a natural appeal. You can use it on your balcony, patio or bedside as well. The oversized rattan chair with cushion seating creates the perfect nook to enjoy your me-time with books or gazing at the view outside. Just make a hot cuppa and you are sorted.

Rattan accent table and chair in the balcony
A trendy rattan accent table for your balcony

Leather Upholstered Accent Table With Glass Top For A Luxurious Look

If you love bold interiors, leather accents and some intricate designs for your living room, this design idea is all that you need. The floral patterned wallpaper behind the TV unit and the double-sided chesterfield sofa add an elite vibe. To increase the grandeur further, opt for a leather upholstered accent table with a tinted glass top. This unconventional design will add elegance to your living room and draw attention immediately. To up the drama, place an antique telephone piece or some intricate artefacts of your choice.

leather-upholstered accent table in brown colour with a tinted glass top
A leather upholstered accent table is a bold pick

You might get a lot of options when you search for “accent tables online India” but to utilise them seamlessly in your home interiors and make the best use of them might be a little tricky. So head to our blogs to better understand different home interior styles and choose the best for your dream haven. And if you require some expert help in doing your home interiors, book a free consultation with us today. Our designers will guide you through and make your home interior design experience a cakewalk.

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