Small Pooja Room Designs For Apartments

by Shreya Bilagi | January 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

Small pooja room designs in apartments

We are always here to help, and this time we would like to lend you a hand in choosing pooja designs in apartments. Read more to know more.

Small Pooja Room Designs In Apartments

Do you have an apartment of your own and are looking out on ideas for your pooja room? Well, we here at Design Cafe can help you out. This blog is all about small pooja room designs in apartments. You don’t need a huge room to become your pooja room. A small room will do just fine and size doesn’t matter.  The room and how its constructed according to your taste matters the most. This blog will take you through various pooja room designs for your apartment. Are you ready to explore? Scroll down to know more! 

A Pooja Room With A Rustic Touch

If you love a dash of wood then take a look at this pooja room design for an apartment. This pooja room is constructed with a wooden back feature wall. This pooja room has the Om symbol carved into a wooden panel at the back and comes with three shelves on either side of it.  These shelves are great for easy storage of pooja items or holy books and even idols of god. The focused lights on the shelves look great apart from throwing a tint of warmness to this pooja room’s design. This pooja room comes with two large bells which bring in the temple vibe and the flooring is in white marble. 

Small pooja room designs in apartments constructed with a wooden back feature wall
A pooja room with an Om symbol carved into the middle and frosty white flooring in marble

A South Indian Styled Pooja Room Design 

If you are a fan of south Indian pooja room designs in apartments then this is one pooja room you should check out. This pooja room comes with white vitrified flooring and a black granite countertop. This pooja room has a ceiling made of wood that supports two bells which elegantly drop down into the pooja area. The pooja room is painted in white that makes it look much more spacious than it actually is. The home interior of this space have been designed with recessed lighting on the two square shelves. The pooja room has pushed to open box cabinets and drawers for hassle-free storage of pooja items. The wall of this pooja room comes with a wooden back panel which peps the lookup.

A south indian styled small pooja room designs in apartments with white vitrified flooring and a black granite countertop
A pooja room with four bells dangling elegantly and a wooden panel ceiling

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An Elegant Pooja Room Design 

Need some help with pooja room designs in small apartments? Why fear when we at Design Cafe are here! This pooja room is beautifully constructed and has a classic elegant look. This pooja room has been designed in a small apartment with the help of wood, glass, granite and vitrified tiles. This pooja rooms countertop is designed with the use of a subtle light brown coloured granite that merges well with the white laminate cabinets. Here we also see a feature wall against which a wooden panel with glasswork. The pooja room has LED strip lighting and a set of wooden blinds to give you the option of natural or artificial light. This pooja room has a delicate string of bells made from metal with a golden finish hanging down from the ceiling. 

South indian small pooja room designs in apartments which has a classic elegant look
A classic pooja room with intricate glass and wooden back panel

A Marvelous Modern Marble Pooja Room Design 

Love to have a modern pooja room design in your apartment? Take a look at this modern pooja room. This pooja room has pretty white marble flooring that merges beautifully with the wooden jali doors and white countertop. This pooja room has an intricate wooden work painted in white that has backlit lighting. The pooja room is constructed with three shelves in dark wood on either side of where the idol is kept. Bells of different sizes dangle down from the ceiling. 

A marvelous small pooja room designs in small apartments with white marble flooring
A pooja room designed with white marble and wooden jali doors

A Simple Pooja Room Designs In Aparment

if simplicity is your style, then this pooja room might please you. This pooja room is as simple as it gets with two steps constructed with black granite to display photos and idols of god. A mantap is made from wood painted in white and rests in between two light wood panels. This pooja room has a white vitrified tiled wall that lends a clean and sophisticated look to this space.

Modern small pooja room designs in apartments with white vitrified tiled wall
A simple pooja room with black granite steps and a white tiled wall

This is what we at DesignsCafe think about “Small Pooja Room Designs In Apartments” We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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FAQs On Small Pooja Room Designs

1. Are there specific design principles for creating a serene and sacred atmosphere in a small pooja room?
To create a serene and sacred atmosphere in a small pooja room, prioritise simplicity, symmetry, and a clutter-free design. Use minimalistic decor and ensure that the deity’s idol is the focal point.

2. What materials are commonly used in small pooja room designs?
Common materials used in pooja room designs include wood, marble, stone, and metal for a traditional look. Contemporary designs may incorporate glass and acrylic for a modern touch.

3. How can I incorporate storage solutions in a compact pooja room?
Maximise storage in a compact pooja room with built-in cabinets, drawers, or wall-mounted shelves. These options help keep the space organised and clean.

4. What lighting options work best to create an inviting ambiance in a small pooja room?
Opt for soft, warm lighting to create an inviting ambience in a small pooja room. Wall sconces, pendant lights, and LED strips are popular choices. Ensure that the lighting highlights the deity and enhances the spiritual atmosphere.

5. What are the key color schemes and patterns that work well in small pooja rooms?
Neutral colours like whites, beiges, and light blues create a soothing ambience in small pooja rooms. Incorporate traditional patterns, such as mandalas or sacred designs, in decor to enhance the spiritual feel of the room.

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