Wake Up To The Scenic Outdoors With These Awesome Bedroom Window Designs Ideas

by Pooja Dara | January 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

bedroom window design ideas for your home

Select practical yet beautiful window designs to give your bedroom the much-needed facelift and create a warm and inviting ambience that’s simply irresistible

Windows are an important feature of a bedroom. They are probably the only means by which you can get the natural sunlight inside the space and enjoy the clear blue/starlit sky. Curtains, sheers, blinds and shades also provide your bedroom windows with an adequate amount of privacy when you need it along with enhancing the sense of flow and softness in design. A carefully chosen bedroom window design paired with the right kind of curtains for those bedroom windows can actually encourage you to sleep better. 

Bedroom window designs are versatile as they are available in a number of different styles and prices to suit your needs, comfort level and preferences, so you’ll be indeed spoilt for choice. But choosing them can also be quite tricky as you have to strike a perfect balance with the bedroom decor and furniture as well. Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave a small gap between the bed and the window wall to facilitate the free and easy movement of curtains on either side and extend the rods further on each side of the bed to avoid the blockage of light when they are drawn back. 

Now, let’s have a look at some nice bedroom window design ideas and we hope that you get inspired to give your space an aesthetic makeover by the time you reach the end of this list.

Angular Bedroom Window Design And Seating Area

This angular glass window design somewhat mimics the picture-window style in the sense that it is a large and fixed one, and it cannot be opened. The white blinds help you easily control the intensity of light and give privacy when you’re sitting by the cushioned window seat reading your favourite book or listening to music.

Bedroom window design, white bedroom with an angular glass window looks modern.
These windows look like the natural extension of the accent wall and also accentuate the look of the hardwood floor and the faux fur rug
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Arched Bedroom Window Design

An arched window is a trending and modern bedroom window design. It is a gorgeously rounded top window that is added to other window styles to take the gracefulness of the space to the next level.

All-white simple bedroom window design in an arched shape with seating option brings elegance to the area.
This white brick-walled bedroom with the arched window, pallet bed and seating area by the window looks absolutely royal and classy and the green plant adds a pop of colour

Awning Bedroom Window Design

Awning windows are a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the rainy breeze without letting the water droplets into their bedroom. These windows open when they are pushed outwards from the bottom and allow for proper air circulation too.

White bedroom design with two windows with black frame adds a pop of colour to the area.
These windows look pretty within a pure black frame and blend in well with the regular double-casement windows below them

Bay Windows

If you’re a lover of panoramic outdoor scenic views, you can opt for bay windows. They are usually built with a middle large picture window and two angled side windows in a way that they form a bay in your bedroom with the window space projecting outwards from the main walls. In this bedroom, the bay window allows for a cosy seating area in the alcove and makes your room look larger. 

Bedroom window glass design with two angled side windows and cosy seating area brings calmness.
These windows give you double protection with the glass windows being on the outside and can be easily folded back and forth

Bi-Fold Shutter Windows

A bi-fold shutter window is the ideal window design for an Indian bedroom. Set on the inside part of this bedroom wall, the white shutter windows give a very traditional yet luxurious look to the space and make it feel more clean and crisp.

Bi-fold shutter small bedroom window design gives a very traditional yet luxurious look.
These windows give you double protection with the glass windows being on the outside and can be easily folded back and forth

Casement Windows

This bedroom window design with two casement windows is a sight for sore eyes. They can be handled smoothly even when you’re in your bed with the roller blinds hung over them that block out the light when it’s time for bed.

Bedroom window design idea, bedroom with two casement windows adds a statement to the area.
Casement windows are made up of a single pane of glass that can be cranked open to the outside by using the handle on the side

Large Windows With Sheer Curtains

This is a stunning bedroom design with large windows behind the bed and armchair. Such windows open up the bedroom space, connect the indoors to the outside and allow you to soak in the sunny views. The white sheers complement the interiors and also give you a feeling of floating in the summer breeze. 

Large windows behind the bed and armchair in an all-white bedroom look stunning, Window design for bedroom Indian.
These windows set within the white bedroom interiors along with the matching monochromatic decor look heavenly

Recessed Windows

Recessed windows are those that are incorporated/fixed inside an alcove/recess within the wall, thereby creating a distance between the window and the adjoining walls around it. They save the bedroom floor space and provide you with an additional seating space when you’re bored of being in bed. They give a stylish touch to your bedroom walls along with the sheer curtains and the pair of cylindrical lights hanging from the ceiling.

Modern bedroom window design, recessed window with an additional seating space give a stylish touch to the area.
This recessed window seating space makes for a perfect reading and dozing nook
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Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung bedroom windows with a grill are one of the most common types of window designs for bedrooms. This kind of window comes with a mechanism wherein the bottom window sash can be easily opened for better airflow. The grill provides you with an additional layer of security as well.

Single-hung bedroom window grill design with sashes behind bed headboard look minimalist.
Many homeowners also opt for double-hung windows as both sashes are movable and easy to clean too

That’s all that we have for you in our bedroom window collection for now. Looking for more ideas and guidance on choosing the loveliest window designs for your bedroom? Just call or email us and our interior design team will hand-hold you through the process.

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